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How to get Cash for Phones When They are Broken?


Mobile phones are in great demand and everyone wants to get their hands on a new iPhone or other mobile phone of their choice but people still are hesitant to buy a used mobile phone because of the problems they have heard about and they think might incur when they buy a used mobile phone. Also, a used mobile phone often does not come with a warranty. It has also noted that many users are hesitant to sell their mobile phone if the screen is broken or the mobile phone has developed a fault. Cash for phones offered is far lower if the mobile phone you are trying to sell has a broken screen or is faulty. Keeping in view the drastic impacts of unrecycled electronic devices especially mobile phones it’s important to highlight the importance of mobile phone recycling. And it’s always recommended to recycle mobile phone rather than leaving them in a draw.  

Before you recycle your broken mobile phone lets highlight some common faults with mobile phones which may make it difficult for users to sell their old devices on a good price.  

Problem: Battery life is poor 

Most of the smartphones do not have a very good battery to start with. Until 2018 we have not seen any smartphone which gives more than 2 days battery life on normal usage. Although many claim to give over 48 hours but that’s not achievable if you run normal apps like WhatsApp and Facebook on your mobile phone. Getting a battery replaced on one of those mobile phones on which you can take the back of and replace the battery is much easier to fix but the problem gets bit complicated in the case of iPhones as the mobile phone needs to be opened up by a technician to get the battery replaced. Almost all batteries are glued inside the mobile phone which should only be replaced by a trained mobile phone technician. You can sell your mobile after getting its battery replaced but selling it straight away could be more beneficial.  

Problem: Overheating 

Most of the times mobile phone over heating is associated to either battery being faulty or mobile phone being water damaged. In the case of battery being faulty, you can get it replaced and if your mobile phone is water damaged, it better to sell it to a mobile phone recycling company rather than going into the hassle of getting it fixed as water damaged mobile phones especially the new smart phones are very hard to get fixed due to large number of small electronic components which in most cases are impossible to replace.  

Problem: Speaker faults and distortion 

Speaker or earpiece problem is not a normal problem. In most of the cases it happens when you have been playing loud music on the mobile phone for straight few hours or if the mobile phone’s ear piece or speaker has been exposed to water. You can try fixing this problem by opening equalizer app and tweaking it. Getting it fixed isn’t expensive on iPhones but it might get expensive if you try getting it fixed on a Samsung mobile phone.  

Problem: Broken LCD or 3D Touch not working 

If the LCD of your mobile phone is broken you are not left with a lot many options. iPhone screens are much cheaper to get fixed and that is one of the reasons why mobile phone recycling companies pay decent price for them if the screen in broken but the scenario changes when it’s about a Samsung mobile phone. Samsung mobile phone screens are really expensive to get fixed hence the price offered for a Samsung mobile phone with a broken screen is really cheap. If you have a Samsung with broken screen it would be wise to sell it to recycling company rather than getting it fixed as its simply not worth it in most cases to get a Samsung screen fixed before selling it.  

Problem: Wi-Fi won’t connect or drops frequently 

Wi-Fi problems are pretty common with few years old iPhones and for that a Wi-Fi chip needs to get fixed which might be quite expensive. But this issue is not that common on Samsung mobile phones. It’s not recommended to get a Wi-Fi fixed on iPhone and then sell it as it might not have any financial benefit.  



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