5 Best Apps for Driving Directions

When it comes to traveling, there is much more excitement and spice to life. The travel destination is the most paramount option if you have an enjoyable period in your drive. You have to have a paper map alongside you if you are traveling to a new location in the old days. However, in this present era, you don’t need to carry all that stuff; there will be a direction-giving app on your phone, which will show your path towards your preference.

There are cars featuring directions on their dash. If you ever study buying a used car with the feature on it, there can be several risks involved. Getting a trusted Revs Check keeps you in safe hands from financial fraud, theft history, and write-off details. Simply, a VIN enables you to look out for the car’s history report to find if the car is a clean buy or not.

Besides, here we will list some of the best five apps to make your driving easy and fantastic.

1. Maps.me

The experts consider Maps.me to be one heck of a straightforward app that anybody could use during their journey. This means that it does not have great features and a fancy outlook or any other voice navigation system. Undoubtedly, this lacks some of the flashy features, but the content is the best one.

The Maps.me certainly has some detailed structure that governs the navigation process clearly and understandably. Moreover, if you are going out to isolated places or unknown ones, this app can be most suited. It also works in offline mode. This is great because if you are traveling in remote places or might lack some good networks, then Maps.me’s offline feature can assist you in the journey. You can have it for free in both Android and iOS systems.

2. MotionX GPS

MotionX GPS, a navigation app, is among the first ones that have been recorded. Indeed, this has some good features to look out for. You can also record speed during the drive or even take note of the maximum speed. This feature is for iOS users.

In this app, you are able to share some photos that are geologically tagged, get live altitude graphs, or even track waypoints. All these features enable you to make some great journeys anywhere in the world. For iOS users, you can get this app at around $1.99.

3. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

If you look at the past, you find that Tom-Tom very well ruled the market of navigation. In current years, TomTom seems to have faded away from the market, but if you look closely, this is not the case. The app now is TomTom-powered.

The promising features of this app are to locate the speed camera on the way—nobody on the highway likes to get busted for speeding. So, If you consistently use this app, then there are no chances that you would get caught speeding and thus would be safe. Depending on the phones you use, the prices may vary. However, due to its great features, the money you invest might be worth it.

4. Waze

The Waze app is available for both iOS and Android. Indeed, this is a beautiful app that makes your trip a good and safe adventure. Using this app will enable you to get information on the traffic. With regards to the flow of information, you will be able to monitor the traffic on the way. Indeed, the flow of information will be from the other drivers, and they occupy the small community, yet the sufficient one. This app is free to use, and most importantly, this can save you from any other difficulties you might face from police traps.

5. Version VZ Navigator

Verizon VZ Navigator is yet another app on the list for your concern. As a matter of fact, all iOS users or all the versions of any phone can have access to this navigation app. With some of the great features, many experts believe that this app could be the most favorite among some travelers. It has cool features and a navigation tool that anybody can make the most out of it.

Version VZ encompasses the most important aspects of the lives of people. Due to the advent of social media, many people at the same time connect with others and share information. So, the VZ app has an inbuilt social media app like Facebook in their system. Along with this, the traveler can also search the gas price and voice control.

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