How Does Managed IT Services Help Commercial Businesses in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia or Nova as it’s popularly called is known as the ‘economic engine of the state.’ Rightly so, it houses prominent business giants like Amazon, Nestle, Capital One, Mars, DXC Technology, and more. It is also the nation’s busiest Internet intersection, with around 70% of all Internet traffic directed through Loudon County data centers each day.

With a resilient business and connected landscape in the region that amasses top business biggies, it’s vital to have a lucrative IT infrastructure to propel your business forward. However, as companies strive to focus on operational challenges and strategic initiatives, managing IT resources becomes cumbersome.

Even though Nova’s commercial businesses may invest in in-house IT experts to sustain, they struggle to obtain cost-efficiency and improved ROI. That’s where Managed IT services Northern Virginia, can help businesses to establish a win-win scenario of saving time and money.

The Importance of Managed IT Services in Northern Virginia

Managed IT services constitute all IT-related tasks, including hardware maintenance to network security, cloud storage, and computing solutions. If you are not a tech-savvy business or don’t have dedicated resources, something as minor as forgetting to install your antivirus updates could wreak havoc in your system.

It could interrupt your service delivery and lead to downtime, including degrading your business reputation. However, having experts by your side will ensure that you maintain productivity.

Access to Niche Expertise

According to reports, hiring in-house IT experts can drain as much as 70% of your company’s IT budget. It might not be viable to continue considering the hefty price tag of experienced resources in the long run. On the other hand, managed IT service providers have expertise at all levels and domains you can tap into without investing too much.

Though Nova has 55.5% locals who hold bachelor’s degrees and Arlington has 34.3% professional degree holders, it can be an expensive ordeal to find niche IT expertise. In contrast, reputed managed IT services in Northern Virginia have a wide variety of IT expertise that can go above and beyond your IT requirements. Thus you can leverage senior expertise at greater economies of scale that may be missing in your current in-house IT team.

Avoiding Security Breaches

Cybersecurity breaches are prevalent in Northern Virginia. According to local news reports, hackers compromised the Fairfax County public schools’ computer system by placing ransomware. This has put confidential data of the city in danger.

With hackers getting smarter by the day, it’s essential to invest in cybersecurity professionals to keep your organization as safe as possible. Outsourcing your network security and IT infrastructure to a specialist in Northern Virginia will minimize security breach risk. Most service providers include specialized cybersecurity offerings with access to the best protection and remediation solutions to detect intrusions.

Shifting the Burden of Compliance

Whether you are a large-scale commercial business or a small-scale commercial business in Northern Virginia, you need to adhere to the standards and requirements of IT initiatives. For instance, Washington DC, MD, and Northern Virginia have SOC 2 compliance checklists for businesses using Amazon AWS, Azure, or Google GCP. Besides, such standards mandate you have an accurate asset inventory of networking devices, servers, and other IT systems.

A managed IT service provider in Northern Virginia understands the common regulations that organizations need to follow and provide the guidelines and reports to meet the requirements. They remove your burden of managing compliance requirements and take the responsibility off the shoulders of your in-house staff.

Predictable Monthly Costs

As technology becomes an integral part of your business in Nova, it can translate to higher costs and increased IT budgets. These costs can include training staff, deploying systems, and managing IT equipment. As unexpected expenses can arise, it makes sense to outsource IT initiatives to professionals of managed IT services for cost-effectiveness. This way, organizations can split their costs into fixed or flexible monthly payments compared to massive one-time investments and significant capital expenses that come with in-house IT operations.

Along with Virginia’s stable corporate tax structure and tax rates, which has earned it a ‘Best State for Business’ ranking, outsourcing your IT to commercial IT solution providers can generate significant savings. As a result, you can improve your bottom line and focus on your business growth.

As Northern Virginia rises to third place in the Business friendliness category, many commercial businesses, both large and small, want to make Virginia their home. With Amazon setting up its headquarters in Arlington, Nova is all set to face an economic boom. Thus in such booming times, businesses should make the smart move to divest their resources to build strategic initiatives rather than waste their resources on managing their IT infrastructure.

As Arlington becomes a tech town, competent workers demand big salaries, and Virginia’s wage costs are the 10th highest in the US. Therefore instead of draining your budget by hiring high-end tech talent with higher wages, you can earn the best ROI by letting experts of managed IT services in Northern Virginia take over your IT management.

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