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Best Android Software For PC Suites In 2021

Android Software

This post will explain Android Software. The smart device appears to be the buzzword now. Cellular calling is just 1 of the innumerable functions of this receiver. More extra than a phone, it is a mobile pc system that lets us do internet searching and gaming; it is a video camera and navigator; an organizer and calculator; a music gamer and archive gallery and much more things. It, in fact, suggests different things to different people.

The most popular mobile os for smartphones, tablets, & laptops is Android. APK is a Linux based Operating system that befalls in a wide variety of designs.

Best Android Software For PC Suites In 2021

In this article, you can know about Android Software here are the details below;

It claims a significant chunk of market share and customer base. Besides its competitive cost, another extremely essential factor that adds to its appeal is it’s being an open source that allows third-party makers to introduce the latest technological developments for their clients.

 Handling Your Android Smartphones– Android PC Suites

As we rely on our phone phones for whatever, it becomes imperative to manage them well. This consists of supporting the phone material and media, downloading from and submitting content to the PC and keeping the phone arranged. Also check document management software .

This can be easily made with the aid of incredibly useful programs called Android PC Suites This android software links your smart device to your PC through a USB port and allows you to utilize and manage all the gadget functions.

We can say that these are device supervisor apps or android software’s that enable users to gain access to Android phone/tablet via PC.

 Benefits of APK Software for PC Suites.

PC suite can be downloaded as an application on the Android gadget or as a PC software into the computer system. It boosts the phone efficiency and assists you to handle the different android software applications on your phone.

 Popular Course in this category

When installed as android software in your computer, it assists to submit and download files on your Android gadget.

 Using Android on your Windows PC Android Emulators

Another useful classification of Android Software’s for PC are Android emulators. Emulators allow you to run Android on your computer system even if you do not link a smart device or tab physically to it.

In this way, you can download numbers of Android apps from the Google Play shop and take pleasure in talking, video gaming and much more without requiring an Android device.

An emulator shows a virtual device where you can install mobile apps and use it just as you would use an Android gadget. With the guidance of Android emulators, you can run Android on your PC concurrently with Windows and have greater fun with a bigger monitor and Android software keyboard.

 Advantages of Emulators

By installing Android emulator you can try Android prior to making a decision to buy an Android device. It likewise permits you to design Android apps and run them on your pc.

An emulator enables you to increase the number of downloaded apps on Windows & also sync the different apps and Android software’s on your Android phone with your pc.

Thus we can say that there are 2 types of Android software’s for PC are Android software PC Suites & Android Emulators. In the following segment, we are continuing to discuss the different PC suites and emulators programs available in the market.

 Android Softwares

Following are the different android software:

 1. MobileGO

MobileGo by Wondershare is among the most engaging Android Software for PC Suite with distinctive features, remarkably powerful tools, and an easy to use user interface.

You can get a peek of the total storage capacity and all the kept contents of your phone which of the SD card on the home screen. It also shows the space utilized by various files and readily available working area.

It is a cleansing master and enhancer having efficient file manager attributes. It can run both on Windows & Mac Operating Systems with equivalent ease.

MobileGo permits you to incorporate your Android Device with your computer so that you can back up all your data consisting of contacts list, messages, call logs and transfer media files such as music, pictures, and videos. Also check updater software.

 Unique features of MobileGo

– It can convert audio and video files to a well-suited format for your Android smartphone or tablet.

– Delete undesirable files and cache memory to boost the performance of the phone.

– It has personal privacy check-up function that helps you to safeguard your personal privacy,

EXAMPLE: If you are preparing to move from Windows OS Smartphone to Android Phone, MobileGo allows you to transfer all the data including contacts, SMS, photos, videos and e-mails to your Android phone.

Although MobileGo is given android software, you can likewise download a totally free demonstration variation prior to choosing to buy it.

 2. Airdroid

Another remarkable Android Software for PC Suite, which is very popular is AirDroid. It is independent of cost & an efficient Android application that assists you manage your Android phone/tablet through a web internet browser on a computer system.

It is special as it does not need a USB cable television to connect with your computer and is connected through a wi-fi connection from another location. Hence, you can easily move data and files wirelessly in a totally protected environment.

 Distinct Features of Airdroid

– You can organize and handle SMS, talks, files, contacts, pictures, videos and other applications on the computer screen.

– A remarkable function is its capability to use the computer to send out text messages to contexts utilizing the computer system keyboard.

– You can even answer the calls from your PC, without even physically utilizing the phone.

– Transport files quickly and quickly between phone and computer without a cable.

It can really be ranked amongst the best Android apps and every android owner need to install it.

 3. MOBILedit

Another PC Suite that allows you sync your smart device or tablet with your computer system is Mobiledit by Compelson Labs. It supports a vast array of Android gadgets, right from the standard designs to the most progressive smart devices.

Just like Airdroid, you can utilize it to link your smart phone to your PC wirelessly utilizing Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR), Bluetooth and even a USB cable television, if none of the 3 networks are offered.

Similar to other PC Suites, you can handle your Android gadget completely through your computer utilizing Mobiledit It enables you to conserve music and images, handle phone book contacts, messages and far more within seconds.

 Special Features of Mobiledit

– You can create the backup of the crucial information on your phone on the computer as well as over your cloud storage account.

– It has an integrated video editor.

– It can also be gotten in touch with iPhone via Wi-Fi, by installing a mobile app called Mobiledit Lite, on your i-phone from i-tunes.

– You can get total SIM card reader support and extract SIM card details such as IMSI, ICCID, LAI, PIN, PUK, call expenses with Mobiledit.

