Best Tips & Tricks for Android App Development In 2019

With the constant rising usage and demand of android mobile apps, even the enterprises are finding it difficult to keep up with their mobile applications as well as with the updates simultaneously.  

However, mobile app developers do acknowledge the importance of Android app development and also agree that it earned them an edge over their competitors. This also includes work done on customized apps that keep customers engaged in more than one way.  

Here, the main focus of top Android app development companies lies in minimizing the Android application development lifecycle i.e elimination of unnecessary steps that are not required anymore. 

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best tricks as well as tips for Android mobile app development that will come in very handy in the year 2019:  

In addition to this, we also recommend taking professional help from the experts of this particular domain. For instance, you can go ahead and hire a top-notch Android app development company to work on your next big project.  

In addition to this, top mobile application developers get access to advanced tools as well as the latest application development frameworks in the app development field. These tools and frameworks will not only make the entire development process easy but also effective in various aspects. Let’s take a look at a few examples now.  


Mobile Application Security 

As top app developers, we are well aware of the fact that the security of the applications holds a high priority. If in any case the security of the mobile application is comprised then major mishappenings can take place. For instance, recently a security flaw in 7-eleven mobile app caused a loss of $500,000 to Japanese customers. 


Location-Based Services 

If we talk about location-based services, let’s start with the location-based Wi-Fi services. Today, Wi-Fi has become such an integral part of our day-to-day routines. And why not? We constantly rely on it for the basic functioning of the majority of our mobile applications. According to the recent statements made by Android experts state that with the maximum use of Wi-Fi connections, Android is supposed to leverage its different functionalities of connectivity. 

This will be done so that users can get better location-based mobile apps for the Android platform that can keep them engaged for a longer duration with their smartphones. 



Recently, we have been seeing and hearing a lot about a term called M-commerce, we can also state it as one of the trending buzzwords right now. For example, a huge section of retail e-commerce sales is made through an Android device or even an iPhone.  

This mainly indicates it is a sign of growth as now users are progressively shifting towards the sector of M-commerce while adapting to the new changes that are being bought in the mobile app industry.  

We would also like to suggest that you take a look at some of the other factors that play an important role in hiring an Android application development company. These are the factors that mainly assist you in making hiring mistakes.  


Internet of Things (IoT) 

The whole concept of the term IoT which stands for the Internet of Things is based on the ability to connect as well as integrate with multiple technologies and this includes advanced devices also.  


There’s no denying the fact that top Android android app development companies are on their way to maturing. As a mainstream technology, in the coming years, the user experience will matter more in comparison to other factors. With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), customer engagement platforms that are mainly based on Wi-Fi technology will connect users with the appropriate set of mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. 


Big Data 

Last but not least, we have Big Data in our list. As we know, the performance needs to be tracked for every application so that we can analyze if the app is providing us with the desired output or not. For this purpose, mobile app developers also take help from the analytics section to find out the factors affecting the overall performance in the market.  


Big data is a vast field that needs a lot of research from the top Android app developer’s side if they want to design and develop apps that are highly innovative in terms of valuable data insights.

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