The Top 11 mATX Cases For Gaming (Best Micro-ATX Cases For 2021)

best matx case

This post will explain best matx case. If you want to construct a small form-factor gaming pc, you have a couple of options for the area of motherboard and case you can you. 1 of the more budget-friendly form-factors is micro-ATX. Micro-ATX cases are a little smaller sized than the traditional standard ATX mid tower cases and are a bit larger than the popular mini-ITX cases.

The Top 11 mATX Cases For Gaming (Best Micro-ATX Cases For 2021)

In this article, you can know about best matx case here are the details below;

The good thing about mATX cases & motherboards is that they typically cost quite a bit short than mini-ITX motherboards and cases. In a lot of instances, gamers struggling with a tight funds plan can’t afford a mini-ITX case and motherboard because of their greater price. However, there are a lot of micro-ATX cases and motherboards out there that been available in at a portion of the cost. Also check another post like windows repair tools.

So, in an effort to assist you discover the best micro-ATX case for your budget plan and needs, I have actually assembled this buyer’s design. In this example, you will find 11 of the leading mATX PC cases that you can utilize to building a new high-end gaming PC or an economical system with.

Our Top Picks for the very best Micro-ATX Cases

The table below outlines our top picks for the top micro-ATX cases throughout a series of classifications. We have actually picked what we feel is the best mATX case in general, our runner-up choice, the very best cube-style micro-ATX case, the very best value choice, and the best economical choice.

1. NZXT H400i

The very best micro-ATX case overall
– Can hold GPUs approximately 16.2 ″ long
– Fits CPU coolers up to 6.5 ″ high
– Holds up to 5 fans max
– 4 various styles/color plans

NZXT’s newest H-series lineup comes well-regarded for its distinct style, its RGB control features, and the addition of a PSU shroud and a tempered glass side panel. The H400i is likewise among the roomier mATX cases on this list with the ability to hold video cards that depend on 16.2 ″ in length and as much as 6.5 ″ in height.
The case can also hold up to 5 different fans and can hold a smaller sized AIO cooler (120mm or 140mm) on the face or back of the case. NZXT also took care to make sure that a system constructed inside the H400i would operate as peaceful as possible with its “Adaptive Noise Decrease” style.
While the H400i & Phanteks EVOLV mATX (listed below) are pretty close in terms of total quality, the H400i has a bit more room within it and it comes in a few more color pattern also.

In general, the H400i is among the very best smaller form-factor cases on the market duration, not to mention among the very best micro-ATX cases. So, if you’re looking for a strong mATX case and you have a budget plan that can help the H400i, it would at most limited deserve thinking about.

2. Phanteks EVOLV mATX

The next best mATX case
– Can hold GPUs up to 12.5 ″ long
– Fits CPU coolers as much as 7.6 ″ high
– Holds up to 6 fans max
– 3 different styles/color schemes

Another equally as impressive alternative as NZXT’s H400i is the Phanteks EVOLV mATX. The EVOLV mATX also includes a tempered glass side panel and a PSU shroud. Nevertheless, it does not have rather as much clearance for video cards as the H400i does as it can just accommodate cards that depend on 12.5 ″ long. Also check how to fix fortnite keeps crashing error.

The bright side, though, is that 12.5 ″ of clearance for graphics cards is sufficient to house even the higher-end GPUs out there. In fact, you’ll discover that there are many RTX 2080 Tis and RTX 2080s out there can be found in at under 12.5 ″ long. So, actually, you aren’t restricted in terms of what you can do within the EVOLV mATX.
One advantage to the EVOLV mATX, though, (at least, in comparison to the H400i), is the truth that it can be found in at about ~$ 20 cheaper. So, if you’re on the fence in between the two and you like the looks on both cases, you might want to select the EVOLV instead and save a couple of dollars.

However, if you choose the style of the H400i over the EVOLV, then I ‘d say that you should go among the H400i, as the distinctions between the cases (feature-wise) most likely aren’t so considerable to where you ‘d be mad if you selected one over the other.

3. Thermaltake Level 20 VT

A high-end cube-style mATX case.
– Can hold GPUs approximately 13.8 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers up to 7.3 ″ high.
– Holds up to 9 fans max.

We picked the Thermaltake Level 20 VT as our top choice for cube-style micro-ATX cases. The Level 20 VT released just recently and has gotten mostly positive evaluations. It includes four tempered glass panels, 3 of which are removable, on its front, sides, and top.
The case has a lots of space within it with assistance for graphics cards that are up to 13.8 ″ running & CPU coolers that depend on 7.3 ″ tall. Both of those represent enough clearance to permit pretty much any graphics card or air CPU cooler currently on the marketplace.

The case also has a ton of assistance for liquid cooling as well with room for as much as 280mm long radiators. You can even fit double 240mm radiators on the top panel of the case, too. The one drawback of the Level 20 VT, however, is that it takes more than all of the other cube-style characters on this list and it doesn’t provide as much airflow as a few of the other options on this list.

