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How To Remove GPS Tracker From Car (5 Easy Steps)

The installation of GPS tracking devices in physical assets is a straightforward and easy-to-use solution to keep track of the assets. This can be used effectively in tracking the location and movement of any running vehicle. It helps to reduce risk and protect the asset from misuse and theft. The GPS application is most suitable for assets that are portable or mobile. It can be installed in cars for various purposes like tracking groups of fleets, individuals,  monitoring driving performance and unsafe practices, and taking proactive actions regarding time and cost savings. But apart from that, it can also be used for personal tracking of someone’s location and movement along with the asset.

In this article, we will discuss the easy ways of removing the GPS tracking already installed in a car. There may be different reasons for the removal.

To know how to remove GPS tracker from your car using this guide, make sure to read it till the end.

5 Steps to Remove The GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker for car may be installed secretly without any clear indication or visibility, and the owner is not aware of its exact position. He may be concerned about the presence of this device and wants to remove it from the asset.

Here are 5 easy steps that a user can follow to identify, locate, and remove the tracker from the car.

Performing Visual Inspection

GPS tools are installed with the help of magnets to fix them in some hidden areas inside or outside the car. It is necessary to perform a thorough visual inspection in and around to find out its exact position. Normally these are fixed in locations that are not being checked regularly. It can be installed both inside as well as outside of the vehicle. The outdoor locations can be beneath the car, near the front and rear bumpers, or chassis. Some of the usual locations inside the car are the dashboard, the speaker compartment, behind the seats, or inside the seat cushion. The device can be located easily with careful inspection of those probable areas.

Using a GPS Tracker Detector

Another way to locate the exact position is to use a tracker detector that can receive a signal transmitted by the device installed in the vehicle. You need to purchase a suitable detector that can generate an alert as soon as its picks up the signal. As you scan the areas inside and outside the car with this detector, you will know its exact location by getting immediate alerts. One point to remember is that most GPS trackers work with motion sensors and become inactive if the automobile stops for a few minutes. So this detection will be useful only if you scan the vehicle immediately after it is parked.

Locating the Tracking Device

Many tracking devices must be connected inside the car using an OBD2 port. The position of different ODB2 ports in the vehicle may differ according to the make and model. So, it is convenient to go through the details provided by the automobile manufacturer, which gives an idea about the different positions of the said port. After checking in each of these locations, you will be able to identify the device installed in your car. Some tracking tools are designed to work using the power from the vehicle, so these are fixed through a wire-connected system that can be easily located.

 Removing The GPS Tracker

The main objective is to remove the device from the vehicle with necessary care and precaution. The portable devices can be removed easily without any major issues. But suppose it is connected through an electrical wire. It is advisable not to take any chance but consult some expert who has professional knowledge and experience in installing GPS tools. He will show you how the wires are to be cut to disconnect it from the automobile safely so that there is no electrical problem involving your car. A professional will help you safely remove the device and guide you with further information and knowledge regarding their installation and removal procedures.

 Identifying The Installer 

You may be keen to know who has installed the tracker in the vehicle and with what intention. After successfully removing the device, you can look for the identification marks that indicate the manufacturer’s name and make. It may also include a serial number. You can contact the manufacturer with the serial number to find out who had purchased it. Most companies store the data accessed by the device by creating an account linked to that particular serial number. In this way, it can be possible to get the purchaser’s details from the manufacturing company’s database.

Final Thoughts

The installation and removal of GPS tracking tools in physical assets are common nowadays. Various companies, agencies, and individuals utilize the benefit of this technology to serve their specific purposes of protecting their valuable assets and monitoring the user’s movements. Various companies provide technical support and assistance in this regard to meet the customers’ specific needs. Customers looking for GPS solutions may include fleet management companies, individual automobile owners, investigative agencies, or automobile manufacturers. The easy-to-install and user-friendly features have made these devices quite popular among many customers.