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A Detailed Guide to Android Keyloggers


A keylogger is a type of mobile software that is used to gather the keystrokes that are made on an Android device after it gets installed. You might have your reasons to get a keylogger, one of them is avoiding your children from getting access to your phone. Another reason might be your concern about leaving your phone in the office and feeling like someone might check it out. Other reasons, like keeping your phone secure from your friends and spouse are also prominent. An android keylogger gives you the ideal layer of security and helps you avoid any such issues in the coming future.  

Applications like keyloggers make sure your privacy remains intact, and help you release the tension of being spied on every time. Moreover, keyloggers can also be used as an advanced surveillance tool for monitoring your family or employees. However, it is always advised to use these tools for personal privacy and not for spying on others.  

 Keyloggers Are Not Just Keyloggers 

Yes, you read that right. Most of the people, even if they use keyloggers, don’t know much about them. A keylogger can not only be used to record keystrokes on a device but can also be used as a spying app toll and a keystroke logger. Therefore, keyloggers can record all the activities happening on the target device. Most of the keyloggers, apart from being just a keystroke logger, act as a spyware app. They can be used to secretly spy on the messages, emails, and almost all the activities taking place on the device on which the keylogger has been installed.  

In many cases, keyloggers are used, rather misused by spies to track someone’s activity, including stealing their password and other private information. Keyloggers are also used by managers for tracking the activity and progress of their employees. Lastly, parents also use keyloggers as a parental control measure to monitor their kids’ activity without getting noticed.  

Uses of a Keylogger 

As mentioned in the previous section, an android keylogger is used to perform various activities. Summarizing them all, here are the common uses of keyloggers. 

* Parental control: Keyloggers can be used by the parents to track the activity of their children without getting caught or noticed. Keyloggers also give parents access to the kids’ browsing history, real-time activities, and location.  

* Security: Employers and managers use it to make sure their employees are following the rules. If any misconduct takes place, employers can immediately confront the offenders over their mistakes. 

* Spouse activities tracking: If you feel your spouse, fiance or companion is cheating on you, you can use keyloggers to know what they are up to. With the help of keyloggers, you can get access to phone calls, messages, and even social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hack Tinder etc.  

How to Choose a Good Keylogger 

In an era of technology, all the devices are super connected all over the globe. As compared to the past, keyloggers have gone to another level by not just offering espionage abilities but many other advanced functions. However, with so many keyloggers in the store, it can be a hard call to choose the ideal one because not all of them are equally good. To help you out with this dilemma, here are a few points to consider before selecting an ideal keylogger. 

* Installation: Most of the keyloggers have a simple, one-click installation process which is very easy and hassle-free. However, the biggest challenge that users face while installing the app without having physical access to the target phone. Unfortunately, only a very few, selected keyloggers provide these features. With other keyloggers, you need physical access to the target device.  

* Functioning: Each keylogger has different features and functionalities, and you should choose the one which satisfies your requirements and priorities. Some keyloggers might provide access to social media like WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. whereas, some might provide GPS access, and some might provide access to browsing history. The best call is to go for a keylogger that provides all these features.  

* Ease-of-use: There is no point of a keylogger if it is complicated in terms of using and analyzing information. Always choose a keylogger that is flexible and easy to use and navigate.  

* Detection: The last thing you want is to get noticed spying on someone. Make sure your keylogger works on stealth mode and does not get detected. 



Are keyloggers essential for everyone? Definitely not! Keyloggers are nothing but a tool that helps you track the activities of people you feel should be monitored. If you are a parent with small kids, an employer with a bunch of employees, or a person with a companion who you feel might be cheating; you should consider using keyloggers. Keyloggers are not meant to breach anyone’s private space and disrespect their privacy. Don’t use keyloggers on your friends or family members just for the sake of spying on them. 



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