Getting a Business Phone Number — All You Need to Know

The world has gone digital and now more than ever, we live in a fast-paced world where everything tends to be done in a snap. If you own a business, one key thing you must consider is an easy-to-reach phone number. This will not only make you portray a professional look but will also make it easier for potential clients to reach you. As technology continues to advance, more countries are constantly finding ways to make businesses thrive in their region. The available 1300 numbers in Australia are a great example of how businesses are being considered and factored into the information technology sector.

Why Your Business Needs a Phone Number

Perhaps you have never given much thought to owning a phone number for your business or have considered using your personal number. While your reasons may be valid, there are even more valid reasons why owning a business phone number might be best for you. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It Guards Your Privacy and Avoids Burnouts

Many small business owners tend to kick things off with their personal phone numbers but it will eventually get overwhelming at some point. With a personal phone number, you won’t be able to set your working hours and stick to it. This means you are likely to work around the clock, including weekends and while on vacations.

Everyone deserves some time off and you can make this happen by separating your business from your private life, starting with your phone number. This will allow you to set your work hours and you can also set forwarding according to the time and day of the week. If you’re looking to modernize your communications, you can opt for a cloud business phone from Broadvoice. This type of communication solution allows you to call and collaborate from anywhere in the world with a single cloud PBX communication solution that unifies business phones, video conferencing, texting and collaboration under a single phone number.

2. It Sounds Legit

Many people today are wary of random phone numbers or emails that may pass off as fraudulent. One of the ways to avoid your business being portrayed as that is by owning a professional phone number for your business. It makes your business look credible and can put you a step above your competitors with random personal phone numbers.

3. It Removes Security Vulnerabilities

A vital part of being careful on the internet today is not publishing your personal information on vulnerable sites. If you use your personal phone number for business, chances are that you would publish it in publicly open sources such as advertisements. This can make you an easy target for seamless phone marketing and can also compromise your financial security. With a virtual phone number for your business, you can keep your personal data private and remove security vulnerabilities.

4. It Improves Communication

70% of mobile searchers on Google have used the click-to-call feature directly from search results to contact a business. With a business phone number attached to your business details on Google, any potential customer can reach out to you directly and get answers to their questions immediately. This improves conversion rate, as all your potential clients have to do is hit that click-to-call button.

5. It is Reliable and Portable

With a business phone number, you can promote the name and image of your company. This also helps you maintain consistent business branding across all platforms, from social media to traditional media. In addition to this, it helps with easy porting when you plan to shift base. If you decide to move your business to another location, you won’t have to change the phone number, as you can easily port or route it to meet your business demands.

How to Find a Good Business Phone Number

Now that we have established how important it is to own a business phone number, how do you choose the right phone number?  Owning a business phone number is beyond just settling for one; you must be deliberate about what you choose, from the service provider to the number itself.

Analyze Your Business

Before considering the best phone number or service provider for your business, start by analyzing your business. Consider the number of minutes you intend to use and the total number of calls you are likely to make and receive in a month. This can be determined based on existing data while using your personal phone number or if the business is still new, you can determine it based on your current marketing efforts. This will guide you to make the right decision.

Explore and Compare Options

Businesses have several options to choose from when choosing a phone system or a phone number. Phone system options include Virtual Phone Systems, Landlines, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). For phone number options, you can have a Local Phone Number, Toll-free Number, or a Vanity Number. Each of these has its pros and cons and your choice would depend on what you want it to achieve for your business.

For example, virtual phone numbers might be less expensive than other options, as it directs calls to your existing personal or business number. On the other hand, VoIP systems stand alone. Also, while landlines may be reliable and have stood the test of time, they are becoming unpopular lately as virtual phone systems take over with advanced technology. This can make them difficult to purchase, repair, or maintain today.

When considering your choice of phone number, you may want to opt for a Local Phone Number if you are a small business owner serving your local community. However, a large business will benefit more from a Toll-free Number. Using a vanity number just adds to your branding and makes it easy for customers to remember your number.

Knowing your options will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. Research each of them and also check reviews from past and current users to be sure you’re on track.

What Next?

Once you have your business phone number set up, start putting it in relevant spaces where your potential clients can find you. Google My Business will be a great start, as 64% of consumers have reportedly used it to find contact details for local businesses. Putting your business phone number on public spaces, including adverts, gives you a better chance at succeeding and making the most of it.

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