A disadvantage of Mobiledit is its expense, which is higher than other programs in the same category.

 4. Android Explorer

Android Explorer lets you handle files on your Android gadget utilizing a user interface which closely resembles Windows web internet browser ‘Windows Explorer’. This makes data management even much easier than in the past.

Similar to other PC Suites, it can carry out all standard functions such as managing and supporting essential information such as messages, contacts, images, music and other essential files on your phone through your computer and to totally check out different functions, options, and applications on your phone. Also check warehouse inventory software.

 Distinct features of Droid Explorer

– Free of expense

– Windows explorer like user interface displays all the offered folders from their root node in addition to the directory contents.

– Command your Android gadget with the help of drag and drop features in the command shell window.

– Easy to uninstall and install files. Install several APK files using batch mode and uninstall apps using the uninstaller provided in the tool.

– Lets you take and save screenshots and videos of tasks being carried out by you on your Android

 5. 91 PC suite

91 PC Suite for APK by NetDragon is a free mobile manager and backup app. It is credited to be the greatest such android software that helps different mobile Operating Systems particularly Android, iOS, Windows, Wince, and Symbian system by means of a USB cable television

Distinct Features of 91 PC Suite

– You can customize ringtones, wallpapers, images, videos and styles with its unique Media tab

– 91 PC Suite is not heavy on the system and hence is ideal even for phones with a not-so-powerful system or memory.

– Ideal to be utilized by amateurs along with expert users.

 6. MoboRobo Android Manager

Another popular and incredibly powerful Android PC Suite which uses various functions to manage and organize Android gadgets is MoboRobo

With an easy to use user interface, MoboRobo enables you to transfer contacts for backup function or if you are updating to another phone. It supports Android in addition to iOS.

 Distinct Features of MoboRobo.

– Allows you to download complimentary apps to your Android phone through the computer.

– Features a built-in app to assist you download music.

– Helps you to find, download and set up apps from a library of suggested apps

– Supports installing, uninstalling and upgrading of applications from the smart device on your PC.

– Control the theme settings of your phone from PC while utilizing Mobo Launcher as the style on your phone.

 7. Apowersoft Phone Manager

Apowersoft Phone Manager is an effective tool for Android which enables you to connect your Android mobile to computer system to manage images, videos, music, contacts, and other apps and to detect and enhance your phone. A powersoft additionally supports iOS system.

 8. AndroidPC

PC Suite software is more known as Synchronization software and Application Manager.

AndroidPC is likewise ranked among a few of the preferred Android PC Suites. This cordless android software lets you connect your phone to PC without a USB cable and is readily available not just for Android but likewise for Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating System.

 Android Emulator software for Android

Now we are going to speak about a few of the popular Emulator emulators for Android. As discussed previously, emulators are required if you want to run Android apps and games on a windows computer.

It is important to pick an efficient emulator that does not hamper the speed of your system and also works efficiently.


Droid4X is the most recent amongst the offered Android emulators. It empowers the user in the genuine sense by the benefit of its distinct features.

With Droid 4x, you can play your personal Android games and likewise download Android apps on your personal computer or laptop. It possesses great performance and fantastic user experience.

 Unique Features of Droid4x

– It is Pre-rooted and Play Store is pre-installed.

– It’s quick and effective.

– Lets the users integrate computer system keyboard as a game controller.

– Amazing graphics provide enhanced and fantastic gaming experience


With Windroy you can quickly run Android apps on the computer system and likewise use all other Android features. It offers fantastic ease of use as you can efficiently change from Windows to Android with a single click of the mouse.

 Distinct Features of Windroy

– Can keep up equivalent ease on Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista

– Occupies little space on the system.

– Launches in a full-screen mode.

– It completely runs utilizing the Windows Kernel

 Geny Motion

Another good Android Emulator for PC in our list is GenyMotion It has actually advanced functions to allow effective running of your apps. GenyMotion is harmonious with Windows, Mac, & Linux.

It has a complimentary variation which works well with all basic functions, however purchasing a premium license will give you access to more advanced functions.

 Distinct Features of GenyMotion.

– It utilizes x86 architecture virtualization and OpenGL hardware velocity.

– Creates a virtual device by means of VirtualBox to support hardware gadgets particularly GPS, accelerometer & battery.

 BlueStacks Android App Player

Bluestacks is the various extensively used Android emulator for Windows. It does not need VirtualBox as in a few of the other emulators. It is simple to install and also lets you set up 3rd celebration APK’s and Android apps with ease.

However, it is challenging to install it effectively on Windows 8 OS. Also, It used to be complimentary today is only in Specific regions This is why some of the latest emulators discussed above are chosen over Bluestacks.

Some other Android Emulators worth having a look at are: DuOS-M Android Emulator which offers GPS and application compatibility and also offers assistance for multi-touch functions on PC; Xamarin Android Player; and Android– Andy OS that lets you utilize your phone as push-button control for gaming, offers ARM support & also enables you to install application in your andy emulator directly through your desktop browser


There is no rejecting that Android apps are chosen over desktop apps as they are compact and lighter on system resources. Also, numerous company nowadays do not offer any desktop platform and can be approached just through mobile apps. The need to handle and organize your phone through a computer remains a top priority. In such a scenario, it ends up being important to adopt a manner in which enables you to run practically any Android application on PC.

So now, you are not restricted to the confines of restricted memory, area and a small screen of your smart phone. You can experience the luxury of numbers of video games and app from your desktop. With PC Suite & emulators, there is no requirement to stress whether your preferred Android app features a desktop variation or not or whether you own an Android gadget at all!



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