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Review the Hoverwatch Hidden Keylogger for Android


Hoverwatch hidden keylogger for android is a phone app that allows you to track an android cell phone and secretly search the location of your employees or children.

Usage of hidden keylogger for android

This spy app can help you in tracking the text messages, phone calls, messages on Facebook and WhatsApp as well as the data on the camera of the phone. It can also be used as a secret GPS to enable you to see contacts, online activities, geodata and calendar of the cell phone secretly

Why do parents use the phone keylogger for android?

While purchasing a cell phone for their kids most parents find them in a tight spot. Neither they can ignore their need of making calls nor can they control their usage as today’s technological development is distracting the children from their social and educational environment. Moreover, they are at risk of wasting time playing games as well as disclosing sensitive information, and exploring adult-oriented materials in the absence of an effective tracking system.

The introduction of Hoverwatch hidden keylogger for android phones has enabled parents to track the activities of their children. Now they can know the online activities of their kids by tracking the websites visited as well as information shared by them. Now parents and their family can use this spy app to avoid probable dangers for their kids as well as them.

What types of teen control exist?

The controls offered by this spy app may include tracking the record of all the calls made and received by your kids, duration of the call and name of the person contacted. This spy app will remain completely hidden so that the cell phone user can never see it. It will also monitor the activities of the kids on their social media accounts including Facebook, Viber, and Watsapp accounts. It can also check the text messages including SMS and MMS stored on their mobile phone. You can monitor five devices including tablets and cell phones by registering for one account with Hoverwatch hidden keylogger for android phones.

Why is it convenient to use the hidden keylogger app?

This hidden keylogger for android is convenient to use for tracking the activities of children as well as employees of a business owner without any risk of the exposure of the parents as well as the business owners. When they know that no one is watching them then their productivity normally declines.

This monitoring tool works as an undetectable app and allows you to track the activities of your kids or employees so that they can neither wander aimlessly nor waste their time online. It will also allow you to know the exact location as well as track the activities of your employees as well as kids. It will also help in avoiding the misuse of the domestic or corporate phone for personal use as every text message and conversation will be recorded by this app.

Features of Hoverwatch hidden keylogger for android that can be useful to parents

Users use with constant use of the application of course not all the functionality of the application. Learn more about the most popular features that are popular with many people.

Phone keylogger: This feature of Hoverwatch spy app allows the parents as well as business owners to track the voice calls made and received by their employees and kids. It can also help in tracking the information and photos sent and received by them as well as their online activities to protect them from any potential risk.

Geolocation Feature:

This feature will allow the parents and the business to track the exact location of their children and employees so that they cannot waste their time and their productivity gets affected.

Manage SMS: It can also help in tracking the text messages sent or received by your kids or employees.

Track Calls: This spy app can also enable you to track the trunk calls made and received by your employees and children so that you can be able to face any untoward condition in the near future.

Track Internet History: This feature of this spy app will allow the employers and parents to track the history of the usage of the internet including the sites visited and the data uploaded or downloaded by them. Hoverwatch Viewer: This feature allows you to see the information collected by this spy app.

Other things to know to use hidden keylogger for android effectively

What you need to know to install the application on your phone?

It is easy to install Hoverwatch hidden keylogger for android in just three easy steps as briefly discussed here under.

Step 1: Enter your email address and password to sign up your account online free of cost

Step 2: From your online account you can download and install this free spy app on your mobile device

Step 3: You can use your online account to start spying text messages and monitoring information sent and received on the target phone or tablet for free.

Pricing policy

Though downloading and installation of Hoverwatch hidden keylogger for android app is free but to use its features you may have to pay some fee as under:

· For personal use and track one device, you will have to pay $24.95 per month, $59.95 for 3 months and $99.95 for a year.

· For professionals to tack up to 5 devices the monthly fee per device will be $9.95 or $49.95 for 5 devices, $99.95 for 3 months and $199.95 for a year.

· For business users for track 25 devices, the monthly fee per device is $6.00 or for 25 devices is $149.95, $299.95 for 3 months and $599.95 for a year.

Pros and cons of such hidden keylogger for android


· Invisibility

· Accessibility to browsing the history

· Accessibility to screenshots of the desktop

· Accessibility to webcam photos

· Accessibility to messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype

· Can be set remotely


This software can be installed in a target device only by accessing it physically

Conclusions and results

After going through the information provided in this write-up it can be concluded that parents can use this software to check the usage of mobile devices by their kids instead of depriving them of the use of latest means of communication. It is easy to install and use the features of Hoverwatch hidden keylogger for android devices to track the online as well as offline activities of the children as well as employees.



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