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Top 10 Best Anti Spam Software Tools for 2022

anti spam software

This post will explain anti spam software. Spam has been an annoyance for organisations and consumers since the dawn of email accounts. Employees may waste a lot of time looking through inboxes full of spam and accidentally deleting crucial business emails that are surrounded by spam entries in the list of unread messages. Anti-spam software has evolved into one of the most effective tools for combating fraudulent email communications.

Top 10 Best Anti Spam Software Tools for 2022

In this article, you can know about Anti Spam Software Tools here are the details below;

One false click without an anti-spam filter might put your device and network at risk. In workplace environments, inbound emails are one of the most popular entry vectors for dangerous software.

1. N-able Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure is a cloud based email security service for commercial IT departments & managed service providers. MSPs may equip spam and virus protection to their clients’ email systems using the platform’s multi-tenant option, which eliminates the risk of data leaks across client accounts. The programme receives data from over 1.8 million sites in order to give the user a better understanding of current risks. The user can regard problematic email messages in quarantine and blacklist questionable senders from contacting them using the software. Also check BillQuick Online

Mail Assure from N-able is a cloud-based system that is simple to set up and use. You only need to add a new domain to begin monitoring. SSL/TLS traffic encryption is enabled after the software is installed.

Because it integrates with Office 365, the solution is great for business users. If the Office 365 email service is unavailable, the user can use N-Mail able’s Assure web-based interface to send emails instead. The dashboard helps you to keep your service up and running in the event of an interruption.

Pros: • Scalable, having the ability to manage big multi-tenant settings or enterprise networks with multiple domains, locations, and mail servers

Cons: • Designed for larger businesses, not appropriate for home users

The N-able Mail Assure edge service is simple to set up and requires no software to be installed on your company’s servers. This system is simple to implement and enables upsell opportunities for MSPs wishing to expand their service offerings. A 30-day free trial of the N-able Mail Assure system is available.


Overall, N-able Mail Assure is a first-class email security solution if you’re looking for an anti-spam solution that secures your email platform from intruders. To keep you ahead of attackers & downtime, it uses round-the-clock email continuity, long-term email archiving, and a collective threat intelligence engine.

2. Trustifi Inbound Shield

Trustifi Inbound Shield is a cloud based email protection system with an API that you can integrate into your own mail server. When you allow this plug-in, it initiates a call to the remote process, which scans all incoming mail. The service is also available as a Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 plug-in.

The Trustifi system can distinguish between spam, phishing emails, and bulk emails known as “graymail.” The system employs a combination of AI-based threat identification as well as blacklists for email addresses and IP addresses. To prevent impersonation attempts, it examines source email addresses and compares them to known employee identifiers. It can also notice harmful links to websites that are impersonating or contaminated.

Pros: • An email server plug-in

Cons: • I’d rather have a free trial.

Trustifi Inbound Shield also scans attachments in addition to the email header and body. It’s up-to-you to decide what the system does with suspicious emails. The system offers a number of settings that can be customised to fit your security strategy. Suspicious emails can be quarantined for manual scrutiny if they are found. When malicious emails are detected, the system will notify the administrator and create reports on detection rates and outcomes. To find out how much Trustifi Inbound Shield costs, submit a quote request. A free demo is available.

Trustifi Inbound Shield integrates with Google Workspaces and Microsoft 365 to provide email system protection that goes beyond spam filtering. This security solution use artificial intelligence to detect phishing attempts, as well as mismatches in source domains and IP addresses to detect masquerade. This system will also check for viruses in emails and attachments.

Cloud-based operating system

3. SpamTitan

SpamTitan is a Microsoft Office 365 specific web-based anti-spam tool. The programme is made to detect phishing emails, spear-phishing attacks, and zero-day attacks. to be aware of the most recent dangers To detect new threats, SpamTitan use a combination of machine learning and Bayesian analysis. The effective email security against zero-day threats is ideal for reducing exposure to new email dangers.

The whitelisting and blacklisting of IP addresses determines whether or not mail reaches your inbox and whether or not it is prohibited from future contact. You can apply varying degrees of Spam Confidence Levels to people, user groups, and domains for added security. You can control potential entry points considerably more efficiently by segmenting your email environment in this way.

Pros: • Designed exclusively for Office 365 users, making it an appealing solution for 365 mail systems • Detects and stops threats using AI and behavioural analytics • Allows for human threat prioritising

Prices are charged on a monthly subscription basis, with a fee per user. A minimum order of 25 user licences is required. If you desire a longer payment cycle, the monthly price per user decreases. Monthly payments to a three-year payment plan are available. The cheapest option is the three-year plan, which costs $1.49 (£1.12) per month per user. However, you must pay for the entire payment period in advance, therefore the 3-year option for 25 users costs $1,336,50 (£1008.95) up front.

