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Top 14 Best Accountable2You Alternatives In 2022


Accountable2You is a multiplatform programme that allows you to monitor several devices from a single platform. In addition to monitoring other devices, it will also keep an eye on various programmes and apps that are installed on your system, so nothing is hidden from you if someone else uses your laptop or desktop computer as well.

Simple device administration, real-time warnings, comprehensive activity reports, a safe and secure environment, privacy, a strong rating system, a time restriction alert system, and many other features are among the top features. Each enabled device has a unique set of accountability partners. Accountable2You is a user-friendly programme with a straightforward installation procedure. Receive instant notifications on suspicious activity. It offers alert reports that are produced every hour for all dubious activity, etc.

Top 14 Best Accountable2You Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about accountable2you alternatives here are the details below;

1. Norton Family

Norton Family is a parental control programme that sets up secure web browsing for kids. By utilising this application, parents may secure the safety of their children when using the internet by preventing them from accidentally or purposefully visiting adult websites or seeing adult movies and images. It was formerly referred to as Online Family. Norton. This is another Accountable2You alternative. Also check Software Service

Norton Family is a cloud-based parental control system designed for parents who wish to provide their kids access to the internet while keeping them safe and moral. Norton Family encourages contact between parents and children by including them in online activities. Users of Norton Family can keep an eye on system activity.

Reports are also given to the client by Norton Family. Web monitoring, social network monitoring, search monitoring, personal information protection, PC time monitoring, email warnings, access request, etc. are some simple functions of Norton Family.

2. HomeGuard Activity Monitor

Online and offline security is offered by HomeGuard Activity Monitor, a programme blocker, power filter, screenshot taker, keylogger, and adult content blocker. It is a cutting-edge, expert parental control programme. In addition to parental control, it serves as activity monitoring and gives families and kids online and offline safety.

The HomeGuard Activity Monitor’s ability to prevent private content is its strongest feature. Additionally, it displays information on each page you’ve visited on your computer, such as the date and duration of each visit. Keyloggers, activity-based snapshots, email and chat monitoring, filtering, content and programme blockers, the ability to set time limits for computer use, reports, email notifications, etc. are other systems that are available.

3. K9 Web Protection

Another effective tool that gives parents complete control over their children’s online activities is K9 Web Protection. The ability to filter and regulate adult content, advertising, and inappropriate websites is given to the parents. One of the top parental control and internet filtering tools, K9 Web Protection, enables parents to give their children access to a safe and healthy online environment.

This is another Accountable2You alternative. The fact that K9 Web Protection caters to three different user types, including those who want to use it for personal usage, is its strongest feature. To protect the organisation and the parents’ children from the dangerous internet. K9 Web Protection is employed for spyware and virus protection in addition to parental control and the filtering of adult content. That indicates that just one piece of software is required to protect the internet’s security and safety while preventing online bullying.

4. Qustodio

Qustodio is a tool for monitoring and regulating kids’ online behaviour. The finest tool for monitoring, controlling, and protecting your child’s online behaviour is Qustodio. Parents who want to watch their children’s online activities can use Qustodio. Users of Qustodio can block inappropriate and adult websites, as well as material, and shield their children from cyberbullying.

One of the top parental control programmes is called Qustodio. With the help of the fantastic parental control software Qustodio, protection is now simple and easy. Users can learn how their children use computers, mobile devices, and websites thanks to a user-friendly dashboard. Users of Qustodio can establish site restrictions for their children. This is another Accountable2You alternative.

Blocking private, viewing social network activity, setting multi-device time limits, controlling games and programmes, monitoring calls and SMS, and location tracking and a panic button are some of the user-friendly and technical features of Qustodio.

5. NxFilter

Internet user activity is managed using the free web filtering programme NxFilter. It gives customers the ability to keep an eye on their child’s online activity, including website requests and search activity. It acts as a starting pinpoint for a secure and bully-free internet experience. It is a universal freeware web filter.

Numerous free features, like active directory integration, a safe search system, HTTPS filtering, per-user reports, bandwidth control, remote user filtering, application control, quota time, and many more, are included in the freemium edition. Phishing prevention, user authentication from IP based to single-signed active directory, category-based website blocking, reporting system, email alert, application control, and more user-friendly features of NxFilter are available.

6. Salfeld Child Control

Salfeld Child Control is a parental control programme that enables parents to set up secure internet access for their kids on Windows-based computers. The parents can limit their children’s access to certain websites, browsers, messengers, games, etc. Nobody wants their children to spend their free time on the computer using adult or hazardous websites.

This is another Accountable2You alternative. Thus, this programme enables parents to establish a predetermined computer use time and a safe internet environment for their children. The user-friendly, spectacular, and intuitive features of this tool include PC utilising time configuration, time limits for surfing the internet, and usage restrictions for any particular website. In terms of internet filtering, content blocking, limiting system settings & folders, email notification alert systems, etc., if it is a gaming website.

7. CyberPatrol Parental Controls

A product called CyberPatrol Parental Controls enables parents to keep an eye on their child’s online activity. Using the parental controls, parents can ban explicit content in videos, images, or adverts. It functions both as a controller and an internet blocker.

