Give Your Customers Peace Of Mind

Whether you sell products or provide a service, giving your customers peace of mind can help increase retention rates. Peace of mind refers to many different things. It could be in the form of an extended warranty for electronic equipment- or even robust data security policies that keep customer data safe. When providing a service, peace of mind could also mean getting stuff done when you said it would be done.

The nature of your business will determine how best you can achieve this goal. The idea is to build trust with your customers so they can rely on you when in need of solutions to their problems. Peace of mind also means that the customer doesn’t regret a purchase or worry about receiving a service in its right form.

Here are some of the ways you can provide peace of mind to your customers.

1.   Display Your Data Security Policies

Data security has become a top concern in today’s business environment. As companies collect more data for analytical purposes, customers have become increasingly worried about how safe their sensitive information is. This is why 59% of consumers consider switching from any company that has experienced a single data breach.

Showing your customers that you value and protect their data is an easy way to give peace of mind. Online shoppers won’t have to worry about being hacked if you’ve shown that you use secure networks, encrypted data, and anti-malware tools. Also, remind your customers that their data is secure by displaying verification seals, compliance certifications, and other related proof of strong data security policies.

2.   Provide A Warranty To Tackle Remorse

Whenever a buyer spends money on a product, there’s a level of remorse surrounding that purchase. One might feel that they spent too much, got the wrong thing, or rushed into a decision. Buyers’ remorse also makes people feel nervous, anxious, and less likely to make more purchases down the road.

Luckily, warranties are one of the best ways of reducing buyers’ remorse. A warranty assures the buyer that their product is covered from manufacturer defects for a specific period. You can sweeten the deal even more by extending the warranty further than normal. For example, consider turning 3- 6month warranties into year-long policies that give your customers peace of mind.

3.   Get Compliant

When it comes to data security and the rising concern that customers have, being compliant with legal guidelines could provide a great deal of comfort to your customers. There are many different data security compliance frameworks. From GDPR to SOC 2, meeting the compliance guidelines that apply to your industry can set you apart from the competition.

SOC 2 compliance requires data service providers to meet a certain threshold of data security practices. This threshold, in itself, allows customers to verify your privacy and security practices even before engaging in business with you. The result is peace of mind.

4.   Remain Accessible

Gone are the days when you could sell a product (or deliver a service) and ignore the customer moving forward. Selling has become a relationship-based process, where you continue to aid the buyer long after the transaction is complete.

Give your customers peace of mind by being accessible whenever they need to reach you. Have a customer service hotline, a physical office, or respond to emails within a short period.

5.   Encrypt Your Customers’ Data

Because a hacking attempt occurs every 39 seconds, you can’t rule out the possibility that your systems might be hacked. But you can make it harder for the hackers by encrypting sensitive data. Data encryption means malicious sources won’t be able to read your data even if they hack it. This extra security step can be a huge sigh of relief from concerned customers.

6.   Developing A Partnership

Customers seek products/services because they need to solve a problem. By taking this problem-based approach rather than the traditional selling approach, you can help your customers have peace of mind. Strive to develop a partnership with your customers when working with them. For example, take time to understand your customer’s workflows and adapt your solutions to fit seamlessly therein. In this way, your customers won’t feel as if they need to follow up on key tasks or monitor progress constantly.

With the peace of mind approach, you’ll be on the right track to building strong relationships and improving your bottom line.

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