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Best Microsoft Whiteboard Alternatives In 2022

Best Microsoft Whiteboard Alternatives

This article explains Microsoft Whiteboard Alternatives. Working from home is becoming very common in a variety of businesses. Only a few companies allow their staff to work from home on a permanent basis. And, if you work from home, brainstorming with your coworkers can be difficult. When working remotely, a whiteboard is one of the tools that teams will find useful. While Microsoft Whiteboard is a good alternative, some people like to experiment with other options. As a result, in this essay, I will discuss some of the greatest Microsoft Whiteboard alternatives.

Top 5 Best Microsoft Whiteboard Alternatives in 2022

In this article,you know about Microsoft Whiteboard Alternatives here are details below;

Microsoft Whiteboard is compatible with Microsoft Teams, however not everyone uses Teams. What about other Zoom, Duo, Meet, and other platforms users? These whiteboard apps will come in handy, and the most of them are accessible for Windows and other operating systems.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. DrawPile

DrawPile is a free and open-source whiteboard app that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It does not have a mobile version. DrawPile is a sketching app with collaboration features at its core. It’s a different scenario when it comes to inviting. For that, you’ll need to disclose your external IP address as well as your password. DrawPile has a helpful tutorial for hosting a collaborative session. Also check Tasker Alternatives


It has a unique feature that allows you to record your screen while collaborating on a whiteboard with others. This will aid in the understanding of the process and will be useful for future reference. You have the option of saving it as a video or as a sequence of photos. It is absolutely free to use the software.

2. Draw.Chat

The messaging tool of Draw.Chat is one of its most useful features, allowing you to send text messages to other users. You can send audio & video messages, which are more entertaining than lengthy text descriptions. The app’s creators just included a video conferencing capability.

Chat has a lot of sketching tools, which may be too much for those looking for a Microsoft Whiteboard rival, but many people will find these alternatives handy. The best thing is that you don’t have to register and you receive 10MB of cloud storage to preserve your whiteboards for up to a month before downloading them. There are countless keyboard shortcuts available to make your life easier.

The ability to draw/highlight on maps and annotate PDF files are two interesting capabilities. You may create numerous whiteboards at the same time using this programme, which is absolutely free. Also check Free Tools for Marking Directions

3. Miro (Earlier RealtimeBoard)

Miro is a professional whiteboard tool that works on both PCs and smartphones and is platform independent. Start with a blank whiteboard or select a template based on your requirements. Miro’s user interface is quite well-designed, and there are numerous things that may be added to a whiteboard.


Every element can be dragged and dropped wherever you like. You may also pan and zoom around the board. Within Miro, team members can communicate using text, voice, and video, or simply share their screens. Many third-party programmes, such as Slack, Drive, Teams, Trello, and others, can be connected. There is a Miro Marketplace where you can find all kinds of extra feature plugins. Enterprise users will appreciate the administrative capabilities available to users with workflow control access.

Miro offers a free subscription with up to three whiteboards and some basic features. Meanwhile, the $8/month subscription version unlocks a variety of capabilities, including greater team support, collaboration, private whiteboards, and more.

4. Describe everything

Explain Everything works similarly to Zoom or Meet’s whiteboard feature, where you create a whiteboard and provide an invite code to others. There are no desktop programmes, however it can be accessed through any browser and has mobile apps. It was made to assist teachers and other presenters in explaining how things work. It also allows you to record audio and video.


You’ll start by drawing on a whiteboard, then adding shapes and other features while describing how things operate. The finished video can be shared with anyone. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of inviting individuals in real time to participate on a single whiteboard. You can do that as well, however those who were unable to attend the whiteboard sharing session can instead view the film. The film can be made with a variety of media file formats, including PDF files, audio or video messages, and, of course, all of the items on the whiteboard. Also check Citrix hypervisor alternatives

You can save the whiteboard in PDF or various popular picture formats in addition to the video format. This Microsoft Whiteboard replacement, like Miro, works with a variety of cloud storage programmes. Pricing starts at $7 per month and is free for up to three projects.


As an alternative to Microsoft Whiteboard, some Reddit users suggest using OneNote. OneNote, another Microsoft product, is a popular note-taking programme. You can take notes in text, audio, and video forms, share and collaborate on a single note, and use a handy toolbar with sketching tools.


While OneNote is not a traditional whiteboard app, it does have some advantages. You may make extensive notes, lists, sketch, record, share, collaborate, and subsequently search through all of your notes using keywords or tags to discover exactly what you’re searching for. On GT, we’ve already explored OneNote in great depth.

Whiteboard with On-Boarding

Did you know that some video conferencing software, like as Zoom, have a built-in whiteboard feature? Unlike OneNote, which was designed primarily for collecting notes, Zoom was designed from the ground up to be used for video conferencing and collaboration. Apart from what we’ve just discussed, there’s another way to use a whiteboard.

There are many additional Microsoft Whiteboard alternatives, and which one you choose will be determined by your specific needs and use scenario. I recommend that you try a few of them, particularly the free ones, and then pick the one that works best for you.
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