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Do You Believe Tesla is the Car of the Future? Here’s 4 Reasons Why

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) hit an all-time high this week closing almost at $1,400. Looking back at the roots of Elon Musk’s automobile company, it’s safe to say that these cars are changing the tech, battery, and automobile industry. Here’s 4 reasons why Tesla is the car of the future and why these features are revolutionary.

Tesla’s Self-Driving Technology

Yes, we all know a Tesla can drive itself. But do you realize how good the technology is? If you ever get a chance to ride in one or test-drive one, you’ll be surprised at the leaps and bounds technology has made. Tesla’s vehicles can drive on highways, roads, make lane changes, pull up to curbs, and recognize stop signs and light intersections. Similar to a smart phone, the cars are constantly updating and downloading new updates from map providers.

While you can’t drive without a hand on the steering wheel (the government and Tesla aren’t quite ready to make that transition) the car is incredibly safe and intuitive on autopilot. This improvement in cars is something that may change the fatality rate as there’s less and less accidents. Dr. Robert Karsch of AICA Orthopedics recognized Tesla’s advancements saying, “We see thousands of car accident injuries every year and these cars will change the narrative for future generations”.

Long-Range for Multiple Trips

One thing that holds people back from plunging into electric vehicles is how far previous electric vehicles have been able to go. The perk of not needing gas is the money that drivers could be saving. A con was that these cars couldn’t go very far without needing a charge.

Tesla vehicles (depending on which model you look at) can go anywhere from 200 to 400 miles per charge! This is a gamechanger, especially with more and more charging stations being added across the country.

Did We Mention Safety?

Obviously, the cars can self-drive and are really good at keeping you safe…but do you realize how safe they are?

Tesla recently achieved the “lowest overall probability of injury” for a car tested by multiple entities, car assessment programs, and more. This is due to the multiple cameras, software, and the way the car is built that all factor into how safe it is. For one, the glass roofs seem dangerous at first glance, but evidence suggests that these are stronger than normal plastic and metal in the car industry.

Cameras and sensors are there to only protect you inside the vehicle, but those around you. The car is constantly monitoring for pedestrians and is calculating moving objects coming near it at all times. Doctors have already commented on the reduction in injuries and deaths from these cars, but what about other incidents? Think about children that are accidentally run over each year. Tesla is looking out for kids. Or what about those dealing with alcohol addiction and driving drunk at the wheel? All these accidents can be diminished. Tesla is prioritizing safety for everyone.

Did you know that nearly 3.200 people die in car accidents every day all over the world? That’s about 1.25 million people each year. In the US, car accidents can put a financial burden of approximately $500 billion every 12 months!

Obviously, no one wants to be involved in a car accident and hopefully, you’ll never have this experience. But in the unfortunate case of a car accident, what should the owner do with a totaled car? Is there a safe and efficient way of disposing of wrecked vehicles?

Fun And Easter Eggs

The best part about driving a Tesla is how fun it can be. For one, it reacts different than a vehicle with an engine run on gas. The acceleration is far different as is the braking. Tesla offers a ludicrous add-on that can make the car go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. These vehicles are priced reasonably well, are fun to drive, and are smarter than any other car out on the market.

Tesla also has a bunch of hidden ‘easter eggs’ in their cars. From whoopie cushions for passengers, entertainment consoles, sleek audio systems, and many other amazing features, the fact is that Tesla cars are amazing and they’re continually downloading new updates and getting better. Does your car do that?

Time Will Tell When Tesla Takes Over the World

Much like the iPhone, it may be some time before Tesla cars take over the industry. In any business, you have the early adopters, the middle adopters, and the laggards. Tesla vehicles are extraordinary, smart, fairly priced, and fun to drive. It would be wise to keep your eye on this tech company and consider investing now if you can!

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