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5 tips for finding the best LAX parking rates


Los Angeles parking is pretty hard to come by. The same holds true for LAX airport! Los Angeles International Airport or LAX is the busiest airport in California and one of the country’s busiest too. More than 80 million passengers travel through the LAX airport each year. With these numbers of passengers, it’s no wonder that LAX is pretty notorious for traffic snarls! The other problem that arises from the enormous traffic volume is that LAX often runs out of parking spaces! Finding a LAX parking spot that won’t bust the bank can be quite a pain. Keep calm and carry on parking, though! We’ve decided to let you in on some tried and tested tips and techniques to find the best LAX parking rates and save some moolah while you’re at it.

Tip 1 – Book Your LAX parking spot in advance

This is the easiest and most effective way to get cheap parking at LAX airport. For instance, LAX parking spots will be in super-high demand during holidays. More demand will drive up to LAX parking rates, making airport parking in Los Angeles a rather expensive proposition. If you need to be away from Los Angeles for a few days, the best thing to do will be to book your LAX parking spot as soon as you’ve booked your plane tickets. Most of the lots that offer parking near LAX have bulk booking offers and advance booking discounts that’ll help you save money if you book early enough.

Tip 2- Parking at LAX airport will be costlier than parking near LAX

The rule of thumb is that the closer your parking lot is to the LAX Airport, the more you’ll end up paying. This is why parking at LAX airport is way more expensive than parking near LAX. Parking at LAX Central Terminal Area, for instance, offers easy access to the airport terminals but will set you back by $40 a day! Since most offsite airport parking lots will provide you with free shuttle bus transport to and from LAX, you don’t need to park right next to the airport to save time. Parking a little away will actually help you avoid the usual crowds and congestion near the official lots.

Tip 5 – Offsite parking is cheaper

This is true for both LAX long-term parking and LAX short-term parking. Offsite parking at LAX airport is usually provided a little further away from the airport and, hence, cheaper. For instance – the cheapest onsite long-term LAX parking, which is available at the Economy Garage, will cost you a neat $12/day! LAX Central Terminal Area Parking will cost you a whopping $40/day. Compare this with the offsite lots that offer pretty much the same parking facilities plus a free LAX airport shuttle for around $7/day!

Here are the facts – LAX parking lots can get quite crowded and run out of spots during peak times. Furthermore, airport parking in Los Angeles usually offers much more limited parking options and amenities. Offsite LAX parking lots, on the other hand, have more parking spaces and are much less crowded. This means you won’t end up waiting for eons in a queue either before or after landing. Some offsite LAX parking lots offer valet parking, a very convenient option, especially if you are in a hurry. If you choose LAX valet parking, you can drive up, grab your luggage, leave your car with the valet, and proceed directly towards the terminal. Several offsite airport parking lots also offer add-on services or like car washing and car detailing so that you can come back to a spotless car on landing. Most offsite LAX parking lots have 24/7 camera surveillance, gated entry, secure fencing, and security personnel guarding the lot at all times.

Tip 4- Research before you book

Spend some researching your LAX parking options, whether it’s LAX short-term parking or LAX long-term parking. Compare the rates offered by various lots, their distance from the Los Angeles Airport, and if they provide shuttle service to LAX. You should also make it a point to check out discounts, seasonal offers, and amenities/services offered by various online airport parking providers. Don’t forget – LAX parking rates vary according to season and demand. The easiest way to have all these details at your fingertips is through websites like Way.com. You can also see all the ongoing promos, deals, as well as the number of parking spaces available at each parking lot near LAX. The site offers some pretty sweet deals on Los Angeles hourly parking too.

Tip 5- Look for hotels that offer parking near LAX

Parking near LAX can be quite cost-effective if you choose to park at hotels near the airport. Several LAX airport hotels will allow you to park in their lots, even without a hotel booking. Hotel parking lots are usually well-maintained, secure, and have free airport shuttles (some even run 24 hours a day). You also have the option to bundle an overnight stay with extended LAX long-term parking. This can be quite convenient if you live a bit far from the airport and your flight leaves in the early hours of the morning or arrives very late at night. You can find plenty of hotels that offer airport parking in Los Angeles on the Way.com website.

Some more LAX parking tips

  • Run a quick Google search for LAX parking coupons. You can also check coupon sites like Groupon for discounts and deals. This is an excellent way to save money on Los Angeles parking – both at the airport and in the city.
  • If you’re driving down to the airport on a motorcycle, you can park it for free motorcycle parking at LAX airport in the Central Terminal Parking Garages.
  • Read up all that you can about LAX airport and parking options to be well acquainted with what you need to know about parking at LAX Airport.
  • Free street parking in Los Angeles is hard to come by. Resist the temptation to park on the road near the LAX – you’ll probably come back to see an annoying Los Angeles parking ticket tucked under your wipers!



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