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How to Download GBWhatsapp APK for Android


Internet is one of the basic need everyone. With the help of internet people can do almost half of the work by just sitting at home like bill payment, shopping, online food can be order almost most of the work is in online these days. Communication is the purpose for which generally use the internet. Internet makes almost everything possible like we can make international call without giving extra charge. Social media is one the reason for using internet today. Out of 100/99 person is having relation with the social media. Social media also helps in business these days.

Like internet social media is having a huge role in the world now where we can get connected to the person wherever that person is. Whatsapp is one of the most used application now. Whatsapp has now 1 billion active users now. Whatsapp has attracted users by the features like Audio call, Video call, Text-messaging, Sending images and videos, Updating stories, sending locations, contacts and much more. Whatsapp is highly used but there is lots of limitations and restrictions are there.

  • You can send only 30 images at once earlier it was 10 images.
  • Sending video files is restricted to 16MB.
  • No option to change the look of app. Fixed theme.
  • Many more restrictions are there.

GBWhatsapp is mod version of Whatsapp which has so good feature and having great privacy settings. It has made by some other developers with new features and great changes of the original Whatsapp.

  • New themes.
  • You can copy others status to your clipboard.
  • It has now multiple languages.
  • You can be 24 hours online by “Always Online” feature.
  • 90 Images can be sent at a time.
  • 50mb video can be sent.
  • New emoticons and emojis has been added.
  • Whatsapp group name can set up to 35 characters.
  • You can keep your personal chats in privacy.
  • Blue tick and double tick can be hide.
  • Last seen can be freeze.
  • Multiple accounts can be used.

Now we know the latest features about GBWhatsaap and the more things has been added in it. Let us know you how to download the application.


As we had mentioned that GBWhatsapp is a mod version so this not available in playstore or any other app store. You have to download it from google where links has been provided from where you can download. Make sure that your settings means installation from unknown sources. After installation complete the log in process like in Whatsapp and enjoy the better experience.

For comparison you can check have the official Whatsaap and the GBWhatsaap on your phone with different phone numbers if we use same phone number then one of them will be deactivated.


GBWhatsaap is the one the best MOD app right now. You can download and Experience the unique and fantastic features of GBWhatsaap. For any further updates visit the page again.