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Artificial Intelligence in Automobiles for the Future


The automotive industry is changing at an accelerating pace. Many technologies are introduced in this industry that was just a dream in the last decade. The automotive industry has come a long way especially in this decade and IT partners of auto manufacturers are working continuously to revolutionize the industry.

Innovations in the automation industry, safety concerns, and safety features dominate the list especially in 2020. From automatic parking to advance seat belts, there is much to mention. And, in this blog, we will mention the great inventions and technological breakthroughs that are dominating this industry recently.

Top 10 Modern car technologies

Here is the list of top 10 advanced car technologies. Also, you can buy or rent vehicles with the latest features in Dubai as it is the most tech-savvy city. But, if you are traveling in Dubai, we recommend you to Rent A Car Dubai with the latest features to enjoy a great trip.

Drive recorder technology

Many car companies like BMW have launched drive recorder features that use cameras to record the footage from different dimensions. The users can use the saved video if needed later. In case of collision, the after and before video clip of 20 seconds is recorded automatically. So, it will be a lot easier to claim your car insurance if needed.

Electric cars technology

Electric cars are the best invention so far as they are also environmentally-friendly. These cars have gained a lot of popularity right after their launch around the world. Many car brands are trying to introduce high-powered electric cars that will be the best alternative to fuel cars. The standout feature about these cars is an in-built battery that can be charged at home or any outer outlet.

Lane assisting technology

It is one of the most modern technologies that is integrated inside the cars. Lane assisting is helpful for both young and old drivers to keep the car in the lane. This feature will come in handy for long and late-night driving to keep the car in the lane. It is one of the best security and safety features and it works with the help of software that keeps the car in the center while driving.

Center Side Airbag Technology

To provide passive security the center side airbag technology is introduced by Hyundai. As a driver, you may know that the injuries are not caused by a collision but by the interaction of car and driver. So, the center sidecar is introduced that expands itself into the space between driver and side passenger to reduce head injuries in case of accidents.

Automated Parking

Many drivers have difficulty parking their cars in the right way, especially for the new and old drivers. And that’s where automatic parking comes in handy. It was started back in 2006 by Lexus and in 2020 it is the most wanted technology. It is the technology that helps drivers to park their cars automatically without driver help. Many car manufacturers are trying to add this feature to all their new cars.

Keyless Car Technology

Most of the new cars are coming with electric key fobs and soon there will be no need for keys at all. This technology allows you to unlock your car from quite a distance so you can get in immediately.

Driver Monitoring

This is one of the best features for making sure about the safety of the driver and vehicle. These features will read the driver’s behavior and make them attentive during the long driving journeys. In the future, this technology will be more enhanced as it will read if the driver is tired or sleepy. Future cars will be able to take control of the vehicle whenever needed.

Voice Recognition Technology

The voice recognition technology reduced the use of mobile phones while driving as it is the cause of many accidents. This technology was seen in the fictional movie but it’s not a dream anymore. The driver can easily provide voice commands to make the calls, receive calls, or read the text messages.

Advanced Navigation Technology

Modern navigation is also one of the advanced technologies that are available in almost all cars nowadays. You can easily drive anywhere by adding the location in your car GPS with a simple touch. The modern systems also provide you the exact readings of the directions. Along with that, you can also download the traffic information and update yourself on the real-time news of accidents nearby. The navigation technology provides the proper instructions to reach your destination.

Modern Rearview Mirror Technology


This technology is recently introduced by Range Rover and it offers a clear and HD view at just a push of a button. It displays the live footage by using a rear-facing camera that is mounted on top of the car.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed some of the modern car technologies. Well, it’s not over yet, as there is a lot more to come in the next decade. We hope to witness self-driving cars in the upcoming five years. This is quite a fancy idea though as the cars will be driving themselves without the assistance of human drivers. Just wait and watch until these kinds of technologies are just not the dream anymore. Also, if you are looking for Monthly Car Rental Dubai companies, we recommend you to choose RentalcarsUAE for affordable and professional services.



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