15 Best Auditing Software In New Zealand

best auditing software

This post will explain best auditing software. Business fraud is more common than we realise, and it isn’t limited to well-known companies like Enron and Volkswagen. Small firms are involved in the majority of these fraud-related instances. As a result, SMBs are bolstering their internal controls, which include audit and compliance software.

We tested and reviewed 20 of the best auditing and compliance software available today in this article so you don’t have to. You can choose which ones apply to your requirements right away.

Allowing your brand and business reputation to suffer when you already have all of the necessary tools is never a good idea. All you have to do now is adopt and apply solutions like audit and compliance management software.

15 Best Auditing Software In New Zealand

In this article, you can know about best auditing software here are the details below;

External threats are less difficult to deal with. To safeguard your company’s data and website, you’ll need to install security software tailored to your needs. Internal threats, on the other hand, are significantly more difficult to deal with. This is due to the fact that, due to a variety of internal variables, even long-term employees are vulnerable to fraud.

Experts argue that a man-machine mix is the best way to combat fraud. The first is the human element, which is the need to foster an environment that promotes honesty, transparency, and healthy competition. The second component is technological, which includes implementing the appropriate audit software and security solutions.

Taking stock of your internal audit controls and creating strategies to update them will assist strengthen your security, whether you’re auditing for safety or compliance management. It will also save money by avoiding penalties for non-compliance.

You should also search for qualities that are complementary to the type of business your firm conducts. When it comes to auditing and compliance, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. With that in mind, take a look through this best software selection, and you’ll most likely find the solution your company requires.

1. ProntoForms

ProntoForms is a low-code tool and form builder for converting paper-based forms to digital forms. Even non-technical individuals may design their own apps and forms with this enterprise-grade solution.

Its drag-and-drop form builder provides bulk editing capabilities that make creating and updating forms a breeze. With powerful controls and conditional logic rules, you can quickly modify your form. In as little as a week, single-process solutions can be implemented. Users can capture and share data from the field in real time using smartphones and tablets. You have data-driven insights on how to improve operational performance thanks to reporting and analytics. Also check anti spam software

This cloud-based software primarily aids technicians in collecting data more quickly and correctly in the field. ProntoForms can also be used to streamline regulatory compliance, health and safety inspections, and site audit workflows.

ProntoForms offers a free trial period. Low-code form builder • Input and output controls • Dispatch pre-filled forms • Offline access • Version control ProntoForms features

2. Form.com

Form.com is a comprehensive auditing platform that provides businesses with the scalability and flexibility they need to collect mission-critical data and the business forms they need to do it. It also has powerful automation and customization features for streamlining and improving a variety of workflows and tasks.

This multi-award-winning audit software is a feature-rich solution that any firm will require. It, for example, allows teams to collaborate seamlessly from the field to the office and provides an integrated inspection solution. Its dynamic forms, however, improve audit efficiency and speed while maintaining a single version of the truth.

Furthermore, this integrated solution includes ready-to-use audit and inspection modules for a variety of industries. It also has features that make data collecting, management, and reporting easier. And once you’ve installed Form.com, it’ll easily blend in with your existing infrastructure.

Key Features of Form.com • Integrated audit platform • Process audit and checklists • Offline forms with mobile capability • Highly versatile, may be used in any industry

3. Cygna Auditor

Because of its powerful auditing and inspection capabilities, advanced reporting and analytics, and smart business management tools, Cygna Auditor (previously Knowledge Vault) is a top choice for auditing software. This cloud-based auditing system includes a wide range of tools and functionalities, such as auditing and analysis, as well as industry and legal compliance. This is another Auditing Software.

Inspection, discovery, reporting, and administration functions are all sophisticated and cost-effective with this solution. IT managers and cloud administrators can use these capabilities to protect and optimise cloud-based productivity suites.

Finally, it optimises licencing management and service utilisation in order to help businesses save money. It can also help with policy administration, reporting, and analytics.

Control and manage Exchange 365 migration projects with Cygna Auditor. Optimize service use and licencing management with Cygna Auditor. Tighten security with proactive insights into permission and other security-related changes and activities with Cygna Auditor.

4. Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is another auditing programme that has received good marks from both our experts and users. It’s primarily intended for usage by IT auditors and programme managers. This user-friendly and simple-to-configure auditing software also aids firms in conducting audits to ensure adherence to internal protocols and regulations. As a result, this aids in the protection of company data and access control.

It also functions as IT security software, allowing users to quickly identify security threats and vulnerabilities to business data and IT systems. It also makes compliance documentation easily accessible, allowing you to quickly assess how well your system adheres to internal and external security laws and requirements.

This auditing solution, which can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud-based IT system, can easily track data access and generate reports on any changes made by users or staff in an IT network.

5. iAuditor

IAuditor is a popular construction auditing software platform that is designed to assist project teams in conducting and managing safety audits and quality inspections. The technology essentially digitises safety audits and site inspections in order to create more flexible approaches to safety and operational auditing. This is another Auditing Software.