The benefits of using this tool include having control over the child’s system and internet usage, safeguarding the child from cyberbullies, blocking adult websites and content, managing children’s access to particular applications or folders, timing the monitoring of activity, receiving detailed reports on usage over time, and much more. CyberPatrol Parental Controls is a highly customizable tool that allows users to define rules and regulations for the home computer in accordance with their own needs and the environment, in addition to the aforementioned features and functions.

8. BrowseControl

For companies and enterprises who want to manage internet access and ban websites in the workplace, BrowseControl is a website filtering programme. It can also be utilized by parents to set up a secure internet environment for their kids. It is a programme for web filtering and internet access management. The benefits of using this tool include the ability to quickly ban any websites and content, set a limited internet usage policy, categorise content, block applications and programmes, and much more. This is another Accountable2You alternative. Also check  outreach software

Anyone may use it, but it’s especially useful for businesses looking to boost employee productivity and cut down on time wasted online by staff. Use BrowseControl to prevent time-wasting web content, eliminate improper and time-wasting distractions, and enforce the company’s internet usage policy.

9. DansGuardian

Everyone can utilise the robust web content, URL, and PICS filtering tool known as DansGuardian. It can be utilized in the workplace and to prevent kids from visiting adult websites. It performs virus filtering, monitoring, and website control tasks in addition to website control. It is a cross-platform programme that works with UNIX, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux-based operating systems.

It is the ideal application for all users, including those who work for internet service providers, enterprises, and educational institutions. The nicest part about DansGuardian is that it can only be used in conjunction with a web proxy like Squid because it is entirely a command-line-based and web-based tool.

10. Windows Live Family Safety

This is another Accountable2You alternative. The feature provided by the Windows operating system to create child accounts and add them to safe family accounts is called Windows Live Family Safety. A child won’t have access to offensive content after they are added to a family account. By setting up child accounts for their children, it enables parents to help keep their kids secure online.

When a user adds a family member, he or she has the option to limit that person’s access to websites, apps, games, and other content that is harmful or otherwise inappropriate for children. Additionally, by establishing restrictions and time limits, Windows Live Family Safety enables parents to receive activity reports, monitor their children’s activities, and help their kids develop good habits for safe browsing.

11. Covenant Eyes

A web screening and internet accountability tool that supports a life free of is called Covenant Eyes. It is for observing and educating your youngster about their online activities. Parents can restrict their children’s interaction with adults and inappropriate control by monitoring their online activities.

Internet accountability software or just accountability software are other names for Covenant Eyes. With the help of the multiplatform application Covenant Eyes, users can block access to adult websites and configure their operating system’s web filter. With the help of the internet filtering tool Covenant Eyes, parents can be wise parents and create a secure online space for their kids.

Covenant Eyes can be used by an individual, a family, or a group. With web content filtering based on age-appropriateness, Covenant Eyes makes it simple for users to block adult and unsuitable information. Furthermore, Covenant Eyes’ web content filtering technology allows users to make their own block and allow lists, as well as to completely ban the internet at specific periods of the day.

12. Pluckeye

A free internet content filter is called Pluckeye. It is intended specifically for self-control when using the internet to search. Automatic content and website blocking is employed. One of the greatest online content filters, it enables the user to exercise self-control. This is another Accountable2You alternative.

To avoid any undesirable behaviours, Pluckeye functions as an internet filter created for junkies. It allowed users to establish their own priorities. addicts who use this application won’t be able to access any adult content, even if they want to, because it will disconnect the user from the internet in such a situation. It is difficult to go around this tool’s predetermined priorities.

13. Safe Eyes

A Mac and PC internet filter programme is called Safe Eyes. The parents can filter websites, videos, and music with this parental control tool. The user can also receive messages with search-related reports. Users of Windows and PCs can filter a wide range of content with Safe Eyes, including websites, videos, music, social networking, instant messaging, games, time limitations, and much more.

Users of Safe Eyes can receive real-time reports on their searches, social media activities, and emails and instant messaging. Category blocking, custom allowed or banned lists, safe-search on all search engines, YouTube filtering, TV channel filtering, media player blocking, music also from iTunes blocking, social networks blocking, and top-notch instant messaging applications blocking are all features that are available in Safe Eyes.

14. Mobile Fence


Innovative software called Mobile Fence allows parents to monitor everything their children do on Android devices. By accessing their devices, viewing all they see, and taking appropriate action as needed, it functions as an extra set of eyes that enables parents to protect their children in real time. You can keep tabs on your child’s mobile phone usage time and content with a parental control app you can rely on thanks to its parental control and time restriction features. This is another Accountable2You alternative. Also check software companies in washington dc

It is practical and efficient without interfering with your child’s normal mobile activities. Using this parental control tool, you can shield your child from harmful content and stop them from viewing it on their smartphone. Additionally, you can control your child’s app usage time to prevent smartphone addiction, erase images and videos from the smart device to free up memory, and perform the majority of tasks remotely. Additionally, it offers a timer feature that lets parents set a time limit for how long their kids can use a certain app or game. Overall, Mobile Fence is a fantastic product that you can look at as one of your options.