Top 15 Best Battlefy Alternatives In 2022


A platform for managing esports competitions, Battlefy is skilled at creating online communities and making money from viral growth. By integrating the platform and dashboard into their own applications, users may give their audience an enhanced viewing experience.

Scheduling, team roster management, tournament formatting, automatic bracket years, matchmaking, and integrations with platforms for spectator viewing, including Twitch and Steam APIs.

Organisers may design and manage tournaments on the platform with personalised rules, registration pages, and skill-based brackets while offering competitors brackets and leaderboards tailored to each individual tournament. Overall, Battlefy is a fantastic platform that you should think about using as an alternative.

Top 15 Best Battlefy Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about battlefy alternative here are the details below;

1. Toornament

Toornament is an online platform for managing Esports tournaments that is available to any company or individual who plans events, leagues, or competitions that need to be managed online. You can get rid of your Excel worksheets, spreadsheets, and other incompatible products by using this approach.

You can manage all of your event requirements with the help of Toornament, which offers an interactive and visual platform. These include Event registration and payment, Teams, Players and Ranking, Game bracket and schedule, Volunteer recruitment, Social media interaction, News, and FAQs, among other things.

As you are familiar, there are millions of players worldwide for online games like League of Legends or Counter-Strike, some of them are really good or have a lot of free time. Also check mobile app development software

Even if you may create a game tournament with just a pen and paper, it can be challenging to maintain everything accessible and organised throughout the competition. Toornament was developed for this reason.

2. Digitell

Digitell is a digital virtual event and live streaming platform that offers the industry services for live streaming and event experiences. BroadcastMed has since purchased Digitell. The platform is made to give event goers a live and virtual experience.

This is another battlefy alternative. It is a one-stop shop for both real-world and virtual events, including conferences, trade shows, e-learning programmes, customised video content, corporate training, and more.

Live video events with every sort of content, including video, audio, photographs, documents, and web pages, are feasible with the Digitell application.

By emailing files and links, users may quickly create live streams. Users can invite anyone or any location in the world after the event is setup. They can send messages and files, manage participants, and interact with them.

It allows you the opportunity to watch or listen in on an event live and in real time, allowing anyone to engage remotely. While your friends are taking part in any event or activity, you can respond and offer your opinions, comments, and suggestions. You can even view your pals.


JAATRE is a digital event platform that facilitates connections and discovery at live events. Event planners may simply develop, publish, and sell tickets for conferences, workshops, hackathons, festivals, and other sizable events using the software. They can also effortlessly advertise their events.

By automatically proposing events for users to peruse based on their prior attendance history and interests, the Explore section aids consumers in discovering new events in their immediate area and in nearby cities.

Users can also find local communities that share their interests based on profile variables like age and gender and surface events depending on geography.

By allowing attendees to send one another private messages before to an event, build a personal profile, and look for matches with other attendees, the Connect module enables users to network with the right individuals. JAATRE allows you to create events and promote them online. Have a hassle-free event by working with pros in event management. This is another battlefy alternative.

Organize participant feedback and look out for your team members. Create a gathering in a few of minutes,

After the event has ended, stay in touch with your attendees while monitoring the success of your team members and managing their daily tasks from the dashboard.

4. MobaManager

In the multiplayer e-sports management game MobaManager, users can build their own team in a made-up location, hire players, and develop them into champions.

Players can participate in leagues and tournaments, gain coins, advance in levels, and unlock new things. You can establish a team in this game and decide everything about your coach, players, budget, and marketing.

preparing your e-sports team to take part in League competition, A large & active e-sports community to interact with, as well as competing fans, organisations, and clubs, and global e-sports tournaments where you can compete not only for the glory but also for the cash and recognition. Signing e-sports athletes, coaches, and managers to improve your organisation.

Overall, MobaManager is a fantastic platform that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

5. Social27

You can participate in, plan, and fund virtual events with real-time interaction using the AI-driven Social27 platform, which eliminates the need for pricey physical infrastructure. Each event will take an hour of your time, during which you may observe how it operates and learn how it can help you connect with your audience and produce user-generated content.

This is another battlefy alternative. The best aspect is that you can work from home if you prefer not to leave your office. Users of Social27 have countless options for planning conferences and events and expanding their audience.

A hashtag that will be used as a category for your conference is something you supply when you establish a conference.

The content that is discussed and submitted by users using this hashtag will thereafter be shown in a real-time stream.

6. is a website dedicated to video games that was created by gamers for gamers and features news, guides, reviews, excursions, and trick platforms.

It is a platform where you may make manuals and share your insights and tips; in other words, it is where we will all congregate. Also check sales management software

This website’s main objective is to assist the community of video game players in locating the most effective and convenient method of gaming enjoyment.

For players of all talent levels and ages, it provides a variety of guides regarding numerous gaming genres.

This website covers a wide range of gaming-related topics, including console games, PC games, internet games, mobile games, Nintendo games, and more.

7. Community Gaming

A framework for managing esports tournaments called Community Gaming enables streamers to communicate with their audience in real time.