It may also be used to create checklists and reports immediately from any device, particularly mobile devices on job sites. iAuditor, which comes with a variety of audit and business tools, allows auditors and inspectors to complete their work more easily and conveniently using their mobile device, without the stress and demands that come with on-site inspections. It can also be utilised without or with an internet connection.


Intelex is one of the most widely used audit and EHSQ management products on the market today, with over 1.6 million users worldwide. This dependable and adaptable internet platform aids firms in establishing a centralised data storage, access, and management system.

Meanwhile, Intelex provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for audit management, root cause analysis, compliance management, risk assessment, analytics, and reporting, among other things. This highly customised solution can be accessed and collaborated on from any browser and device, allowing for quick access and cooperation with team members in different places.

7. Asset Panda

This is another Auditing Software. Asset Panda is a simple-to-use asset management and auditing solution for enterprises of all sizes. This cloud-based business suite, which is both affordable and flexible, aids facility managers in carrying out their main responsibilities, such as asset monitoring and safety and compliance. It also includes a powerful maintenance management solution for duties linked to maintenance. Also check mobile app development software

This audit solution is also tailored for usage on any device, allowing for real-time cooperation between work teams in the office and in the field. Furthermore, an unlimited number of people can use it to support unrestricted task and project completion.

8. MasterControl Audit

MasterControl Audit is a digital audit management platform for companies in the health sciences and other industries. This platform is part of a larger set of tools for managing quality and compliance. In essence, this solution is intended to assist these firms in conducting audit operations in an effective and consistent manner.

It also aids regulatory agencies in achieving significant resource and time savings through intuitive planning and scheduling of organisational assets, thanks to a drag-and-drop calendar. It also generates and approves audit reports automatically.

Key • Increased visibility over whole quality management systems • Controlled response collecting • Powerful reporting functionalities • MasterControl Audit Features

9. Gensuite

Gensuite is a cloud-based auditing and compliance solution that enables businesses to more easily manage their audit, compliance, and operational operations, particularly in the area of EHS compliance. This platform helps firms to successfully carry out risk and audit management duties in order to achieve compliance thanks to its straightforward audit and inspection capabilities. This is another Auditing Software

With over half a million customers globally, Gensuite offers smart, integrated apps that can be swiftly designed and deployed, focusing on long-term innovation, high-quality support, and a positive return on investment.

Features of the Gensuite


Raken is a construction management system that employs cutting-edge mobile technologies to make auditing, monitoring, and reporting chores easier. Its “digital toolbox” virtually connects offices with field employees by allowing for seamless field reporting capabilities that include project insights, time cards, daily reports, and more.

Raken, in effect, enables construction organisations to expedite time-consuming auditing and report-generation operations, giving stakeholders more time to focus on project completion and other more vital activities.

11.Onspring Audit Software

Onspring Audit Software is a cloud-based internal audit management software that assists firms in developing strategic planning, increasing efficiency, and empowering internal audit teams to achieve better results. This platform is intended to improve company-wide audit activity control, transparency, and team effectiveness.

Businesses can use this audit solution to match critical business objectives and risks with audit processes. It can also generate audit documentation in a variety of forms and create accountability for better issue resolution.

12. Jolt

This is another Auditing Software. Jolt is a comprehensive auditing and compliance enterprise suite that seamlessly combines workflows, forms, checklists, and other fundamental business operations for restaurants and similar organisations. Its automated record-keeping functions allow for real-time reporting.

Jolt’s compliance capabilities, for example, provide for efficient and consistent auditing, employee forms, and checklist balancing. This system also includes a number of operational features, such as employee scheduling, messaging, time and attendance, and an information library. Also check invoicing software

13. MoreApp Forms

App Forms is a software for auditing and creating forms that is aimed to help organisations save time and resources. Its capacity to quickly digitise all business forms enables companies to execute mission-critical tasks more quickly, such as audits, inspections, evaluations, and reports.

This system, which is available both on-premise and online, allows users to conduct internal and field audits and inspections. Data is safely sent and exchanged over SSL, giving business owners and managers piece of mind and authorising them to focus on the most important aspects of their professions.

More Keys

Features of App Forms include: • 99.99 percent average monthly uptime • API or Hooks integration with favourite apps • Supports branding needs

14. ZenGRC

ZenGRC is a business audit and compliance solution that is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and simple to use. This flexible platform, which can be deployed both on-premise and online, allows users to seamlessly integrate it into their day-to-day audit and compliance activities. This is another Auditing Software

It also helps organisations achieve improved productivity and efficiency by providing a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate dashboard. Simultaneously, it allows management to be more proactive in responding to external market movements.

Key Features of ZenGRC

15. AuditBoard

AuditBoard is an audit system designed to make all of a company’s auditing and compliance needs easier to manage. It provides a fully integrated solution for SOX accounting compliance, company audits, enterprise risk management, and much more.

Businesses may collaborate, monitor, analyse, and transmit vital enterprise controls information in real time with this powerful application.

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