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Everything You Need To Know About IOT Connectivity

IoT connectivity refers to the connection of all points in the IoT ecosystem, including sensors, gateways, routers, applications, platforms, and other systems. It often relates to several sorts of network solutions depending on power consumption, range, and bandwidth usage. The requirements of IoT projects vary, and many of them employ multiple connectivity methods based on their demands.

Selecting The Right Iot Connectivity Option

Choosing the right IoT connection is of the essence. Managing your IoT sim card is a task that Freeeway was designed to help you with. On Freeeway, you can access all the help you need with your IoT connection.

Paying close attention to the proper choice of connectivity is critical to the success of any IoT project since it allows you to have complete control over your smart data streams. It may turn out that linking your assets through efficient and interoperable connectivity solutions is all that is required to tilt the scales of success in your favour.

When evaluating a good IoT connection, we consider the following factors:

Cellular Iot Connectivity

Cellular connectivity, also known as satellite connectivity, is commonly used when discussing machine-to-machine (M2M) IoT communication. It is the same sort of connection that we use to connect our smartphones and tablets, and it operates via a broadcast tower—typically within a range of 10 – 15 miles (16 to 24 km).

Cellular has by far the greatest range. You can connect to anybody or anything on a global scale as long as you are within range of a cellular tower (which is typically most of the time). Unlike wifi IoT, IT is a very reliable IoT connectivity solution. It rarely ‘cuts off’ and is available everywhere.

Cellular is extremely compatible, requiring simply an IoT eSIM or normal SIM card to connect. However, it has a comparatively high power consumption when compared to its alternatives.


Some other IoT connectivity options include satellite, wifi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. Among the various IoT options, nothing compares to satellite Internet in terms of range.