Why Increasing Driving Consciousness in the US Must be a Goal for 2020

Recent statistics of the World Health Organization regarding the global road death put the US into the top list. Every year car accidents take up to 40,000 lives of US citizens, which exceeds numbers of death from tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV. The national stats show that 12.4/100,000 people die due to the car accident annually. Why is it happening? How it influences the global auto market?

Why Connecticut?

National figures do not always show a clear picture. It is obvious, that New York and LA have a higher accident rate than Hartford or New Haven due to the higher population rate and intensified traffic. Anyway, the numbers of alcohol-caused fatalities in Connecticut are 67% higher than on the national level. Moreover, it has increased twice over the last decade.

All these facts have a clear impact on the illegal distribution of cars, which were lost after fatal accidents. Some of them are sold in other States or even Europe after proper repair, which is difficult to track. However, you can always make a ct DMV title search, which will give you a clear picture if the car has been stolen or crashed.


The main reason for such sad statistics and prospects is inadequate legislation. Back in 2010, world Heads of States agreed to make every effort by 2020 to reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from road traffic accidents. However, over five years only 17 countries in the world that need to improve road laws have brought at least one of their laws into line with best practices for seatbelts, drunk driving, speed, and motorcycle helmets or child restraints.

The US has to improve or introduce the laws which regulate:

Meanwhile, the US shares the leading positions among the states with the highest death rate alongside India, Russia, Georgia, Egypt, etc. The accident statistics are 2-3 times higher than in Europe. For instance, in Belgium 6.7 road death are confirmed for 100,000, while in France this rate is 5.1, in Germany — 4.3, in Denmark — 3,5.

What to Do?

Increasing driving consciousness in the US must be a goal for 2020. According to Eurostat, the safest roads are in Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Denmark, so probably their experience should be considered as an example.

More than 1,35 million people die in road accidents each year, but this problem does not receive even close publicity as air crashes or catastrophes at sea or railway. Many people perceive road deaths as an inevitable evil, but this is a completely wrong approach.

“A Sustainable and Safe Environment” report of the World Bank offers ideas for designing streets that are safe and convenient for all traffic participants. With the full use of eight key points, it will be possible to reduce the main risks, making life in the city safer.

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