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Best Minecraft Server Hosting? Apex Hosting Review 2021

apex hosting

This is a thorough review of Apex Hosting with features, pricing, pros, cons, and contrast with other Minecraft Hosting Platforms: In this article, we will take a comprehensive analysis of the many features offered by Apex Hosting, comprehend whether the price bundles that the platform deals with are reasonable.

Read this total guide and feature-wise comparison with other platforms to know if Apex Server Hosting is the best Minecraft Server Hosting? Peak Minecraft Hosting stands with other competitors in the market. This tutorial will assist you to ultimately select whether Apex hosting deserves your money.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting? Apex Hosting Review 2021

In this article, you can know about apex hosting here are the details below;

What You Will Learn: [program] Apex Hosting Review

A Minecraft server host is essentially a business that serves as a host or shops your Minecraft game for you and your fellows players. If you decide to have your own Minecraft server, it is important to settle on one you can rely on and rely upon for a smooth video gaming experience.

Benefits of having your own Minecraft Server:

  1. – You get the liberty to decide what Minecraft mods to install and what to skip.
  2. – Build your small community or players with your closest buddies and family members.
  3. – With your server, you only need to stress over rules that will affect your neighborhood.
  4. – Your Minecraft server can be a terrific teaching tool to shape young minds about decision-making and behavioral elements.
  5. – You can monetize your Minecraft servers with in-game advertising and establishing web stores.

Apex server hosting is rapidly climbing up the ranks to take the title of the most powerful Minecraft hosting server offered in the market today with a myriad of options to pick from. Apex hosting, thanks to their consistent offering of discount rates and special offers, you can take pleasure in a devoted user base of around 100,000 worldwide.

It provides users with a domain and hosting server powered by a pragmatic cPanel type Multicraft tool feature that guarantees your website’s practical management and a smoother gaming experience. You can also check broken registry items.

It also provides Minecraft servers across majors locations like South America, North-America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Today the platform serves as a hosting platform for gamers originating from 70 countries worldwide.

FAQs About Minecraft Server Hosting

Q # 1) Is Minecraft release?

Answer: No, Minecraft is a Microsoft accredited video game whose expense differs depending on the platform version you choose. The Windows version currently costs arounds $29.99, whereas the PS4 variation costs around $19.99.

Q # 2) Is Apex Hosting free?

Response: No, it charges user’s with a quantity relying on the plan they choose to buy. The price begins at $3.99. They do, however, provide an initial 25% off as a discount rate upon signing up.

Q # 3) What are the minimum requirements to host a Minecraft Server?

Answer: Your requirements will rely on the number of players on the server. The greater the number, the largers will be the recommended RAM size. For instances, if there are ten players, then 1GB of RAM is recommended.

Minimum RequirementRecommended

1 GB Ram2 GB RAM

1 CPU Core2 CPU Core

Apex Hosting Features

# 1) Domain Names

It is incredibly important to decide on the domain when deciding on a Minecraft hosting server. The domain you obtain from Apex Server Hosting does have an area code about the location you remain in. The domain name makes it very simple for your site to be easily identifiable as the area code will be followed by the domain apexmc—co label.

It will end up beings your server’s face, hence helping you attract more gamers and increase your community.

# 2) User Interface

Without a detailed user interface, hosting a Minecraft server ends up being almost impossible. If a user interface is puzzling to navigate, users will abandon it and start looking for options. Thankfully, you do not need to worry about that with Apex Hosting. It offers an effective website, mainly because of its Multicraft tool feature.

This tool provides a function that resembles cPanel and thus permits smooth management of the interface. Its versatility and overall austere nature make the platform compatible with almost all applications and mods offered in the market.

# 3) Database

Having a good database is important to running a smooth Minecraft hosting site. Both the management and hosting of this video game will enter into mayhem if the available database isn’t substantial enough. Luckily, Apex server hosting offers simply what users require in regards to databases.

The Hosting supplier gives users access to a robust database system considering that it currently has the MySQL system for a referral. This certified reasonable database system is renowned worldwide as one of the most trustworthy open-source databases in the world. Depending on the package you select, you have the choice to go for memory as high as 4GB with Apex Hosting.

# 4) Storage

Like databases, you likewise gets the option to choose from different storage capacities, depending on the quantity you’re prepared to pay. You get to select in between server areas varying from 1GB to 4GB.

The server area you pick will ultimately choose the level of service you get and identify other elements such as the variety of players and the server’s capability. So if you want to get the maximum out of this platform, we suggest you go for the highest price package.

