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12 Best Video Grabber Tools You Can Download In 2020

best video grabber tools

Comprehensive Review of the Best Video Grabber Tools With Features, Prices & Comparison to Assist You Select the Best Video Grabber Online. There many factors one would not want to play a video online despite the Internet’s ubiquitous existence today. They may wish to see a video they like consistently without needing trouble about opening a web internet browser or merely having limited information and want to wait.

10 Best Video Grabber Tools You Can Download In 2020

In this article, you can know about best video grabber tools here are the details below;

Whatever be the factor, video grabbers are essential tools in helping you download your preferred video for an offline and problem-free viewing experience.

Today, most video grabbers are extremely easy to utilize and do not daunt their users with a complicated user interface. As online video content becomes popular day by day, so does the demand for it. Video Grabbing tools guarantee that you have software that enables you to play your favorite videos or just get and include a particular video to your collection.

This article will be looking at a few of the best top quality and extensively utilized video grabber tools offered for use both online and as mobile/desktop apps.

What Are Video Grabber Tools

As the name suggests, video grabbers are tools or software applications that help capture videos from a particular video source. The videos, therefore caught, can be played offline on your desktop, mobile, or tablet at any time you want.

We will breakdown in detail the tool’s rate, its functions, pros, and cons, so you can eventually choose whether you ought to go all out or not.

Q # 1) Is it legal to grab online videos?

Answer: No, it is prohibited to download copyrighted products online, and this does total up to copyright infringement with heavy charges. It is safe to request permission from the copyright owner or only utilize videos that belong to the public domain.

Q # 2) How do I ensure security while downloading videos online?

Answer: The Internet is a location widespread with malware. So get videos just from relied on sources. As long as you are download from reputed content platforms, you’ll be safe. Also, attempt to use tools that do not request your details or share your data online.

Q # 3) How does Videos Grabbing tool function?

Answer: Most video grabbers have a really basic function. They do not require much from the user. You simply require to copy and paste the URL of the video you need offline, pick the resolution, and let the tools perform its magic.

Comparing Some Of Best Video Grabbing Tools

# 1) YouTube By Click

Best for download the videos from longer than 40 websites.

Youtube By press is a video downloader to download videos in numerous formats from more than 40 websites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. It will enable you to select the quality for downloading the videos.

YouTube By tab has features to download YouTube playlists and channels. It will let you download numerous videos at the sametime. There will not be any restrictions on the variety of videos to download.


– YouTube By Click provides the functions to track your download.

– You can download the online videos in 720p, 1080p, 4k, and 8k quality.

– It supports numerous formats for conversion such as Mp3, Mp4, 3GP, and so on

– You can download personal videos from YouTube and Facebook.

Verdict: YouTube By Click is the platforms to backup your videos from any platform. One-click download mode will makes it easier to download the videos.

Rate: YouTube By Click can be utilized free. It also uses a premium version for $4.99. You can update it to 2 PCs with 50% off for $2.99.

# 2) 4K Video Downloader

Best for 4K, 3D, 360-degree videos capture and conversion.

4K Video Downloader is a commonly popular video downloader, mainly because of its capability to download high-quality 4K, 3D, and 360-degree videos. You can download this application on your system without having to worry about downloading any additional bundled software’s. It works with virtually all content platforms out there.

The process of video capturing in 4K Videos Downloader is also really simple. All you require to do is copy and paste the URL of the video you want in your system, then pick the output formats and let the tools perform its magic. The tools is extremely fast and ensures that the video is caught in all its initial magnificence, impervious to any video and audio quality loss.


– Faster download and conversion of videos.

– No bundled software.

– Smart mode.

– Supports download of 3d and 360-degree videos.

Verdict: 4K Video Downloader is a remarkable tool that permits you to download premium videos rather conveniently. It is restricted in features with its free strategy enabling a limited number of video downloads simultaneously. Its paid variation, nevertheless, provides a lot more than a simple video grabber.

Cost: Free strategy, $15 for a one-time premium plan for three computers.

# 3) ClipGrab

Best for fundamental video capture/download from several online platforms.

ClipGrab uses its users with an austere tool that complies with the principle of less-is-more. You can notices this in both its functions and its looks. Without any unneeded user interface, it is opting for a less challenging user-friendly option that can be navigated even by the most new tech users.

It supports getting videos from a variety of online material platforms and does it with amazing simplicity. Armed with a clipboard tracking feature, it automatically analyzes the input URL and gets the process of catching the video underway. Contribute to that, and a built-in search engine just makes the entire procedure handier and hassle-free.


– Built-in online search engine.

– Simple user-interface.

– Clipboard monitoring.