However, with the capability to house approximately an optimum of nine fans, and its comprehensive assistance for liquid cooling, you can possibly make up for its a little lower levels of air flow by including additional hardware to it.
However, if you desire something that will offer much better cooling out-of-the-box, you might wish to have a peek at the Corsair Carbide Air 240, the Thermaltake Core X2, or the Thermaltake Core V21 listed below.

4. Antec P6.

The best mATX case for the cash?
– Can hold GPUs approximately 15.4 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers up to 6.3 ″ high.
– Holds up to 6 fans max.
– Readily available in all black.

For our best for the micro-ATX case that provides the very best worth for its rate, we picked the Antec Performance Series P6. Why? Well, the P6 has a great deal of the features that are popular amongst system contractors today (generally, a tempered glass side panel and a PSU shroud) and it has an all-black sleek-looking style that is neither too plain to frighten users trying to find a sexier option and too over-the-top to frighten users that are searching for a simpler style.

And, it has a ton of space on the within it with the ability to house graphics cards as much as 15.4 ″ long (which is enough clearance to accommodate any graphics card out there) and CPU coolers approximately 6.3 ″ high. It can likewise hold radiators approximately 240mm long as long as the radiator & faces on it are no thicker than 55mm. So, liquid cooling is also a chance in this case as well.

You get all of these features for simply a few over $60. So, the bottom edge is that if you are searching for a nice-looking micro-ATX case that has a lot of room to house a high-end construct, the P6 is worth considering.

5. Thermaltake Versa H15.

The best budget plan micro-ATX case.
– Can hold GPUs approximately 12.4 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers as much as 6.1 ″ high.
– Holds up to 5 fans max.
– Available in all black.

Thermaltake Versa H15 is the most affordable option on this list, however that does not indicate it’s a bad choice. It does only happen with one fan preinstalled, but it provides you the choice to amount to 4 more later on down the road.

The style is minimalistic and the front panel is fully perforated for exceptional air consumption and dust-free airflow, and the vented top includes some extra space for air blood circulation.
Where this case stands apart is how much clearance for graphics cards and CPU coolers it offers (a minimum of, in contrast to other similarly-price options). You can fit graphics boards as long as 12.4 ″ and CPU coolers as high as 6.1 ″ inside of this case. Both of those figures suffice to accommodate high end video cards & CPU coolers. Also check best motherboard.

Eventually, for just over $30, the Thermaltake Versa H15 is the perfect alternative for budget-oriented system builders who require an economical case that will not substantially limit their component options.

6. Fractal Style Node 804.

Another cube-style micro-ATX case.
– Can hold GPUs as much as 12.6 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers up to 6.3 ″ high.
– Holds up to 9 fans max.

If you’re studying for a cube-style case, one choice you have is the Fractal Design Node 804. The Node 804 has an all-black minimalistic style making it a good option for players or experts who don’t desire the over-the-top look that some cases come with.

The Node 804 likewise provides enough space and clearance for users to be able to build a high-end system inside of also. It includes assistance for as much as 12.6 ″ long graphics cards and as much as 6.3 ″ high CPU coolers. You can likewise fit liquid cooling radiators that depend on 280mm long in this situation, too, so if you need to put a high-end AIO cooler in it, or put custom-made liquid cooling inside of it, you must have the ability to make so.

For us, the main destruction of the Node 804, however, is its rate. Compared to other cube-style characters on this list (like the Thermaltake Level 20 VT, the Corsair Carbide Air 240, & the Thermaltake Core X2 and Core V1), the Node 804 can be found in at anywhere from ~$ 35-$ 65 more pricey. For some users (particularly those who like the easier design of the Node 804) that cost distinction will be worth it. However, if you’re a bit more budget mindful, you might want to check out the other cube-style micro-ATX cases listed above or below.

7. BitFenix Prodigy M.

Nice-looking mATX case with deals with.
– Can hold GPUs approximately 12.6 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers up to 6.3 ″ tall.
– Up to 5 fans max.
– 5+ different styles/color schemes.

The BitFenix Prodigy M uses the signature Bitfenix Prodigy design– simply in a somewhat bigger format than its smaller mini-ITX sibling. The case is available in a range of colors, like orange, green, or plain white and it includes deals with on the front and back to make it much easier to walk around.

For permission, the Prodigy M can hold graphics cards as much as 12.6-inches long and CPU coolers up to 6.3-inches high. It can also hold up to 5 fans (includes 2 preinstalled on the bottom of the bag and the back of the case) and it has capacity to hold a 120mm or 140mm radiator.

The Prodigy M is also among the more compact micro-ATX cases on this list, so if you want to develop a mini video gaming PC, this isn’t a bad case do it in.
Eventually, if you like the Bitfenix Prodigy design, the Prodigy M can be found in at a fairly good rate (considering the competition), is among the more compact mATX alternatives offered, and it has numerous color pattern to assist you discover the ideal match for your tastes.

