Another Way To Drag And Drop On A Mac

What’s the oldest function you remember on the Mac? Point and click? Probably. Next? Drag and drop nears the top of my list. Point, click, drag and drop files into folders or move folders from here to there.

Drag and drop is a time honored Mac function, but there are ways it can be improved. Last year I wrote about Yoink, a new and different way to drag and drop; especially useful with fullscreen Mac apps. Today it’s Drop Circles, a Mac utility which works kinda sorta mostly similar, but with more functionality.

Drag. Drop. Do.

Just as the Mac’s Menubar gets cluttered with useful utilities that Apple leaves out of macOS, the Mac’s windows edges are getting crowded but with tools that extend functionality for busy Mac users. Drop Circles gives you access to various apps on the Mac– much the way the Dock does– but on a screen of selected apps that pops out from the screen’s edge.

Take a look.

Drop Circles for Mac

Grab a file, photo, graphic image, snippet of text, and drag it to the Drop Circle pop-out circle at the edge of the Mac’s screen, and drop it onto an icon for specific actions to take place.

Drop Circles is highly customizable with up to eight circles (four visible at a time), and each can be customized to perform specific functions.

  • Image Info: Drop a Photo e.g. and get all the EXIF Information it has, also if the Photo has a GPS Location, you can see this on a real Map with a Pin
  • ShareIt: Drop and content you want to share and Drop Circle proves you all the available Services to share like Facebook, Twitter, AirDrop, Mail or Messages
  • FTP Upload: Drop any File and it will auto upload to your FTP Server into your chosen Folder
  • Image Resize: Drop any Image and resize it with ease
  • Translator (Translate a tex Snippet dropped here into System Language)
  • Notes – Drop any Text here and it will create a new Note in the Notes App for you

Those are built-in, but you can create your own. For example, grab an image and have it processed by a specific photo editor of your choice.

Files, for example, can be dragged and dropped onto a Drop Circles circle and moved to a specific location on your Mac so you won’t have to move to Finder and then navigate to an often used folder.

Drop Circles

There are limitations, of course.

Drop Circles are not unlimited. You see only four at a time, but you can create different sets of circles. Customization options are extensive, though, and with a bit of imagination you can have multiple sets performing certain actions with little more than a drag to the screen’s edge and then drop.

Drop Circles, like Yoink (a few dollars more expensive), is particularly useful with fullscreen mode on macOS.

One negative that should be easily rectified is Drop Circles does not have a developer website. Nothing but a blank page. Yoink, on the other hand, has plenty of details, and a demo to try.

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