4. Mailwasher

Mailwasher is a tool that prevents spam from reaching your mailbox. On both desktop and mobile devices, the utility is compatible with all email providers. Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, EM Client, and others are among the email clients supported by Mailwasher. Mailwasher’s compatibility for a wide range of email accounts makes the software adaptable in enterprise settings.

The tool allows you to preview and delete emails before they are downloaded to your computer, preventing viruses from entering your inbox. By filtering emails like these, you can see the contents of the email without having to open it and risk infecting your computer. Also check invoicing software

Filtering is another way Mailwasher looks for suspicious indicators in incoming emails. The filter may detect spam content and objectionable language, automatically blacklisting the sender from future correspondence. You can add colleagues & clients to your ‘friends’ list to prevent false warnings.

Pros: • Compatible with all major mail clients, including Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, making it a versatile alternative for home users who utilise a third-party mail provider.

Mailwasher is available in two different versions: Mailwasher Free and Mailwasher Pro. Mailwasher Free is a free programme that supports only one email address. MailWasher Pro costs $49.95 (£37.71) and includes support seven days a week for numerous email addresses.


This is another Anti Spam Software. ZEROSPAM is a cloud-based anti-spam solution that guards against spam, malware, and phishing emails. If you get an email/gmail with a malware attachment or a poor link, ZEROSPAM will prevent it. For added security, the software employs TLS encryption to secure your communications from prying eyes. If the client-server goes down, the tool will use automatic mail queuing to help you get back to business as soon as possible.


One of the most compelling reasons to utilise ZEROSPAM is its low false-positive rate. It creates a compromise between filtering out hazardous texts while allowing legitimate email users to communicate. From the standpoint of an enterprise, this is an anti-spam platform that does not obstruct day-to-day operations.

Pros: • Runs in the cloud, requiring no onboarding or complicated setup • Operates over 20 separate sites, increasing stability • Anti-spam has a low false-positive rate, preventing business-related emails from being lost in the spam filter

Cons: • Could use better management capabilities for many inboxes • Hosted in Canada, therefore performance may be slower if it were placed elsewhere in the world

The solution also has a high resistance to evaporation. To ensure that ZEROSPAM remains online, it is powered by a network of approximately 20 filtering nodes spread across three Canadian data centres. This ensures that your service is there when you need it, even if something goes wrong.

6. SpamSieve

On Macs, the spam filter in Mail isn’t particularly good. If you utilise a different email client, you are stuck with whatever Junk primary identification that system provides. You can try SpamSieve instead if you want a better spam filtering service.

This spam filtering solution uses machine learning to improve spam detection in your Inbox over time. It features whitelisting and blacklisting. You can create your own block list and alter other aspects of the interface, such as the colour and layout. You can also use SpamSieve to write your own mailbox management scripts that take different actions depending on the sender or subject line.

SpamSieve is a plug-in that allows you to use its features from within your email client rather than having to go to another programme. Apple Mail (, Airmail, Entourage, Mailsmith, Postbox 5, PowerMail, and Outlook are among the email systems that will work with it on Macs.

Pros: • Works with your existing email client • Uses machine learning to refine and adapt spam detection • Allows customization via settings and scripts • Whitelisting and blacklisting are both available

Cons: • You won’t be able to use it indefinitely.

A single-user subscription costs $30 (£22.65) per year, and the Family plan, which includes two users, costs $48 ($36.24). The cost of a site-wide plan is determined after a consultation. A 30-day free trial of SpamSieve is available.

7. Comodo Dome Antispam

Dome Antispam by Comodo is a spam prevention product for business users. Comodo Dome Antispam analyses & filters emails to protect your mailbox from cybercriminals. Comodo Dome Antispam engages its Valkyrie file verdict platform to assess files as they are downloaded when downloading files from the inbox. Even from the most recent malware attacks, you can open and interact with a file without risk of infection.

When you access your email account, email filtering determines what kind of messages you view. Virus-infected emails are banned so you don’t go offline, and you have complete control over the emails that arrive in your inbox. You can see archived and quarantined emails from the management console.

