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7 Tips to Prepare an Executive-Level Product Roadmap Presentation

A product roadmap is an overview of what the company plans on producing and introducing in the future. To push through with this, you need to present it to the higher-ups first.

As such, it’s essential to prepare well for an executive-level product roadmap presentation. To get the bosses on board, it will help to follow these seven tips:

1. Get in the SOAPBOX

As a product manager, you don’t want to miss anything in your executive-level roadmap presentation. Make sure that all the bases covered by following the SOAPBOX strategy:

2. Mastery is Key

Being the product manager doesn’t automatically make you a roadmap expert. So if you want to convince the executives to get on board your plan, you need to master the presentation like it’s the back of your hand.

To do this, you need to:

3. Study the Circumstances of Your Presentation

A well-prepared roadmap is nothing if you’re oblivious to the circumstances of your presentation. Case in point: you prepared an hour-long pitch when you only have 20 minutes to present.

To avoid any issues that can lead to a failed presentation, you need to research the following:

4. Target Your Audience

Roadmaps are not ‘one size fits all’ presentations. Since you’re meeting with executives, you need to design your presentation according to their interests.

For example, you can forego the technical aspects of the new smartphone because they’re just ‘nice to know’ facts for executives. If you’re meeting with the engineering department, however, then you need to showcase all these.

Higher-ups are more interested in how much the company needs to spend – and if it’s actually worth the investment. As such, your pitch should tie with the business goals. You have better chances of having a buy-in by presenting your roadmap this way.

5. Be One Step Ahead

Even if you have a solid, well-designed roadmap, you won’t be immune to any questions or objections. You have to nip it in the bud by preparing for this pushback in advance.

That means arming yourself with all the documents or materials that support your claim/proposal.

By anticipating these objections, you don’t have to second-guess any answer you give. You will sound more confident (even if you already are), which is vital if you’re looking to get approval.

6. Create an Engaging Roadmap Presentation

Apart from mastering your roadmap, you need to present it engagingly and compellingly. You don’t want the executives to get bored – or worse, confused – with your slides. You can try professionally designed Roadmap PPT templates, this will not only save your time and efforts but also help you create an impressive presentation.

As always, good presentation design is critical. To achieve this, you need to:

7. Be a Master Storyteller – Not a Slide Reader

Figures and statistics are important, but stories are more compelling.

When you tell a story, executives are more likely to listen.

It’s good to keep it conversational, just like you’re out with friends. That said, you still need to keep a respectful tone.

More importantly, fight the urge to read from your slides. The executives will feel like you haven’t mastered the roadmap at all. They’ll tend to have more questions (and doubts), which can reduce your roadmap’s chances of being approved.

Presenting a roadmap to executives can be daunting. To earn their approval – and remain the superstar product manager you are – always keep these seven presentation tips in mind.

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