Audi will show off new in car technology at CES 2019

Audi have revealed that will be showing off some new in car technology at CES 2019, the company recently revealed their new Audi E-Tron GT which is packed with their latest technology.

We are hoping that the new Audi E-Tron GT will be one of the cars showing the latest in car technology at CES as this is one car we are looking forward to finding out more details on.

At its booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center (North Hall, booth 7019), the premium brand will show how a car ride can turn into a digital entertainment experience. The Audi models of the future will be broadly connected and therefore provide the prerequisites for an entertainment space. Thanks to piloted driving, occupants will have “free” time in the car in the future, in which they can use the next generation of in-car entertainment, for example.

Audi will showcase pioneering concepts at the CES to demonstrate how the driving experience can turn into a fun ride. In Las Vegas, the brand will present a completely new entertainment format where the journey is the destination. A different technology, the “Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment,” provides entertainment while the car is stationary. It allows the occupants to enjoy Hollywood blockbusters or content provided by streaming services. Welcome to the next-generation drive-in movie theater.

You can find out more information about Audi’s plans for their new in car technology over at their website at the link below.

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