How to Get the Most Out of Shipping Your Car

Moving a car over a long distance can feel daunting when you’re doing it on your own. Instead of driving it yourself, maybe it’s time to think about shipping your car. It’s easier and can be quite the stress relief, but then you will face a multitude of companies and brokers to choose from. When you’re new to shipping a car, knowing who’s the best is hard because you want to get the most out of shipping your vehicle, considering the expense that goes with it.

Best Prices

Getting down to brass tacks, you surely want to pay the least amount possible to get your car to your final destination. But you should also make sure whoever you choose to ship your vehicle is trustworthy. If you’ve done some research, you should know that the lowest price doesn’t always bode well. Some of the lower prices are from carriers that aren’t properly certified.

On the contrary, the best prices are usually midrange prices. The companies in this range tend to be certified and have a proven track record. Sherpa Auto Transport is one of the best when it comes to pricing combined with a stellar history. Their quotes are also guaranteed.

Best Discounts

Discounts are another way to drive the price of shipping your car down, so you don’t want to miss out on any of them. Not all companies have the same discounts, so you’ll need to ask about what each company has available. Certain companies also allow you to stack discounts if you qualify for more than one, but you won’t know unless you ask.

When it comes to finding the best discounts, Amerifreight typically takes that category. There is a discount for almost everyone, from first responders and military to senior citizens and students. If you’re shipping multiple vehicles, you can also get a discount. As a bonus, you can combine the Early Bird discount with one other discount. The Early Bird applies if you accept the quote and sign the contract within the first 48 hours. Read through Amerifreight reviews for more feedback on their shipping

Best Availability and Reliability

Getting your car to its destination is no small task. You want to make sure your car shipping company is available when you need them and reliable in getting the car there. There may be a trade-off here, though, because sometimes, the companies that take the best care of your car can take a little longer to get to your destination. If delivery speed is essential to you, ask about the length of time for transportation to help you decide.

One of the best for availability and reliability is Montway Auto Transport. The company’s network spans the entire country, and it ships the most cars of any other company out there. The downside of Montway includes a lack of GPS tracking, so you may want to install a tracker on your vehicle if you want to be able to track its path.

Best Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage varies between shipping companies. They are all required by law to have a minimum insurance policy, but some companies offer more bang for your buck. Some even offer a lower deductible or even a $0 deductible with the purchase of extra coverage. For classic cars or high-end vehicles, getting a higher amount of coverage is critical to make sure you’ve got things covered if damages happen.

Some companies, like Ship a Car Direct, offer an amount toward your deductible. Certain brokers also provide extra coverage that double the coverage you normally receive from a car shipping company. You’ll want to ask about the coverage and available options from the companies as you contact them to find the best insurance coverage for your needs.

 Best Overall

The best company for you can be subjective to what you need. Ideally, you want a company that doesn’t make you choose between a good price and delivery speed. Plenty of positive reviews are also helpful in making a decision, so compare as you shop around.

One of the best overall is Easy Auto Ship. It’s a newer company without the same track record as a company like Amerifreight, but if you take the time to check out Easy Auto Ship reviews, you’ll see lots of positive feedback. Customers love the low prices combined with fast deliveries. Easy Auto Ship also has excellent customer service.

The Bottom Line

Getting the most out of shipping your cars is the best approach for your vehicle, wallet, and plans. Remember that getting the best prices doesn’t always mean getting the lowest prices. Don’t forget to ask about discounts, too, as you search for the best rates for your car shipping needs. Review best availability and reliability for what you need. Even if it takes a little longer, there’s a reason for saying that slow and steady wins the race. If you’re shipping a classic, high-end, or antique car, you want to go for the company that has the best insurance coverage.

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