How Delta Exchange’s Meteoric Rise Has Changed The Game In Altcoin Investment?

Today altcoins have undeniably become an integral part of the mainstream cryptocurrency investment world. Although Bitcoin still continues to hold sway as the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency, there is no denying that today several altcoins have managed to carve a strong niche for itself. The critical role played by several derivative and spot exchanges in this respect certainly cannot be overlooked. However, if there is one platform that has truly made a game changing impact on the altcoin investment market then it is Delta Exchange. Going by its sheer impact, Delta can be touted as the next big thing in the crypto investment world.

While only time will tell whether this bold prediction will come true or not, this hypothetical assumption surely raises the curiosity about how this platform has already revolutionized the altcoin investment market. This article aims to quench this curiosity by shedding light on plethora of features that has created so much unassailable hype around this platform. Now these features may not be necessarily unique or exceptional but their efficiency and consistency makes them stand out. And this apparently has given Delta a decisive edge in redefining the altcoin market.

High Liquidity

For instance, on the important aspect of liquidity, Delta Exchange has resolved this critical concern pretty conveniently by creating one of the most liquid cryptocurrency derivatives exchange in the world. With tight spreads and deep books that last all throughout the year, investors are able to enjoy unrestricted access to all the leading altcoins across all market conditions. This unobstructed access permits investors to formulate different trading strategies and conveniently resort to leverage trading.

Leveraged Products

Delta’s leveraged products, by the way, are absolutely on par with all its leading competitors. The platform offers maximum 100x leverage on Bitcoin and 20x on other leading altcoins. With this market enabled leverage rates, investors can easily take short as well as long positions on all their investments.

Ease Of Trading & Sign-up

While these two particular features have had revolutionary impact on altcoin investment, it is actually Delta’s ease of trade philosophy that has made the real difference. When today substantial number of crypto traders are first-time or inexperienced investors, Delta’s immensely simple and uncluttered trading interface is acting as a major catalyst in sustaining the altcoin boom. Not to mention it is just as easy to open an account and make first-ever trade on this platform, with investors required to do nothing but provide their e-mail id & few other details and they can start trading within fraction of few minutes.

Mock Trading Terminal

But Just in case if a new trader face any hurdles in getting through the main trading terminal then they can improve their trading skills by using Delta Exchange’s special mock trading platform. This mock trading platform works just like the real one and allow traders to get acquainted with trading in futures and perpetual contracts on bitcoin & altcoins. By the way, special mock trading platform is a unique feature as today very few platforms are offering such an investor friendly feature.

Stablecoin (USDC) Settled Futures

And talking about another unique feature then Delta Exchange has a major feather in its cap in the form of stablecoin settlement feature.  Being amongst the first platform to launch stablecoin-settled futures on bitcoin and altcoins, this platform took a giant stride forward in protecting investors from the risk of extreme price violation in BTC. This exemplary feature and its positive impact on investors once again demonstrate Delta’s game changing impact on the altcoin investment industry.

Safe & Secure

Delta Exchange’s actions are just as exemplary on the safety and security front that has once again set a new benchmark in the industry. The platform follows a strong risk management practices by storing all the cryptos in multi-sig wallets. Hence, Delta’s investors are always completely rest assured about the safety of their investments. Moreover, the platform also follows immensely tough security procedures for withdrawals, allowing withdrawal only once a day after carrying out a thorough manual review.

Referral Program

Last but not least, Delta Exchange’s special referral scheme is no less a game changer. While most other platforms tend to use referral scheme as a marketing gimmick, this platform has set a new benchmark in sincere implementation of referral schemes and capitalizing on it to draw more investors. The referral scheme, in other words, is simply amongst the best in the entire industry. Here is some much needed information on this exceptional referral scheme.

On every successful referral, investors stand the chance of earning lucrative 15% commission on trading fees deposited by the referred person. The 15% commission is payable only for the first year while for the successive years the commission paid will be 10%. The commission is paid in whatever cryptocurrency the trading fees were paid by the concerned referred person. For example, if the referred person had paid the trading fees in ethereum then the commission will also be paid in ethereum.

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