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How You Can Download Audible Escape Audiobooks To PC

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This post defines us as an audible escape. In June 2019, Audible renamed Audible Love Plan as a more neutral name Audible Escape. It’s a genuine unlimited audiobooks subscription that allows you to access over 18,000 romance audiobooks with unlimited listening.

How You Can Download Audible Escape Audiobooks To PC

In this article, you can know about audible escape here are the details below;

Audible is no longer offering Audible Escape because of November 1st, 2020. If you have downloaded the Audible Escape audiobook titles in your library formerly, they vanish now. Please read the introduction of Audible Subscription Plans: Audible Plus vs Premium Plus for today’s Audible membership plans. You can also check over other article torrent sites for audiobooks.

In case that your bought Audible books vanish from your library once again, it’s extremely recommended to back up all your the Audible books in time.

About Audible Escape Membership:

  • – You can obtain up to the audiobooks at a time. However, you can listen to those ten in a day and returns them whenever you like to exchange for another 10. It’s hassle-free.
  • – First month complimentary for brand-new Audible Escape subscribers. After one month, it costs $12.95 per-month. If you are a Kindle Unlimited or the Audible member, it costs only $6.95 each month.
  • – You can cancel the subscription anytimes with no commitments.

To listen to the Audible Escape audiobooks, you can just utilize the Audible Cloud Gamer in the browser. However, you will find it’ll be very bothersome, and you may question how to get the Audible Escape books downloaded to your Window’s/Mac computer system. Don’t worry, and you’ll get the answer you desire in this post. If you are working to find ways to download Audible books on the computer, please read the Full Guide on How to Download the Audible Books to Computer. Also, check another article’s best audio editor software.

  • – On Windows 8/10 computer, directly utilize the Audible app to download Audible Escape audiobooks.
  • – On Mac/Window’s 7, download Audible Escape audiobooks to the Phone initially and after that transfer.

Preparation: Include Audible Escape Audiobooks to Library

Action 1. Go to the web page of Audible Escape and sign in with your Amazon account.

Action 2. Search or search for an audiobook you wish to listen to.

Action 3. Tap Contribute To Library for $0.00.

How to Download the Audible Escape to Windows 8/10

After you’ve included the audiobooks in your Audible library, you’ll discover that you can not download Audible Escape books from the site given that there is not a “Download” choice for such books like other Audible books.

But regardless of all that, you can still download such titles to your PC through the Audible app.

Keep in mind: Given that the Audible app now is not accessible to Mac OS or Windows 7, there is no direct method to download Audible Escape audiobooks to Mac/Windows 7. So here, the following guide works for only Android/iOS users and Windows 10/8 users. Avoid how to download the Audible Escape audiobooks to Mac/Windows 7.

Action 1. Download the Audible application for Windows on Microsoft Shop.

Action 2. Run the Audible application and sign in with your account. From the library, you can see all of the Audible Escape books you have added. Simply right-click on the book and select “Download” to download the Audible Escape audiobooks.

Action 3. When Audible Escape audiobooks have been downloaded, go to settings > Downloads– > click “Open Download area in File Explorer” to find the downloaded Audible Escape books.

By default, the downloaded audiobooks will be conserved here in AAX format:

C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Bundles \ AudibleInc.AudibleforWindowsPhone _ xns73kv1ymhp2 \ LocalState \ Material.

How to Download the Audible Escape to Mac/Windows 7.

As I have explained earlier, there is none chance for us to download Audible Escape audiobooks from the website directly or set up the Audible app on Mac/Windows 7 computer system. However, we can indirectly achieve this goal by downloading the audiobooks to the smart phone first and then moving the files to Mac/Window’s 7.

1 First, download the Audible Escape Audiobooks to the Phone.

Action 1. Open the Audible application on your phone and sign in with your Amazon account.

Action 2. Tap My Library in the leading left corner, and after that, tap Cloud.

Action 3. You could see all of the Audible Escape audiobooks you have already added to your library on the Cloud tab. Tap the Download icon to download the Escape audiobooks to your mobile devices

2Then, transfer the Audible Escape Audiobooks to Mac/Windows 7.

Action 1. Connect your mobile phone to your Mac/Windows 7 computer system with a USB cable television.

Action 2. Discover the area where your audiobooks are kept on the Phone. Normally they are saved here.

This PC \ Your Android gadget name \ Internal storage \ Android \ information \ com.audible. Application \ files.

If you have to upgrade your Audible app to the most recent released variation, the Audible audiobooks will be conserved in AAXC format. However, if you still keep the older version for the Audible app, the files will be conserved in the AAX/AA format.

Action 3. Then just drag and drop these audiobooks to the folders on your Mac/Windows 7.

Now you have actually got all the downloaded Audible Escape audiobooks on your Windows/Mac computer. The left work you should do is to select an Audible Gamer on PC/Mac to listen to your Audible Escape audiobooks. Also review games like overwatch.

Bonus Tips.

An epubor Audible Converter is an effective tool that can get rid of Audible DRM and transform Audible AAX to MP3 with 100% original quality protected. If you wish to listen to your Audible books on any gadget as you like or shares some of them with your friends, you should never miss this tool. Simply download it totally free to give it a try.



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