– Supports numerous formats and resolutions.

Verdict: Individuals who champion simpleness in the apps will find a lot to treasure in ClipGrab. It is simple to utilize, has a built-in online search engine that makes the process quick, and is free to utilize.

Price: Free

Website: ClipGrab

# 4) SnapDownloader

Best for downloading videos from more than 900 sites.

SnapDownloader is a videos downloader that supports cross-platform. It helps the downloading of videos from more than 900 sites consisting of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It will let you download the online videos in various high quality resolutions such as 8K, 4K, QHD, 1080p HD, and so on. SnapDownloader can be utilized for downloading VR videos.


– SnapDownloader uses a high download speed.

– It supports establishing the proxy so that the geo-restrictions can be bypassed.

– It has performance for transforming videos to MP4 or MP3 formats.

– It supports batch downloading of videos.

– It will let you download YouTube online Playlists and Channels.

Verdict: SnapDownloader is a videos downloader that supports more than 900 websites. It supports the bulk-downloading of numerous videos in one go. You will get a high speed download with this tool. It provides lifetime upgrades for free.

Price: SnapDownloader is offered in 2 licensing options, Personal License ($ 19.99-lifetime license for one computer) and Family Edition ($ 39.99-lifetime license for three computers). It provides 30 days money-back assurance. You can download a free trials that will be valid for 24 hrs.

# 5) aTube Catcher

Best for video and audio catching and video to audio conversion.

An aTube Catcher is a fascinating tool that, apart from making videos easier, likewise performs numerous other functions like a pro. Discussing its functionality, the tools is fairly easy to use and can download videos or audio by reading the files URL you feed to it.

It can help you download videos in numerous format outputs, assist you in tape, save your screen time in the designated folder, and convert videos and audio without an inconvenience.

The tool is cost free, and this can be boths a good and bad thing. Good since you get a tool that can perform several functions without charging you a penny, and bad because you will have to endure adware that prevails with such free software application.


– Supports several format outputs.

– Supports downloads from multiple content platforms.

– Free to utilize.

– Let’s you personalize output settings.

Verdict: the reality can sum up aTube Catcher’s popularity. It presently boasts of approximately 120 million downloads in its lifetime, mostly attributed to a simplistic user-interface and several practical functions. The adware can end up being irritating; nevertheless, if you can look past it, then aTube Catcher best video grabber tools that is worthy of being counted among the best.

Price: Free

Website: aTube Catcher

# 6) JDownloader

Best free of charge and open-source video downloading.

JDownloader was enabled because of a substantial community of designers guaranteeing its smooth run online. It is a clear and open source tool that grants users the powers to capture any video they desire online. It is also extremely basic to utilize and very quick in its operation.

Users get the controls to start, stop, or pause the download and resume it whenever they desire. You can also set bandwidth restrictions, auto-extract archives, and perform many other functions on this tool. However, the problem depends on its insufficient and garish looking user-interface, which can shut off many users. There is no limitation set on your downloading capability with JDownloader.


– Free and open source.

– Platform independent.

– 24 hr customer support.

– Automatic extractor.

– Multilingual.

– Style assistance.

Verdict: JDownloader is a terrific tool for those looking for a complimentary open-source video grabber. It is specifically great if you have loads of files to download as it doesn’t set a limitation on your usage, plus it is exceptionally quick.

Price: Free

Website: JDownloader

# 7) Clip Converter

Best for download, converts or record video and audio files.

Clip Converter is a wonderful online, totally free tool that enables users to download, transform, or tape-record any video or audio file from practically any platforms online. It works easily with all systems and offers an extremely smooth and outstanding interface for users to play with.

The catching process is likewise very good. Merely paste the URL of the file you require to be captured, choose the output format, resolution, size, and push the download tab to let the software application take over. The tool takes its time to deliver the final output as it stops working on comparing to speeds by other tools on this lists. However, when it concerns the actual function of capturing a video or audio file, it does so with panache.


– Video and audio downloader.

– Screen recording.

– Audio/Video conversion.

– Smooth user interface.

Verdict: The clip converter looks wonderful and does its job much more remarkably. It will make you wait a little bit longer to provide your outcome. If you can wait, then the outcome deserves it.

Price: Free

Website: Clip Converter

# 8) Video Grabber

Best for video conversion, download, and picture animation.

This best video grabber tools for Android, Mac, and Window’s, etc. that deals with the standard facility of an online free videos downloader is a blast to use. It can carry out various jobs like capture videos and audios files from online sources, converts videos into the formats of your desire, and fascinatingly utilize still pictures to create videos like a slide-show or animation.