Streamers will be able to interact with viewers who are watching their live broadcast and receive immediate feedback on their gaming and reactions to their reactions with the advent of Chat. For the first time ever, streamers will be able to respond in real-time to what viewers are saying, and viewers will be able to see how streamers react to their remarks.

You can allow players gain levels using the tournament management software to raise the tournament’s ability level. You may give out hardware, sponsor awards, create prize pools for your tournaments, and do a lot more using the platform. This is another battlefy alternative.

To share material with your audience on social media simply, social media integration enables you effortlessly integrate your Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord accounts.

Each team and competition made on Community Gaming gets a special URL that is customised with your channel or brand’s branding.

8. MTGMelee

A tool for managing online tournaments called MTGMelee was created to enable players to hold their own tournaments. It has been constructed with a heavy focus on its users as well as the tournament organisers and has been made with enthusiasm and competence in mind.

Players can create the type of event, choose the tournament format, draught the deck, add players, make custom match rules, handle players’ points, and more with its help.

In order to free up the tournament organiser to concentrate on providing a fantastic experience for their participants, MTGMelee also hosts the tournaments and manages all technical aspects.

Players, reporting, and scheduling are handled by the platform.

Custom tournament kinds, tournament invitations, an improved user interface for participants, new tournament types, budget reporting to see how close your event is to breaking even, a full leaderboard, etc. are additional important features.

9. Matcherino

With the aid of grants, ticket sales, contributions, and crowdsourcing, Matcherino, a software programme for managing esports gaming tournaments, organisers can raise money for their events. Additionally, you can place prizes up for grabs and report events.

Additionally, it offers a crowdfunding function that enables you to create a reward pool that tournament participants can add money to.

Additionally, the platform includes an API that tournaments and game developers can utilise to incorporate Matcherino into their tournament platform. It serves as a focal point for all sports betting companies.

A safe and user-friendly platform provided by Matcherino eliminates the need to combine several third-party solutions. Users can also participate in tournaments, interact with other customers, and place bets.

This is another battlefy alternative. Everything functions more effectively and seamlessly when there is an all-in-one system in place.

When managing your tournament, you have access to a wide range of tools. It offers a straightforward yet incredibly effective framework for conducting tournaments that instantly manages user registration, team creation, payments, matchmaking, and results.

10. SportsEngine tournaments

In order to manage operations, advertise competition programmes, conduct background checks, sign up members, generate money, connect with parents and athletes, and process payments, clubs, leagues, associations, tournaments, and teams of all sizes can use SportsEngine.

Additionally, it offers counselling, expert assistance, and design services.

Attendance Tracking, Attendee Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Calendar Management, Class Registration, Contact Management, Customizable Forms, Event Management, Event Registration, Group Registration, In-Game Analytics, Inventory Management, Marketing Automation, Member Portal, and Membership Management are some of SportsEngine’s key features.

11. Competize

Deep fan interaction, live score management, scheduling software, sponsor promotion software, delegate administration software, a cloud-based database, and many other features are all provided by Competize, a SaaS-based league and tournament management solution. By handling tournaments with automatic grids, tables, and standings, the platform saves time.

It gets rid of the manual labour burden that consumes resources and frees up event organisers to concentrate on expanding their events. It is raising awareness of competitions with real-time results online through websites and mobile applications. This is another battlefy alternative. Also check Free encryption software

Tournaments can use this platform to develop their website or integrate it into another website to increase their subscriber base and streamline communication.

12. is a web-based application that provides league and tournament management tools to e-sports communities.

It is an e-sports platform created to promote the bottom-up growth of the e-sports industry.

The software’s platform uses intense real-time communication between numerous parties to host interactive tournaments.

It notifies users of the matches that are taking place and enables players, content producers, and tournament organisers to grow their tournaments, sales, and brands.

13. BinaryBeast

A leading web-based platform for tournament management, BinaryBeast enables players to organise, designate, and participate in tournaments.

With the help of this forum, you can quickly create a tournament, invite participants, or allow them to sign up on their own.

This is another battlefy alternative. You can grant different tiers of administrative access to other platform users using its sophisticated permission system.

The system for reporting match scores on the platform was recently updated to allow users to do so in the capacity of administrators.

14. Swiss Perfect

For ten years, chess tournaments have been held all over the world using Swiss Perfect, the industry-leading chess tournament management software.

It is arguably the most widely used chess tournament management software in the world, with licenced copies being used in more than 50 nations.

It assists you in organising Swiss and round-robin competitions, computes ratings and standings, shows cross-tabs and a variety of other views, including individual player cards that you can print straight from the programme.

Swiss Pairing Systems, Round-Robin Systems, List of Participants, Results & Scores, Ratings & Views, Printing, and Print Preview are some of Swiss Perfect’s key features.

15. Score7

Score7 is a web-based tournament management application that tailors your tournaments by customising its structure and keeps track of the scores with ease. This is another battlefy alternative.

It generates your tournament schedule by easily specifying the number of participants, sport, and format of your tournament.

It enhances communication by post announcements for the participants and effortlessly shares fixtures and results.

The salient features of Score7 include Tournament Details, Participants, Tournament Formats, Tournament Format Knockout, Tournament Format Round Robin, Tournament Format Multistage, and Matches.

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