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4 Reasons to Have 24/7 Monitored Server Security

Ever wonder whether a site is safe to enter? Which servers store what information? What sites use that information for their own agendas, and which are good stewards?

You’re not alone. It’s so hard to know what’s right in a world where it seems like one wrong click might send your credit card or home address to someone in the ether. It’s essential to know which website servers are secure, and which you should avoid entirely. But, what does that mean for the average customer? What kind of things should you be protected from? Most importantly, what kind of protection is best for you and your computer?

An essential protection to remember is server security monitoring. A server, such as those that store site information, are analyzed by a monitor for their availability, performance, and even security details. During the monitoring process regarding security especially, servers are checked for threats both automatically by a predetermined system and regularly by administrators. With monitored server security that’s available 24 hours a day, site users can find it easier than ever to protect their privacy as they work online. But why is 24/7 protection so important?

Not Every Update Is Foolproof

In the development of mobile or web apps and sites comes the need for server updates, and with these updates comes the regular opportunity for an attack. You see, even when a site is known as secure, there may come a point where a new site update lacks some of the security protocols that were in place in other versions of the site. This is usually due to a change in a patch, but it can be a brand new hole in the defenses, too. Whatever the case, though, people will use the site, and be made vulnerable as a result.

Take an online banking application, for example. The banking app has gained a reputation with its users for such great security, but after a recent update, they may find themselves with a new vulnerability to attack. Only with server security monitoring would a user know that right now, the app is not safe to use. There are indications, such as lapses in pending security updates, that could make this happen, but whatever the case, it’s better to wait it out safely, thanks to a monitor system that works all the time.

More Informed Decisions, Fewer False Alarms

When you’ve downloaded security programs in the past, you may have come across the jarring and altogether upsetting use of false alarms. Many programs tend toward telling you specific details without giving you context — meaning that something which sounds alarming may lead you to believe there’s a problem, when in fact it’s simply an observation that is atypical, but not harmful. With a 24/7 managed detection & response (MDR) service, you’re offered more than just the headlines — you’re given the context to inform your decisions and to make clear what a real concern might be.

Do you have specific alerts you want to be privy to? Are there more concerns you have regarding a raised alarm that seems to have been resolved? With MDR solutions like SentinelOne’s Vigilance Respond, you’re saved the trouble of figuring out how to analyze said issues. You’re instead given the tools to respond the way that’s best suited to your situation.

Leaving It To The Experts

There’s something soothing about knowing your food is in the hands of a master chef. Even more so, it’s best that your wiring at home is left to the electrician — a skilled worker with a clear sense of what’s needed for the job at hand. This is what you get when utilizing an MDR solution that offers monitored server security. In documenting every alert, every threat, every update, the experts dedicated to your service are given a history relevant to your assets that helps them protect you at every turn. If one set of credentials you’ve used is compromised, you’d want to know whether you’ve others on the same compromised site.

This kind of information, along with other documentations, make for a strong understanding of what your unique situation requires when an alert does come up. After all, the Internet is a wide place, filled with opportunities for attacks. Being prepared and learning from your past actions will aid you in avoiding attacks that could affect you in multiple instances.

Have A Plan

The most reassuring thing about having a response service that understands server security is that when something does happen, not only do you have a team — you get an action plan. If your information really is compromised, then time is of the essence. It’s not enough to give yourself a new password on an account or two; if you suspect infiltration, there are measures that can protect your assets and create a new set of credentials for you in any case. By utilizing MDR solutions, you protect your future and give yourself a uniquely prescribed plan for the correction of your new situation.


Your computer, your server, your corner of the web, is an investment. It is the way that you connect with the outside world. More than all that, it might even be the very source and conduit of your livelihood. If these statements describe you, then you also must understand the need for cybersecurity. A number of dangers are likely to befall your information and your devices; if you treat yours as an investment, then you’ll see the only recourse is to find protection. That’s what you can find when you employ an MDR solution of your own.

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