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5 Best Growing Custom Software Development Companies

5 Best Custom Software Development Companies Everyone Needs to Know About

The custom software development market is growing significantly. Organizations are looking at customized solutions for their businesses. It’s not the Commercial-Over-the-Shelf software solutions or even open-source packaged solutions that aren’t made specifically for your business.

Instead, it offers both the uniqueness they are looking for and the security and stability they need. It’s an entirely new application, or one built on an existing application – keeping your business needs in mind.

Research and analytics firms have strong projections of growth for software development companies in the coming years. In fact, the market size has been growing for years and predicted to reach $224,364 million by 2026.

The custom software development market is quite fragmented and has a number of players. Countless custom software companies from around the world compete to serve millions of customers. However, not all software designing companies or development firms rise above the mark!

Today, we will find out the top 5 custom software development companies that you should know about. Who knows, you might need a custom software development company for your business!

1. Intellectsoft Software Development Firm

Intellectsoft is a popular custom software company serving clients like Harley Davidson, Eurostar, and xMed. The company specializes in many fields under custom development, including-

Intellectsoft has over 11-year’s experience in creating tailored solutions to meet unique business needs. The team is comprised of talented individuals with niche skills to serve even the most innovative businesses.

The company has over 350 employees, and multiple offices spread across the US and Europe. You can always expect cutting-edge solutions from Intellectsoft that increase efficiency and productivity.

2. ScienceSoft Custom Software Developer

ScienceSoft is a full-fledged IT company with expertise in various fields. It offers custom software development services along with software consulting, product development, and SaaS development.

The company has been helping clients streamline their business for more than 30-years and improve productivity. ScienceSoft provides custom development in three areas-

  1. B2B
  2. B2C
  3. Management of internal processes

The custom software developer firm has quite a few impressive clients. It serves top brands like Forrester, Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, and more. The company has over 1,850 successful projects under its belts, spanning a broad range of custom applications.

3. Platinum Custom Software Development

Platinum software development company is a growing firm with world-class services. It’s truly a global development firm with its team spread out in 19 countries. You’d amazed to find services that most software companies don’t offer.

Platinum expertise spans across a range of fields like-

Platinum also has a list of popular brands as its clients- Lotus Energy, ANA (Japan), ACD, Asian Bank, and more! The dedicated team helps clients all over the world fulfill their business objectives in a more productive way.

If you need a solid software development firm, Platinum can fit your bill!

4. LeewayHertz Software Development Company

LeewayHertz focuses on small and medium businesses and provides tailored solutions for startups and enterprises. The software development company offers services across various fields like-

LeewayHertz custom software development service has developed tailored applications in the last 10-years for various businesses. Some of the clients of the custom software development firm include P&G, Siemens, Hershey’s, and McKinsey Company.

5. Trigent Custom Software Development Company

Trigent provides end-to-end IT services starting from planning and design to development and implementation. You can get a range of services like cloud, analytics, AI, and more from the custom application development company.

Trigent works with big names like Oracle, Honeywell, Emerson, and more. It has been helping clients improve their bottom line since 2011 with a high success rate. The company also serves various industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.

That’s it with our list of the best custom development companies. Which top software development company are you going to choose?

Let us know in the comments!

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