# 5) Security

Security is a significant issues when hosting your own Minecraft server as it requires an additional effort to protect the privacy of gamers and their information. Without proper security procedures in place, you can not wish to grow your video gaming neighborhood.

Apex Hosting’s networks are well secured from both small and large-scalelarge-scale DDoS attacks, hence ensuring safety to players. It looks afters this and provides security procedures like SSL certificates to ensure ideal information security and privacy.

We recommend you choose the greatest price bundle if security is your primary issue, as you will have the ability to produce a server without having to fret about it continuously.

# 6) Customer Support

Apex Hosting’s 24/7 client support is possibly its greatest reward to their clients. The customer supports group is well arranged with 24 hours live chat. So you can connect with their technical team if you are dealing with any concerns with your video gaming experience at any time of the day.

We discovered the service phenomenally excellent. There are no long-haul times, and the problems raised are dealt with in time, so you can get back to video gaming.

Pinnacle: Pros And Cons

Advantages of Apex Hosting

Apex Server Hosting Pricing.

The pricing plans that Apex Hosting deals with depend entirely on how much RAM you will need for your server. This can be a cause of confusion among users. Nevertheless, Apex Server Hosting does provide direction to select the most suitable rates package for you. It is essential to note that if you are preparing to install any additional plugins or Mods, you will need more RAM than expected. You can also check another post like textsheet alternatives.

Also, you can get a 5% discount by taking a 3-month package or a 10% discount rate if spent on a yearly package.

Apex Hosting Installation.

Setup of Apex Hosting is devoid of any unneeded tasks that you will discover on other platforms. It uses an automatic and instant setup benefit. Normally, hosts can take hours to get the activation up and running, and With Apex Server Hosting, it is only a matter of seconds before you have your own concrete Minecraft hosting server.

The setup procedure is as follows.

  1. Pick the Plan.
  2. Provide your individual information.
  3. Pick the payment approach to make the payment.
  4. Once paid, your account will be activated, and you can start tailoring your site.

As we have pointed out before, customization is simple, thanks to the Multicraft tool offered by the hosting platform.

Apex Hosting Vs Other Minecraft Hosting Platforms.

Apex Vs Hostinger.

Hostinger is thought to be among the most popular hosting platforms and is normally the most favored hosting platform for users when it concerns Minecraft hosting servers. Unlike Apex, Hostinger does offer a dedicated VPS server to users. Thus users are rewarded with dedicated resources they will require to host Minecraft.

Although Apex Hosting is fairly less expensive, Hostinger simply provides a much effective server for the rate it demands from its users. Nevertheless, Apex Server Hosting does offer frugal clients numerous cost-effective choices that Hostinger merely does not.

Apart from the above, both Apex Hosting and Hostingers have easy setup, extensive user interface, and a robust consumer support group to boast.

Apex Vs Shockbyte.

Shockbyte is an Australian company thats has been making waves in the business by renting out video gaming servers, one of that includes Minecraft.

The key location where Shockbyte beats Apex Server Hosting is in the rates package it offers. For a reasonably less expensive rate, Shockbyte provides a server that can enable up to 20 players on a 1 GB RAM capacity. Apart from that, both Apex and Shockbyte use basically comparable features to their clients.

Why Choose Apex Server Hosting.

With a regularly running uptime and a range of advanced tools at hand, Apex Hosting is among the most convenient, if not the very best, Minecraft hosting service providers offered in the market. With 100,000 user’s and counting, you can feel confident understanding the platform has influence behind it to label it reputable.

There are multiple pricing options to pick from, accommodating clients with different preferences and spending plans. It is also very simple to set up and very practical to manage and operate, thanks in large part to its Multicraft tool function. You can also check another post like best gaming laptops.

The truth that this platform does not provide a devoted VPS server may bum some people out and present a problem if your server does grow larger. Nevertheless, for those who can shrug over this apparent downside and look for nothing but a basic and smooth Minecraft hosting experience, Apex Hosting provides in spades.


Apex Hosting came lates in the game but made up for that by offering practical functions at unparalleled rates in the market. Its user interface is easy yet attractive, and it offers enough storage. Apex also uses a dynamic database to host your Minecraft server and is exceptionally secure to utilize.

With a regularly running up-time, the platform has our highest suggestion. If it presents a couple of more features and continues to progress, then it will be safe for us to presume that Apex hosting will control the Minecraft Hosting area quickly.