Business Ideas for Students to Get Extra Money

Business Ideas for Students

When you have to write an essay for school, you’re often questioning the short-term benefits of that task. After all, you’re not earning money if you write a piece of paper, right?

That can be true and false, depending on how you make it. During college, you get the chance to live all sorts of entrepreneurial experiences that can provide you with multiple benefits. While I was in college, I used to be a popular essay writer that was offering a quality essay writing service to my colleagues (and not only).

My point is – you can make a lot of your college time. Have fun, learn, and earn at the same time? Of course, especially if you choose a business model that suits your skills, resources, objectives, and lifestyle.

In today’s post, I’m going to share several insightful business ideas for college students that want to earn an extra buck and grow as professionals in the meanwhile.

Resell Textbooks

An easy way to make a quick buck every year is to offer to buy the textbooks of the students who will no longer use them. By offering them the money upfront, you can ensure that you’re collecting a lot of textbooks at a very low price.

When new students arise, simply flip the textbooks at a higher price and generate profits every semester. You can turn this business into a very profitable activity that will allow you to be financially independent during your studies without even leaving the campus!


Ghostwriting is a business for the ones who are great with words, the ones who do not mind selling the copyrights of their work to other platforms and blogs for a price.

Ghostwriting is the business of selling content to different interested buyers. Every website needs high-quality content in order to improve in terms of SEO and offer value to their visitors. A ghostwriter is a person behind the scenes that writes and provides that content. In exchange, he’s usually paid per word or per project.

You can find ghostwriting opportunities on freelance platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.

Offer Your Expertise for Cash

Selling your highest traits is one of the best business you can ever think of. If you’re excellent at math, for example, you can offer math tutoring for a very fair price.

If you’re a great artist and you believe that you can be of great service to other new artists, you can start an online consulting business and teach your clients to live. Or, you can offer courses. There are limitless possibilities.

First, figure out the things that make you feel special. What can you do and others can’t? What are your highest traits?

Then think…

Are they teachable? Profitable? Interesting? Why would someone buy your knowledge?

Find out the answers to these questions and then start seeking a business model that suits your situation and lifestyle.

Academic Writing

The academic writing business is a very profitable environment. The demand is continuously rising, especially because the digital era allows students from all over the world to access all sorts of relevant services.

An academic writing company named GradesFixer collected many climate change essays requests after a relatively simple yet targeted Facebook ads campaign. After investing $100, their ROI (return on investment) reached 220%. That means they’ve gained clients that invested more than $220 in their offers.

You can become a writing helper by submitting your CV to different academic writing companies. Or, you can start your own side hustle and find your first clients among your colleagues. Word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to expand your reach and take this small side hustle to a different level.

Virtual Assistant

If you want to learn a bit more about the digital environment, you can become a virtual assistant and take care of various assignments.

Your client will often need social media support (customer management, content management, marketing management, etc.). The tasks differ from business to business. Depending on the needs of the project manager, you’ll be assigned various challenges throughout your collaboration. As you become valuable to the company, you can demand higher compensations.

Final Words

The hustle for financial security should never start late in life. If you’re a student who’s eager to try his first business, don’t be afraid to give it a chance. Throughout the process, you’ll realize that a lot of your fears and setbacks were only a product of your mind.

It is similar to creating a website. First, you need to figure out how to create and deliver high-quality content. Second, you need to figure out how to market that content. Third, you need to understand how to close the sale. The process goes on and on, but you cannot experience unless you start from scratch.

Therefore, start with something that looks simple to you and build upon it. Test, measure, and optimize your small business and keep growing as an individual and as a professional. Best of luck!

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