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Phone Charging Hacks When You Are Running Late 

Mobile phones have made life exciting in every way. From essential utilities like an alarm clock and calendar to stay in touch with the loved ones, it has made the daily routine much more comfortable. With all the great things that have come with this small and amazing device, there is one glitch it has brought along, and that is the challenge to keep it charged.  

When you are out somewhere, exploring a new place, the battery icon starts flashing before you realize that it has drained. This becomes more obvious when you rely on your phone for entertainment, navigation, or more.  

It takes quite a time to charge the battery, and it becomes more challenging to get some juice in it when you are already short of time.  

Luckily, there are a few tricks, using which you can speed up the process of charging your phone’s battery. However, some could resort to using any available phone charging station as that exists near airport gates to keep up their activities while their phones stay charging. Yeah, that could be a reliable solution but not everywhere.

So, check out these fantastic tips that can help you speed charge your phone when you are running late.  


#1. Use a High Power USB Adapter 

When it comes to using a high power USB adapter, make sure you use the one that provides the power in your smartphone, which it can handle. On the contrary, if you use an old low power USB adapter, your phone will charge at a slower rate, or there are chances that it might not even get charged at all.  

If your phone supports fast charging, make sure that the charger you use supports the same as well.  

Tip to Take: Make sure you check the specifications of the charger you are planning to use.  


#2. Know If Your Phone Support Fast Charging Standard 

Many smartphones charge faster when you charge them using a high power USB charger, but there are those too that support the fast-charging standard.  

So, to take advantage of this fast-charging standard, see if your phone supports the same. Also, make sure you use the charger that too supports the fast-charging standard.  

The result? Fast charging.  


#3. Put Your Phone on Flight Mode  

While on the one hand, we feel thankful to the smartphones for introducing us the cool and useful features, failing to realize that these also chew up most of the battery life. Just to let you know, cellular radios and Wi-Fi take up most of the battery.  

So, you should put your phone on flight mode if you are in a rush and have limited time to juice up your phone’s battery. If, in any case, you are expecting a call or a text, you may consider turning the Wi-Fi and mobile data off to save more battery.  


#4. Stop Checking the Level of Charging  

One thing that keeps the battery away from charging is your habit of checking the charging level time and again, while you are charging your phone.  

While most people do not realize this but checking the phone, again and again, means turning on the display repeatedly, which ultimately makes the charging matter worse.  

So, stop peeking into your phone while you put it on charging as it will help the battery to get charged faster.  


#5. Keep Your Battery Pack Charged 

One of the best things in the mobile world is that you have an option to keep the portable battery packs with you, no matter where you go. Also, these battery packs can get charged at a much faster rate than the mobile phone’s battery.  

All you have to do is plug the battery into the wall while you are packing or taking a shower to leave for somewhere out, and slip the same into your pocket before going. You may then use these batteries to charge your phone at an average speed.  


#6. Avoid Charging Your Phone Through Laptops  

One thing you should consider while charging your phone is that you use wall sockets instead of laptops, when in a rush. I do not know if you are aware of this or not but charging your phones via USB takes more time, sometimes even an hour more than usual.  

Also, if your charging cable did not come with an adapter to plug the same into a wall socket, you may buy one as these are available at very economical prices.  


Quick Suggestion- If none of those as mentioned above hacks work for your phone’s battery, and you are worried about investing your money into buying a new mobile phone, then you may consider and rent mobile phones online.  

Not only does renting save you a lot of money, but it also makes it easy to upgrade to any latest mobile phone, without paying an extra penny. Also, other benefits include free mobile protection and hassle-free return.  



Well, we have all been there when we plugged in our phone to get it charged before bed, and the next morning we wake up only to realize that we forgot to turn the switch on.  

Yes!! It hurts. And it hurts even more when we have to rush to travel or reach someplace far away.  

Well, you don’t have to worry about that drained battery anymore. By considering the hacks mentioned above, you may charge your phone in a short time, and travel worry-free.  

Also, if you have got any other fantastic phone charging hacks, feel free to share the same in the comment section below.  

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