How to Check Hard Disk Health in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Hard Disk Health

If you want to avoid Hard Disk failure, you must need to inspect the working of your Hard Disk and the errors occurring. Now the advancement has leaded Hard Disk to Monitor, Analyze, Reporting to the technology and also sending our signals if it’s working is not properly performed.

Windows Management Instrumentation Command-Line can be use for the purpose of checking Health of Hard Disk. It can also help you finding out your PC serial number and model of your Windows system. WMIC is basically a command-line interface which makes easy the use of WMI and it also helps you to carry numerous administrative tasks.

Check Hard Disk Health in Windows 7 and Windows 8

If you are interested in checking your Hard Disk Health since start, go to command prompt window or type “CMD” in search bar. Once the command prompt window is opened then type “wmic” and then press enter for confirmation.

Subsequently type “diskdrive get status” and again press enter for confirmation. See Screen Shot below:

Hard Disk Health

If there are no bugs found in your hard disk, you will be informed by sending a message as Ok. If the working of disk drive is not as good as it should be in order to regain the smart information, all the problems will be stated in the message replied back to you.

In the contingency to your hard disk status is not OK. It will be more appropriate to keep focus on the performance and sounds produced by hard disk while it’s working. It is also preferable to backup your all data in order to prevent yourself from loss.

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