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E-Commerce 101: Ways Technology Is Changing E-commerce


More and more consumers are turning to the internet to buy various products. This shift has also encouraged technological advancements that have a huge impact on e-commerce. Therefore, it is essential to understand these key trends and how they can help you do business.

With the fast-changing technology, brands are looking to increase sales as they compete with physical stores for customers. On e-commerce stores like Pinduoduo, you’ll find those home appliances from your local store are rubbing shoulders with some of the leading brands in the world. This applies to all other sectors as well.

This article focuses on what key trends have come up in ecommerce and how they impact a business.

Ways Technology Is Changing E-Commerce

So, let’s look at 5 ways technology is transforming E-commerce and the way we do business:

Automation Software

Software automation is one of the best advancements that you can make in your online business. It helps to make business easier and more efficient for your clients. Besides, there are diverse ways to automate processes and ensure a better user experience for anyone looking to buy from you.

First of all, you can automate the order process for easier access to products. Online consumers can be impatient, especially when the ordering process takes too long. Therefore, automating it means that the ordering process will be shorter, and you are more likely to reduce your bounce rate.

Automation of inventory management makes it easier for you to keep track of those little steps you take as a beginner. You can track how products get in and out of your inventory system and project the demand for your products as you know how many consumers have purchased them in the last week or month.

It goes further into making product delivery more efficient. You can track how products get shipped and share real-time shipping progress with consumers waiting to receive them. As you can see, automation is evolving and changing how ecommerce businesses operate.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a vital part of online business. Experts project that soon, AI will take charge of all customer interactions, which are key aspects of conducting online business. It is essential to understand that businesses are taking huge turning points, and therefore, it is essential to move at a similar pace.

The impact of technology on businesses has been largely positive. With most of these computer tasks, businesses have more time to handle tasks that require human input. This shift has made online businesses more promising and e-commerce a coveted industry.

Besides engaging customers, ecommerce has now made it possible to study sales patterns. You can now analyze current patterns and predict future changes in how you conduct business. That is especially possible through the use of machine learning.

For instance, huge brands like Netflix are using AI to predict consumer behaviors. They can analyze an individual’s online data and determine what appeals most to them. That makes it easier to advertise movies that their audiences want to watch and consequently increase their consumer base.

Mobile Apps & e-Wallet Technology

Although businesses are optimizing their websites for mobile devices, that alone hasn’t been enough. Consumers are finding it easier to use mobile apps, and most businesses are now investing in one. Mobile apps have several benefits compared to even the best-optimized websites.

For instance, mobile apps are more immersive, and statistics show that users tend to spend more time browsing through them compared to websites. Besides, they are more convenient, with most of them loading faster than websites making customers prefer them.

Also, you need to adopt e-wallet technology to make purchasing more efficient. Customers want to select what they want to buy, confirm their cart, and then go-ahead to complete the order without any additional procedures. E-wallets make this possible, as you can have one linked to your customer accounts.

You will enhance the user experience by making it easier for your customers to finalize purchases. Besides, you get to increase sales and reduce your bounce rate. Therefore, a combination of a mobile app and e-wallet technology is what you need to succeed with an online business.

Subscription Services

Subscription services are a game-changer in e-commerce. They play critical roles in the profitability and awareness of businesses. Already, personalized subscriptions are taking center-stage in changing e-commerce for the better, and established brands are taking them seriously.

First, brands have made income from having these services in place. With a good number of customers paying regularly, businesses can now fund most of their operations. Besides, they use subscription services analytics to predict future trends on costs, prices, profits, and revenue.

Besides helping businesses, subscription services have changed how consumers shop for products. They have eliminated the need to search for items from a huge catalog. Customers can now shop faster and, most importantly, avoid lengthy trips to physical shops.

Push Notifications and Apps

A business should never let their consumers go even when they are not likely to purchase from them soon. Ensuring you remain in your customer’s mind forever will increase their chances of doing business with you. Therefore, that is something every online business is looking to achieve.

One of the best ways that businesses have been using for a long time is email notifications. They have been an excellent way to reach out to customers and maintain close contact for years. However, this method’s shortcoming is that most emails could end up in spam folders, thus becoming useless.

However, new ways to remind your customers about your existence are coming up. Push notifications have been a key reminder as they pop up when someone is using their phone. That keeps the brand’s name ringing in the customer’s heads and therefore increasing chances of purchasing.

Start Embracing the Future

As you can see, the e-commerce industry is changing for the better. Shortly, human input in every process will be minimal as technology looks to take over. Everything from marketing, communicating with customers to delivery, is getting automated, and every business is keen to make things work.

That means the user experience and e-commerce, in general, are going to become even better in the future. Again, customers will feel more secure and ready to spend more money online as e-wallets are secure than most payment means. Start embracing the future now by integrating most of these technologies into your business strategies.



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