8. Corsair Crystal 280X.

Another deserving cube micro-ATX case.
– Can hold GPUs approximately 11.8 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers approximately 5.9 ″ high.
– Holds up to 6 fans max.
– 4 different styles/color schemesSee Amazon Cost.

Corsair’s Crystal 280X is extra hard cube-style micro-ATX case. The 280X has an appealing design thanks in part to its 3 tempered glass panels (one on the top, 1 on the front, and 1 on the side) and all black color design.

It likewise has a good amount of interior space also, thanks to its dual chamber style. The case can be graphics cards as long as 11.8-inches and CPU coolers as tall as 5.9-inches. It also has area for liquid cooling radiators as much as 240mm on either the top, front, or bottom of the case.

The 280X is readily available in white or black and you can choose the basic tempered glass version, or the RGB edition (which also has tempered glass.) If you need to conserve a bit of money, the Corsair Carbide Air 240 is basically the very same case, it just doesn’t have tempered glass boards.

In general, if you want cube-style cases, the Crystal 280X most likely has one of the much better designs out of all of the box-style cases. The RGB version of the case is relatively costly, however the non-RGB variation comes in at a somewhat decent cost.

9. Thermaltake Core X2.

An extremely spacious micro-ATX case.
– Can hold GPUs as much as 18.9 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers approximately 9.0 ″ high.
– Holds up to 15 fans max.
– Availble in all black.

If you have deadset on a cube-style micro-ATX case and you have chosen to move on the Node 804, the Level VT, & the Air 240, you may end up with an even much better choice in the Thermaltake Core X2. While the other choices noted above might include nicer-looking styles, the Core X2 provides more room on its interior and assistance for more fans (and bigger radiators) than any of the other cube-style events on this list.

In fact, the Core X2 can help more fans and radiators, & larger graphics cards and CPU coolers than any of the characters on this list. It can hold up a massive 15 different case fans, as well radiators up to 360mm long. You can also technically add to six various radiators together in this case as strong.

For rooms, the Core X2 can house graphics boards as much as 18.9 ″ long and CPU coolers as much as 9.0 ″ tall. Both of those characters are well over the real length and height of any existing graphics cards and CPU coolers. So, you should no have any problems getting a video card or cooler that will fit within this case.
Overall, if you’re trying to find a budget-friendly cube case that has a crazy quantity of room and fan/radiator living inside of it, the Core X2 might be the top option for you.

10. Thermaltake Core V21.

A more affordable cube-style mATX case.
– Can hold GPUs as much as 13.8 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers approximately 7.3 ″ tall.
– Holds up to 11 fans max.
– Availble in all black.

Another cube-style micro-ATX case that deserves mentioning is the Thermaltake Core V21 (seriously, how does Thermaltake manage a lot of various lines of cases ?!) It’s not really as roomy and it can’t help as many fans (or radiators) as the Core X2, however it does can be found in at about ~$ 100 more affordable and it is no failure in graphics card/CPU cooler extent and the optimum variety of fans supported.

The Thermaltake Core V21 can house video boards up to 13.8 ″ long & CPU coolers as much as 7.3 ″ high. It can also hold up to 11 distinction case fans along with hold radiators approximately 280mm long. So, needless to say, there certainly is not a limitation on the type of system you can put within this case.

It probably isn’t fit for a quad-GPU system with a severe custom-made liquid cooling service, but for a high-end single GPU service with a big AIO cooler, this case will work just fine.

11. MasterBox Lite 3.1.

A good economical micro-ATX case.
– Can hold GPUs up to 14.9 ″ long.
– Fits CPU coolers up to 6.2 ″ high.
– Holds up to 4 fans max.
– Availble in all black.

The MasterBox Lite 3.1 provides an entire new significance to space management. It makes use of modular components in the design to provide you more room to incorporate bigger parts. At 456mm x and 208mm x 381mm & a few under nine pounds, it is among the more compact and light-weight designs readily possible.

The Lite 3.1 can house graphics boards as long as 14.9 inches and CPU coolers as high as 6.2 inches. Basically, that means you can create as high-end of a single-GPU system as potential inside this budget-friendly case, as it will fit also the most important and best GPUs and coolers on the market within it.

It also comes with a totally transparent side panel so that you can flaunt your construct.
Ultimately, at this price, the worth is ridiculous thinking about the space you get. If you’re searching for a little form-factor case that will allow you to build a high-end system within, or perhaps if you’re searching for an economical alternative you can grow into as you upgrade your system, this case fits the bill. You can learn more about this case in our evaluation on it, which can be found here.

Which Micro-ATX Case is Right for You?

Whether you’re trying to find a trendy micro-ATX case that will make a declaration, or a mATX case that can accommodate a high-end video gaming PC inside of it, among the choices listed above ought to work for you. There are micro-ATX cases above that included RGB lights, clearance for even the longest graphics cards, and the capability to house robust liquid cooling systems. And, there are also lots of budget-friendly choices you can utilize to create a strong entry-level gaming PC.

So, if you live in the marketplace for a brand-new case, the 11 alternatives above represent what we feel are the very best micro-ATX cases currently available.

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