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Stock ROM Vs Custom ROM – What’s the Difference?

ROM is basically an acronym for Read-Only Memory. It is non-volatile, which means that you can’t modify the stored data once the memory device is being manufactured. The read-only memory is efficient for the storage of softwares that do not require any modifications during their lifetime. In the case of Smartphones and tablets, ROM is referred to as firmware which is similar to the operating systems in computers.  

What is the Stock ROM?

The original form of Android is known as Pure Stock Android. In order to make the mobile devices look unique and attractive, the manufacturers tend to customize the features. The customized version of Android is called Stock ROM. Stock ROM is the main reason behind the distinct UIs of different mobile devices like Sony Xperia mobile phones come with TimeScape UI, Motorola phones are integrated with Blur UI whereas Samsung phone is built with TouchWiz UI/Grace UX.  

Latest phones like OnePlus 7 Pro uses Stock firmware as it resolves any software problem with your device. It is the factory firmware which comes pre-installed on the device and in case of any crash or lag, you can install it again and get rid of the problem. To install it again you need to download Stock ROM for your OnePlus device.  

Advantages of Using Stock ROM 

What is Custom ROM? 

Custom ROM is developed by the core developers of the Android community and mostly they are available for free as they are developed out of passion. They are available for phones, tablets, smart watches, media players and for all the other devices that run using Android. The Custom ROM allows you to experience the latest version of Android. Android is an open-source platform and Custom ROMs are efficient in providing a whole new curve to the customization procedure.  

Advantages of Using Custom ROM 


Final Verdict 

There are pros and cons of both Stock and Custom ROM. Therefore, it truly depends on your needs and preferences, which one you want to use on your device. If you are ready to compromise with your device’s security to experience the advanced features, then you can opt for Custom ROM. Otherwise, you can go for Stock ROM if you keep security on the top of your priority list and want to experience better stability and performance of your device.  

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