Cons: • The interface appears to have not been updated since it was first released in the 1990s. • Emails can be delayed if the settings are incorrect. This is another Anti Spam Software

Comodo Dome Antispam is offered in three different configurations: Shared Server, Hosted Cloud, and On-Site. You must contact the firm directly to obtain pricing information. Comodo Dome Antispam comes highly recommended if you’re seeking for an anti-spam solution with a variety of deployment options.

8. MX Guarddog

MX Guarddog is a spam filter that rescues your email inbox with TLS encryption. MX Guarddog rescues against phishing attacks, malware, DDoS attacks, and viruses, to name a few. You can view a quarantine report once any communication is blocked, which will show the message content that was prevented.

Email that is legitimate is forwarded directly to your email server. For convenience, MX Guarddog automatically syncs email addresses from Windows AD, LDAP, and cPanel systems. In the occurrence that your server goes down, your email will be saved and delivered to you the next time you log on.

Cons: • The interface appears to have not been changed since its inception in the 1990s; • Emails can be delayed if misconfigured; • There are charges per email, making budgeting difficult.

MX Guarddog is an excellent low-cost solution for preventing spam. The tool is available as a SaaS package and costs $0.25 (£0.20) per month per email address. User and domain aliases are free of charge.

9. SPAMfighter

This is another Anti Spam Software. SPAMfighter is a spam filter for Outlook, Outlook-Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, & Windows Live Mail that works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, & Windows Live Mail. SPAMfighter’s filtering may block spam in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Danish, and other languages. When you report a suspicious email, the software adds the sender to a blacklist and prevents future emails from reaching your inbox.

The user interface is straightforward to use, and you can get live data on messages that have been banned. If you need to gather information, you can also use Spam Abuse Reporting, which is available at the press of a button. Being able to manage all of this security information aids in ensuring that you are aware of all attempts to contact your account. Also check Maltego alternatives

SPAMfighter is available in two versions: SPAMfighter Standard and SPAMfighter Pro. SPAMfighter Standard is a free version with advertisements and limited functionality such as a blacklist/whitelist entry restriction. For one year, SPAMfighter Pro costs $29 (£21.89). There are also two and three-year payment plans available. Unlimited blacklist/whitelist items, language filtering, and other features are available with the Pro account.

10. ORF Fusion

ORF Fusion is a spam filtering software built primarily for corporate applications. The technology filters out false positives, securing that only authentic email reaches your inbox. ORF Fusion features 23 tiered checks to check the status of mail, which is one of its unique selling factors. These tests are a combination of blacklist and whitelist tests that block malicious mail while leaving legitimate mail unaffected. This is another Anti Spam Software

You can construct your own whitelists to ensure that your trusted email senders aren’t flagged as spam. The user can also decide what happens to emails that have been captured by the spam filter. You can bounce them to disavow the transmission, keep the mail, or forward it to a new mailbox, for example.

Pros: • Designed specifically for email administrators • Provides detailed blacklisting by IP address, IP range, country, and DNS.

Cons: • More difficult to learn than similar software; • Designed for professionals, not for non-technical users; • Misconfiguration may result in delayed emails and false positives.

ORF Fusion’s low false-positive rate makes it excellent for businesses looking for information security that doesn’t obstruct communication. Microsoft Exchange and the IIS SMTP Service are both supported by ORF Fusion. The package costs $55 (£43.75) per year for a group of ten customers.

Anti-spam software of the highest quality

It can be tough to choose amongst anti-spam software suppliers because there is so much diversity. You can’t go inaccurate with a tool like N-able Mail Assure or SpamTitan if you’re unsure. Both apps are simple to use and come with whitelisting and blacklisting options to help you control what mail gets into your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spam Blocking Software

Is it necessary to scan outbound emails?

Outgoing email should be scanned for 2 reasons. The first is to stem spam emails from being sent from your domain’s addresses. Because of the high level of spam, all emails sent from your domain name will be screened out as spam. This is a reputation management issue. The 2nd goal is to prevent data loss.

Is it viable for spammers to detect when you open an email?

A read receipt notification segment is available in some email systems. Nevertheless, the recipients of those systems’ email clients can deny the delivery of email opening confirmations, but other systems, such as Gmail, only authorise read receipt notifications between email addresses within their domain. A tracking pixel in the email is a more common notification approach. The pixel loads from its home server when the receiver opens the email, triggering a record that the email was opened. By establishing a ban on graphics loaded in emails, recipients can avoid receiving this notification.

Can I lean anti-spam software businesses with my private emails?

Anti-spam software is typically utilised as a filter. They don’t stow emails on their own servers, so your privacy isn’t jeopardised. End-to-end encryption assures that no proxy service can see the contents of important emails.

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