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4 Different Technologies for Improving Your Business’s Security


Security should be of the utmost importance to businesses. Not only is it important to protect your physical assets, but your digital assets such as computers, phones and printers as well. Finally – above all else – you need to safeguard what your clients and customers have entrusted to you, such as their personal information and card details. Thankfully, we have technology on our side to help us with all this. So, what are some different types of technology which can improve your business’s security? That’s exactly what we are going to be discussing in our article today. Read on to find out more information.

1.) Smart Cards

 A smart card is the technologically enhanced version of an ID card. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as application processing, data storage, access control, multifactor authentication, cashless vending, and so on. With smart cards, there are innumerable benefits for your business’s security. For one, they prevent any unauthorised personnel from entering your premises, helping to protect staff and physical assets. As we mentioned before, they can also be used for multifactor authentication. This adds another layer of cybersecurity to your company’s computer network, making it much harder for criminals to infiltrate. Smart cards can act as a preventive measure for internal theft, too. They can document what time your employees have clocked in to work or the computer network, making it easier to trace an incident back to them. All in all, smart cards are a brilliant investment for businesses.

2.) Anti-Virus Software

 Every business should have anti-virus software on their computer system. This software is designed to stop viruses and malware from infiltrating the network, which could result in precious information being stolen or destroyed. It’s also important to keep your anti-virus software up to date, as cybercriminals are becoming more proficient and finding new ways to hack into computer systems. We also suggest investing money into your anti-virus software, as most providers don’t supply full coverage for free.

3.) Facial Recognition

 Facial recognition is a burgeoning form of technology which is revolutionising the security industry. At the moment, facial recognition is predominately being used for smartphones, though companies are also developing security cameras which use facial recognition. This technology can identify people’s specific facial features and then compare them to a large database, making it easier to track down the culprit. As such, facial recognition should act as an excellent deterrent for criminals.

4.) Network Security Monitoring

 A burglar alarm is designed to monitor the movement inside your property, alerting you if somebody has broken in. Network security monitoring works in a very similar fashion, but instead of protecting your physical property, it protects your company’s computer network. This form of cybersecurity will alert you when suspicious activity is going on within your system when you’re not around, allowing you to act quickly deal with the threat.

These are some different types of technology which can improve your business’s security. The importance of protecting your physical and digital assets cannot be overstated, so make sure you have the proper measures in place.



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