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Five Easy Ways To Ensure Virtual Learners Stay Engaged in a Corporate Training

Albert Einstein’s quote “Once you stop learning, you start dying” beautifully conveys the importance of constantly acquiring new skills. In today’s day and age, learning new skills is absolutely necessary to keep up with the changing trends.

A lot of organizations realize the importance of learning and invest in the growth of their employees by providing corporate training. Corporate training helps employees hone their existing skills and provides them the knowledge to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

A corporate training benefits both the employer and employee, but it is only truly effective if the employees are 100% engaged and motivated to learn. It goes without saying that engaged learners actively participate to make the most out of the training. So how do you ensure that your employees have fun and are engaged in the corporate training? Here are five easy ways to achieve that:

1. Make you content learner-specific:

Often organizations construct their training content based on their own needs rather than the employee’s needs. This quickly gets boring as employees find it hard to relate to. When developing the training material, make sure it is focused on the learner i.e. the employee.

You can also conduct a survey to understand what would be the best strategies to incorporate while designing the training content. Make sure you are choosing an LMS that allows you to tweak the content as per the new feedback received.

2. Incorporate real life scenarios:

It is important to understand your audience and provide them enriching content. Generic content easily gets forgotten and leads to a waste of time. But telling your employees an example or incident from the organization is sure to capture their interest and keep them engaged.

Instead of using outdated references that are not even relevant anymore, use recent real-life examples. Including relevant scenarios in the training material promises better retention of information and higher recall value.

3. Break it down in short chunks:

A long training video with heavy information is going to weigh your employees down. It is obvious that if a video bores the learners they will zone out and stop paying attention. This will lead to a wastage of valuable company time and effort.

Breaking up the content in small chunks makes consumption of information easier and keeps employees engaged. It also ensures better concentration if a video is focused on just one topic rather than multiple topics together which can get hard to follow.

4. Create mobile friendly training material:

Smart phones have transformed our lives and have become indispensable. Hence it is important to have training courses accessible from mobile phones so employees can learn from anywhere.

A mobile responsible training content adapts according to the screen size of the device. This provides an engaging learning experience regardless of the device being used by a learner.

5. Make it interactive:

The use of gamification techniques has been popular to make learning interactive and fun through competing and achieving. It fosters engagement amongst learners as they involve in game-like activities to collaborate and compete.

You can provide reward points or badges to engage your employees when they learn and successfully attempt quizzes about the training content. These will ensure they consume information in order to perform better than others.


If your current training program isn’t benefiting your employees, it’s time to give it a makeover and adopt new strategies. Use the above mentioned tips to make your corporate training immediately more fun. Also, make sure to reward employees when they perform well in the training activities so that they remain motivated throughout the process.