Barcode Benefits for Your Company

As we value our customers and their business we would like to give you a snippet of information on how barcodes can benefit your company. We do not want our customers to see buying bar codes as an unnecessary added expense as they are not aware of the ways in which barcodes allow your business to grow and move into the global retail industry.

You may have heard that in order to place your products into retail stores to be sold to consumers you will be required to have a GS1 registered EAN or UPC barcode on your product. Therefore having your product barcoded in the early stages of development will greatly benefit you in speeding up the process of retailers reviewing your product and placing it in their stores. When purchasing a barcode you can include the high resolution images of your barcode on the design of your product label or packaging so that when your product is manufactured it already has the barcode on. This makes your product present as professional and gives the retail store the impression that you are well aware of their requirements, which is a gold star for you and your company.

Also, when purchasing barcodes they belong to you for life therefore they can be seen as an investment. You are able to reuse them for as long as you are selling your product. Another thing to think about is barcodes basically eliminate human error, when packing your goods and getting them ready to be sent off to the retailers you can simply scan your barcodes to accurately count and keep track of the amount of products you are sending off instead of manually counting, this also saves a great deal of time, which we are all so short of in todays’ world, can you agree? Who wouldn’t want to save hours of manual labour? We certainly would.

Have you ever reached that time of year when the dreaded stock take is looming around the corner, with barcoded items you no longer have to dread stock take, you can simply scan all your stock and put it into a report to compare to your stock sheets. Once again the room for human error is eliminated and time saving, this may also reduce the need for you to have extra hands on deck to assist with manual counting of stock.

Perhaps you have a large warehouse where you keep all your stock, by having your products barcoded and having the barcodes coincide with your stock inventory and stock placement reports you will be able to know exactly where a specific product is located when you need to find it. This helps immensely when looking for something specific in a sea of products.

We could write pages and pages of ways in which barcodes could benefit your company and keep you smiling but we are confident that you will get the just of the points we have provided. We love helping our customers grow their businesses as they help us grow ours and look forward to providing you with more articles on how to let barcodes benefit you.

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