5 Best Android Spy Apps in 2020

Spy applications are really popular for quite some time as they are helpful in keeping an eye on the target phone easily. There are some apps that are good for android and some of the others work fine for iPhones. There are also some apps that work for both kinds of operating systems.

If you are in search of some best android spy apps then you are on the right page. Here we are going to enlist some of the finest spy apps that can be used to monitor an android device easily, so just read this article till the end to find out which application is your favorite and on which one you can rely.

Have a look at the below list to choose your spy app that will help you in keeping an eye on the spied android device without asking you to put extra effort in it. Just have a look and pick one for your spying needs.

1). Spyine

Spyine is one of the best android spy applications available in the market for quite some time. You would probably have laid eyes on many but you will not find any other application better than this one. There is a best spy app for Androidand from here you will be able to find out so much about Spyine easily.

This app allows you to work with 100% safety by making sure that your privacy will remain intact. You will not find any other application better than this one when it comes to monitoring an application with a safe distance.

The application works remotely and there is no need to touch the device in any way in case you want to spy on an iPhone. To do this you only need to gain access to the iCloud account details of the target device and let the app do the rest of the work for you.

For Android you have to install the app in the targeted device and allow the app to run in the background after installation. The application is really small in size, doesn’t even drain the battery of the target phone and neither does it take much space in the device so you are safe in using Spyine.

Apart from all of that the app’s icon disappears from the screen right after installation so you are safe in using this amazing application. Using Spyine is really easy as you don’t have to gain access to any technical information in order to make the app work for you.

As you need to spy on the targeted android device so to do it you need to track the device on a map where you are supposed to mark a few boundaries. Now whenever the device will cross those marked spots you will receive an alert and will get to know the exact location of the target phone.

This feature is called geo-fence. It allows you to get to know about the locations that are previous ones as well easily. Everything will be done remotely and you don’t have to be physically present to monitor the device in any way.

It’s dynamic web-based interface lets you use the app with all kinds of browsers. You don’t have to use a certain one to use the app as it works fine with all kinds. Before you go for the paid subscription plan of Spyine try out a one month free trial of this app to get to know about its functions in a better way.

You can also get to know about the functions and operations of the app by watching the live demo of the app from the official website of Spyine whenever you need to. In case of any trouble you can contact the customer support team as they are experts and will help you in fixing all the issues you are encountering.

You can also read text messages, see contact numbers along with names, see pictures, videos, keep track of call logs, gain access to social media accounts of the spied android phone. Even deleted information would be recovered through this app and you will get to know about it completely.

You can see all the activities of Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Skype easily without any trouble. Whatsoever the user of the spied phone will send, write and receive through their device will be recorded and you will get to know everything about it.

2). Spyier

This is another dynamic application that helps you in spying on the spied android device whenever you need to. It allows you to get to know about the phone completely and without any trouble. The app is really easy to use for people of all ages.

Spyier works in stealth-mode and this feature makes it 100% safe for all kinds of spying tasks. There is no need to have any kind of technical information to make the app work for you. The pricing plans and the features that come along with this app are amazing.

3). Minspy

Minspy is another spy application that works for both android as well as for iOS, so in case you need it for an iPhone then there are no worries to look for another application. This application works in stealth-mode and lets you to run the app easily without any trouble of being exposed.

As this app comes along with different subscription plans so you can choose the one that suits you in the best way possible by visiting the official website of Minspy today. Using this app is quite simple as you don’t have to gain any technical knowledge for the sake of using this app.

4). Spyic

This is the second last spy app that works for android devices. Spyic is an amazing application that functions magically and will offer you amazing features that you will not find anywhere else in such an amazing price range.

Spyic is really easy to use as it comes along with simple commands and instructions that can be applied by anyone without any trouble. The customer support service of this app is really good as they are professionals and always ready to help you with all your troubles.

5). Neatspy

Although this is a new spy application that works for android devices, the features and high quality performance make it a great choice for people all around the world. Neatspy is really easy to use as it has wonderful features that speak for itself.

This application has everything that one could ask for in an advanced, well-optimized application. As it works in stealth–mode so it is safe to use this application for all kinds of uses without any trouble of being caught.


We hope that this article will be helpful for you in choosing one of the best android spy apps for your spying needs. Just pick the one you like the most or that comes under your budget and start your spying today with your favorite app.

The best thing about these enlisted applications is that they all offer different subscription plans for the sake of your convenience so you can go for anyone of your favorite today and use it to keep an eye on the spied Android device. We hope that you will love your journey of spying with these apps.

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