It follows the tried and checked formula of pasting URL links of files you require to be caught, which is basic to utilize and leads to an automated conserving of the end file in the folder you discuss. It almost supports all formats outputs and works on every system in this world. You can utilize it online or get the desktop app downloaded for free.


– Quick and easy video download and conversion.

– Supports multiple format outputs.

– App and online usage.

– Get rid of black bars from the video.

– Usage photos to develop videos.

Verdict: Video Grabber measures up to its name of recording videos and conserving them offline for use without jeopardizing its visual and audio quality. It is complimentary, fast, and devoid of any adware to offer a hassle-free experience to its users.

Price: Free

Website: Video Grabber

# 9) Aiseesoft Videos Converter Ultimate

Best for ripping DVDs, downloading online videos and audios files.

Aiseesoft is a quite remarkable conversion tool that provides lots of good features to its users, consisting of the conversion of 3D videos. Many do not ever provide Aiseesoft credit for its similarly proficient function of downloading or capturing online video and audio files with ease.

It supports a vast array of format outputs and can catch videos from any legitimate material platform online. The procedure is also quite fast, safe, and free. It likewise assists you to fine-tune the setting to individualize your videos. Videos editing is another features the tool aces, permitting users to include watermarks, unique effects, and trim videos to serve various functions.


– Supports more than 300 formats.

– Free and quick.

– Video editing functions.

– Rip DVD.

– Enhance Video Quality.

Verdict: Aiseesoft is the first and primary conversion tool that also easily carries out video recording. It is highly recommended if you desire control over the videos you record, thanks to its intuitive editing feature.

Price: Free

Website: Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

# 10)

Best for downloading videos with one click. is an extremely basic best video grabber tools that helps you catch videos in a very convenient way. You just have to paste the source URL in the software application’s control panel and click start to set the ball rolling. It can capture from numerous content platforms online. It has built in links to platforms it supports.

You can also set up an internet browser extension that helps the software application immediately identify the URL to record. For all its advantages, is seriously limited in its capacity to offer users the choice to select the format output. You get the video in its initial format and resolution.


– Simple and easy.

– Built-in links for online platforms.

– Browser extension consisted of.

Verdict: is an extremely basic and free tool to record videos online. You do not get to choose the output format of the video you are downloading and need to download videos as it is. For tool with features that allow you to fine-tune the format output, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Price: Free


# 11) Catch.Tube

Best for online simple video capture.

Catch.Tube is free online software that allows downloading video files from numerous material platforms online such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok, etc. It also works on various browsers, so if you are looking for the right best video grabber tools for Chrome, this is it.

The software application remains in the consistent upgrade to be appropriate and compatible with new material websites that pop up every day online. All you require to do is paste the source URL in the tool’s control panel to record videos online. To make things even simpler, it likewise allows you to set up a web internet browser extension. This extension allows you to catch a specific video straight from the source while you see it online.


– Easy to use.

– Web browser extension.

– Supports almost all platforms online.

– Converts audio.

Verdict: Apart from video capturing, there is very little you can do with the tool. So it is just suggested for casual users who don’t care about format selection or other functions to boost the video quality. It is complimentary and simple to use.

Cost: Free

Website: Catch.Tube

# 12) CatchVideo

Best for the batch recording of top quality videos.

Don’t let the worn-out user interface fool you on CatchVideo can really use. It is capable of downloading high quality 4K videos with the help of its traditional video recording function. The very first thing you discover is the URL paste bar, in which the URL of the file you want to be captured must be entered. It doesn’t demand anything else from you.

If you want to conserve time, then you can also download a lot of videos in batches without trouble. It is totally free, and possibly this is the reason the online tool appears cluttered with adware all over. That being said, this is yet an excellent software to attempt occasionally.


– Batch processing.

– Audio and video recording.

– Browser extension.

Verdict: CatchVideo is a tool for easy, straightforward videos capture. If you are not demanding anything more, then you will be pleased. Of course, there are other complementary tools out there who deliver method more with definitely no charge to you. This is for those with managed expectations.

Price: Free

Website: CatchVideo


With video content acquiring more traction, there has actually never ever been the sort of rising demand for video grabbers before. Everybody from independent creators to professionals in the business needs video grabbers to record and manage videos to enhance their programs. As such, the video grabbers pointed out above can satiate the thirst for offline video material.

Now for our suggestions, we would extremely recommend you try the premium version of 4K Video Downloader, not just for its amazing video catching capabilities but likewise for all the other practical functions it performs about material files.

If you have no money to save and need a basic and practical tool, then aTube Catcher or ClipGrab can deliver on the pledge of practical video capture from any content platform online.

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