8 promising Calendly alternatives you have probably never heard of

All online entrepreneurs have a best friend and that’s the consultant scheduling software of their choice which helps them sort their schedule out properly.

Calendly is among the most popular ones that everyone’s heard of. What everyone loves about the app is that you can easily arrange both virtual and in-person meetings, sync your calendar, and integrate with other software.

However, there are many other alternatives that might be less familiar to you but deserve to be mentioned. In this article, I will get you acquainted with the following 8 apps:

  1. 3veta
  2. Chili Piper
  3. Fons
  4. GoReminders
  5. TimeTap
  6. Timify
  7. Trafft
  8. Vectera

1. 3veta

3veta is an all-in-one solution for individuals as well as small and medium teams.

The platform offers everything that you might need for your online business: video conferencing, meeting rooms, scheduling (including a booking page), and even payments. The best part is that it works on all devices and does not require any additional installations – it is all web based (although there are also iOS and Android apps).

What makes 3veta an excellent alternative to Calendly is that the video conferencing is already incorporated in. There is no need to integrate with Zoom or Google Meet – you don’t need to leave the system at all.

It is especially preferred for small teams which need to share their calendars internally and find the most appropriate slots for upcoming meetings.

Also, if you are very fond of your branding, the platform allows you to integrate your name and logo into the meeting rooms.

2. Chili Piper

You don’t like sending back-and-forth emails to your co-workers/employees/employers to arrange the time and place for a meeting?

Nobody does. It takes too much time, effort and it might become awkward if you don’t find a time slot that suits all of you.

Chili Piper is an excellent tool for that matter because it implements a few convenient and user-friendly buttons at the end of your email.

The recipients of your invitation for a meeting will be able to easily pick one of the options given and the meeting will be booked in one click!

As for the packages that the platform offers – there is a free option that gives you access to the most basic features. But if you want to have it all, you can upgrade to the Spicy plan ($15/month) or the Hot plan ($25/month).

3. Fons

Fons does what all the others scheduling platforms do – enables customers to book the most convenient time for their appointment.

However, if you are frequently on the go you will be happy to see that the platform adjusts to different time zones, and it’s very convenient for travelers.

It also allows you to choose your way of charging your clients. You can either get paid at the end of each session, benefit from subscription billing or even offer packages.

The platform makes sure that you get paid and you won’t have to worry about invoicing.

Fons also syncs with other platforms that you might be used for business purposes such as your online calendars.

And you can also add staff members with a designated administrative role and their timetable.

4. GoReminders

GoReminders is perfect if you are constantly worried about no-shows.

Its main focus is on jogging your clients’ or co-workers’ memory and remind them that they have a meeting to attend.

By using their starter plan, you can customize the reminder messages, schedule, and send out message blasts.

If you decide to upgrade you can take advantage of calendar integration, client self-scheduling, and increase the number of reminders per appointment.

Of course, you can start with a 14-day free trial which will give you a better understanding of the platform and you’ll be able to see whether it is the right one for you.

5. TimeTap

Now, if you run a bigger company with different locations and many employees, then TimeTap is the better option for you.

They are used to working with enterprises and have helped many businesses to arrange more than 4,000,000 bookings!

The platform maintains client information, sets up waiting lists if necessary, creates recurring appointments, sends out text reminders, handles class scheduling, and takes into consideration different locations.

In addition, it offers customizable forms or disclaimer forms and waivers.

The platform also provides you with many advanced features that most large-scale professionals would enjoy and consider useful. However, it is also suitable for companies of all sizes.

The prices depend on the number of staff members and the locations. Again, you can try it out for free and then decide to upgrade considering your business goals.

6. Timify

Nowadays it is not an uncommon practice for employers to create multilingual teams. In those cases, Timify is the preferred online consultant because it offers its services in a variety of languages.

Its features include unlimited bookings (could be done via Facebook as well), appointment calendar, online payments, slot reservations, and many more.

And this is only the free version of it! It would be more than sufficient if you are working solo.

If your business needs more, you can always upgrade to Timify Premium or to Enterprise. Then, you’ll be able to operate with a much more extensive list of features that will give you the ultimate consulting experience.

7. Trafft

Trafft is one of the budget-friendly alternatives to Calendly.

If you work in a team of two, you’ll have no trouble with their free plan. It offers 5 services and 1 custom feature of your choice.

Each of their plans comes with SMS and email notifications, invoices, booking website, custom booking flow, and GDPR compliance.

You can customize your plan by adding one of their additional features – group booking, a special day for employees, coupons, or multiple locations.

And if you wish to upgrade, right now they have an exclusive offer for you.

For $5 per month, you will be able to register 30 employees, have access to an unlimited number of their services and take advantage of 7 custom features.

The only downside is that their Trafft mark is removed only if you pay $24/month for their Pro package.

8. Vectera

Vectera is an online consultant software that can serve well both small and large organizations.

They offer a variety of plans depending on your needs.

For starters, if your business is not entirely based on virtual meetings and you simply want to secure a reliable platform where you can easily arrange 1-on-1 meetings, then the free plan suits you perfectly.

The Pro plan might be the one for you if you meet with your clients online more frequently.

The features are a bit more extended and you’ll be able to host group meetings, take notes, use meeting room templates, and have your recordings stored in their cloud.

The Business plan comes at a higher price and is perfect for medium organizations that are looking for improvement of their performance during virtual meetings.

There’s also an Enterprise option which is all-inclusive and is tailored for larger companies.

Are you looking for more?

At the end of the day, it’s not about what the platforms offer and which one has the most extensive number of features; it’s all about what your business needs.

There are many alternatives to Calendly that offer a variety of services, have different price-range and are focused on a specific business niche.

Take your time and look around. As they say, the devil is in the detail.

The most important task that you need to complete is to make both your clients and your employees feel comfortable working online.

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