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How Parking Apps Have Changed The Game

Many parking issues started with having automobiles but no infrastructure to actually park them. There is a lack of adequate parking even with the requisite car parks, and spaces. In the UK, most of the workforce uses their personal cars to move around. With this, there comes the issue of convenient and secure parking for vehicles. Unfortunately, finding the correct parking space has become a significant challenge with the high number of cars already out on the roads.

Thankfully, the constant innovations in technology have brought the world closer. Finding suitable parking is now possible with the use of your smartphone. Apps like YourParkingSpace are excellent for securing a safe parking space for your car. They are economical and offer various types of parking spaces, such as commercial spaces, driveways and garages, with particular consideration of individual requirements.

Let us look at how parking apps have changed the game for patrons all over.

Mobile Parking Apps Help Save Money:

According to data from Sensor Tower, there were more than 3.4 million apps available for download in 2018, with a 65% increase from 2014. Since more users have shifted to using their smartphones for mobile payments, bookings, reservations, and more. Mobile parking apps have also evolved to ensure that the ease of use has facilitated more excellent conversion

The technology is excellent for private parking spaces like garages, pre-owned spaces, and more. It also works according to the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable real-time tracking of available parking spaces. The apps update this availability per request and ensure that patrons get safe and secure parking spaces at cheap rates.

The constant availability and revenue sharing models ensure that the overall cost of parking is much lesser than municipal parking in urban areas and meters. Mobile payment options for parking spaces does not equate directly to only on-street parking; it also includes private spaces owned by residents and homeowners. This mobile payment technology ensures no long lines, infrastructure costs, and other large overheads that can increase expenses. Since there are no sign-up costs for patrons and parking space owners, no software expenses, and no hardware costs, the parking spaces can be readily available for use in as little as a few weeks.

How They Work:

As with the advancement of technology, convenience is the key. Most smart technologies place great importance on convenience and user experience. Mobile parking apps are easy to download, install, and use. Patrons and users have to sign up, fill in details, and easily make payments for bookings to reserve preferred parking spaces. These spaces are also offered on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Many daily office workers prefer taking a monthly booking for their cars since it saves them a lot of money and ensures that the space is available for their personal use.

Booking a parking space early also ensures that you will not have to roam around searching for a space for your car. Many of the mobile parking apps also have special considerations for unique vehicles, drivers with special needs, and more. Depending upon the uniqueness of the spot and the availability, the convenience of the space can be decided. In case patrons wish to change to another area, they can avail themselves of the benefit too.

Mobile parking apps, like YourParkingSpace, are extremely popular among owners of private parking garages and car parks too. Since the parking space is free, they can easily earn additional income on the side – a passive source of steady income. Parking spaces that are closer to hospitals, shopping centres, commercial districts, office spaces, and gardens are usually in high demand at all times.

Win-Win For Everyone:

Mobile parking apps have the potential to create notable benefits for everyone since they help get cars off the roads and into affordable, exclusive parking. Doing this also decreases time spent searching for parking spaces, a marginal dip in overspeeding and road rage, and less anger and frustration for drivers. Most drivers have intense anxiety about getting a good parking space, leading to health complications and even accidents on the road.

By using a mobile parking app, the game changes for everyone since drivers can find adequate parking as per their requirements, and owners can lease out available parking to earn additional passive income at the side. Owners also get to cut their long term costs, maintenance, and other expenses related to their parking spaces and garages. Improving the parking experience helps ensure that patrons will revisit the same spaces again.

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