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Why Should a Ford Be a Consideration In Indianapolis Or Worldwide?

Henry Ford founded the “American automotive corporation” -Ford Motor Company in 1903 alongside more than ten associate investors. The Ford family took over full ownership in the early 1900s, with common stock opened to the public for the first time in the late 1950s.

Ford is responsible for the manufacture of varied automobiles, including trucks, passenger cars, plus tractors, and then accessories, and auto parts. The hugely popular Model T introduction took place in 1908, which ultimately led to mass production and the first assembly line.

The company produced over half the automobiles driven by Americans by the year 1923. It was the most familiar car maker in the world. Headquarters for the establishment are in Michigan.

There’s a commitment among dealers who offer the latest models of the maker like you’ll find in Indianapolis at and in areas worldwide as it was all those years ago; to sell drivers vehicles that boast among the safest and best built on the road. The company stands by that today as they did then. 

Reasons Ford Is a Wise Consideration Whether in Indianapolis or Worldwide

Individual Ford dealerships like you’ll find in Indianapolis honor the history of the moniker by standing behind each vehicle’s integrity when offering them to a guest visiting the lot. Ford still carries prestige around the globe and endures as one of the timeless favorites. That will likely never change.

People choose this brand because they can rest assured that they will receive a well-built, safe vehicle because the name speaks to that end; it says quality and consistency from the first vehicle introduced to those produced today. If those are not reasons to pursue a Ford, others you might consider:

Standards were kept to a premium from the beginning.

When Ford Motor Company discusses quality, it is not merely a tagline approach for marketing. Quality is genuinely an integral component of their manufacturing processes.

Whether in the times of Mr. Ford’s assembly line answer to meeting demand or the modern-day plants with state-of-the-art manufacturing practices, each automobile, tractor, part, and accessory is tested for optimum functionality and to ensure premium standards.  Go here for ideas on which version is the most reliable.

Innovations are consistent.

Ford is responsible for introducing critically acclaimed designs more so than other car manufacturers. The maker boasts world-class appeal and receives kudos from critics for Ford’s approach towards styling with new trucks and cars.

The consumer audience has already recognized the brand for its confidence and drive in aggressively manufacturing new product lines. The industry has taken its time getting on board with the ambitious car maker.

Safety is always the priority.

“The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS ” and “the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA ” rate vehicles for safety standards. Ford is a top-rated brand with each agency due to the features of their automobiles.

The manufacturer implements things including warnings for lane departures and inflatable belts for rear safety. Claims suggest that Ford is the standard others use to set safety goals.

They have the honor of having the best-selling vehicles worldwide.

The best-selling truck globally is the F150, plus the Focus came in as the top-selling car in the early 2000s over other brands. Overall, Ford can tally a total of three out of ten best-sellers, including the Fiesta, a subcompact that is sixth on the list. The F250 is not necessarily on a global list yet. Still, it has become one of the most sought-after for contractors as their truck of choice on the job.

Looking out for the economy is part of the job.

The brand looks out for the economy in many ways, one of which is with their EcoBoost. The automobile offers awesome fuel economy without a decrease in performance. With a “turbocharged injection system” pulling out the most significant horsepower possible (but a smaller displacement), the fuel consumption still maintains minimal use.

In that same vein, the Focus is all-electric, and the brand has a fleet of hybrids boasting as the second largest on the market. The goal of the manufacturers is to increase each vehicle’s fuel economy. By doing so, the company helps reduce the “greenhouse gas emissions” put into the environment.

– Versatility is key when looking for the next addition to the household.

With the many varieties offered and the varied features of each, a consumer can find the ideal option to suit their household, lifestyle, and driving needs with a Ford make and model. With some brands, there are so few models from which to choose. And the ones available are often not suitable for the average family.

Ford manufacturers consider the modern family’s circumstances and attempt to create vehicles that fit the family dynamics as much as possible. That way, when you take family vacations or day trips with the kids, everyone rides in comfort with something to keep their mind off the long drive. It helps so you do not have to endure the constant wonder from the children if you’re there yet.

Final Thought

Looking over the history of the Ford Motor Company and the efforts of Henry Ford, the thing that stands out is his desire to create the optimum quality automobile. He worked diligently until exceeding the safety guidelines, and the standards were premium before introducing what he felt was the ideal car. It was met with exceptional satisfaction, as was every vehicle produced after that.

These are still the guidelines the brand requires today in all dealerships, whether in Indianapolis or globally. Manufacturers meet these standards as consumers will find the cars and trucks are among the safest and best built on the market, according to agencies meant to test the quality. Find out how long these cars and trucks can last at

Critics applaud the carmaker for their innovative flair in style and design. But they are a little behind the times because consumers have been doing this for decades. Ford strives to fit the average customer’s lifestyle and family dynamic. The diverse product line and varied features answer every request.