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From working remote, prolonged teams, culture diversity and the drive for results, handling an intricate project may be a challenge. But true self development, as well as business growth lie often in these tough situations that we come to confront. The best advantage that you can have when facing a challenge, is adaptation powered by tech tools. Nonetheless, the coating between these two that keeps matters cohesive relies on work principles which frequently rise above processes. To get closer to our subject, we’re speaking about Agile fundamentals and Scaled Agile – SAFe frame. AROBS has reached the stage where many collaborations are coordinated SAFe(ly). Even more, we’re opening the gates to the IT outsourcing ecosystem and community from Cluj, to find out more about the advantages of embracing it in their software development process.

The roots

You’d imagine that revolutionary thoughts in the new ages come sitting in front of a computer doing research. Well, it appears that comuting from urban sound to the silence of the mind and retiring near to nature, can make room to filter thoughts that have soaked up in everyday activities. Back in 2001, the Agile fundamentals were about to be written on paper, when a handful of tech guys escaped the city somewhere in the mountains with the goal of building a legacy to what we know today, as basics for developing software.

The core of this document is not a new story for us, but instead it’s a number of shared work values and beliefs:

Agile is your HOW you achieve higher client satisfaction, quality work, efficacy and return of investment.

SAFe today

SAFe is the complex version of this Agile. It requires implementing the principles from the staff level to the upper layers of the organization. Obviously, introducing it to a multi-level business demands patience and commitment of all those involved in the procedure. The latest version published of the framework is SAFe 5.0. More than a half of the businesses out there rely their activity on a software and technolgy. Thus, exceeding the competition means rethinking your lean strategy to make delivery a faster process. The new version of SAFe is a an umbrella that includes all the departments: management, IT operations, security, advertising, finance, service, compliance, safety, and other support departments. It underlines more than ever that the work of each and every part of the enterprise can influence the final result.

Can you talk SAFe?

The SAFe Agile frame is vital to multicultural teams distribute globally. It may turn into your “common language”, regarding respecting the exact same work fundamentals, that will guarantee the relationship and workflow you need for your job’s success. It depends on an continuing process of development that goes in parallel with the movements happening in the marketplace, and brings new views in the process. As a result of its features, it’s built an whole community across the globe that adopts the methodology, and evolves with it.

Consequently, in Romania, that represents an significant pin on the map of the IT outsourcing providers, there are big businesses who not just function on jobs according to SAFe strategy, but also build local communities open and dedicated to discuss progress by means of this framework.

A good illustration of such a community is the one generated by AROBS Transilvania Software, one of the biggest Romanian companies that offer software solutions for Travel&Hospitality, Life Sciences&IoT, Automotive and Enterprise.

If you would like to read more about the frame, check out the dedicated website.

We’re here to help you find the right sofware provider, if you’re in search of a collaboration  we have more details on our AROBS site .