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How scientific research is helping cosmetics brands successfully grow their businesses

Proper market positioning is one of the essential secrets to the success of beauty brands

Proper market positioning is one of the essential secrets to the success of beauty brands. It’s not the only factor contributing to a company’s growth and popularity. Not that difficult to create good cosmetics or order the development of an effective formula from an established manufacturer.

It’s much harder to put your energy, time and money into researching wholly new ingredients, combinations of components, or solving a real-world problem. Below you will learn the stories of 3 popular beauty companies nowadays, which have successfully built their business just through their research.

Eucerin: a century-long success story and ongoing researches

The golden age of the brand came in the 1920s when owner Eucerin bought the patent for eucerite from the German chemist Isaac Lifshutz. Thanks to this new ingredient, the brand launched a large-scale production of creams.

Thirty years later, the TM made another vital discovery and created a unique cream for sensitive skin with pH5 and dexpanthenol. This product healed better, did not cause discomfort, and solved many atopic skin problems.

Even 70 years after its release, it is still popular and is sold worldwide, including in the online shop MAKEUP. It is one of the best proofs of how a successful development can ensure your long-term business prosperity and a steady flow of profits.

Despite the commercial success of the pH5 range, Eucerin is still involved in experiments and research to solve skin problems. The company regularly posts progress reports on its website, sharing the results of medical research and confirming the efficacy of its discoveries.

One of the brand’s latest achievements was developing a moisturising range called AQUAporin ACTIVE. It came about by discovering biochemist Peter Agre, who had spent years doing research and found aquaporins. Based on these findings, Eucerin chemists developed a formulation to replenish the lack of moisture in the epidermis with routine use.

Caudalie: courageous action and boundless love for grapes

The Caudalie beauty brand might never have seen the light of day either, were it not for a life-changing meeting of Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas with a professor. Almost 30 years ago, professor Joseph Vercauteren told the Thomas family about the fantastic properties of grape seeds.

The Château Smith Haut Lafitte vineyards owners became interested in this information and further explored the subject. Together, Thomas and Vercauteren created the first 3 Caudalie products, which are still selling. The goods were based on polyphenols extracted from grape seeds.

All products have proven their effectiveness in various tests and are greatly appreciated by customers. In the early 2000s the company continued research into finding new effective ingredients from grapes and their extraction.

Resveratrol was born in 2001. This substance is extracted from the grapevine, and its primary purpose is to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin. In 2005, the TM introduced another new substance called Viniferin, which helps to combat age spots. The serum-based on the new molecule Vinoperfect became a bestseller worldwide!

Dove: international research into the field of self-esteem and acceptance of own beauty

Dove had many breakthroughs to its credit, including the cream soap, which speeded up skin regeneration. In the 1950s, this product was used extensively on patients with extensive burns because the soap was non-irritating and encouraged routine healing.

However, the social research and experiments of Dove were much more impressive. The brand’s advertising campaigns tackle sensitive issues around appearance, bullying, self-acceptance and self-esteem. It is social initiatives that help it remain successful and always be heard.

At the MAKEUP online shop, you can take a closer look at the range of products from the companies mentioned earlier. See for yourself how much the drive to explore new areas has helped beauty brands advance. You may also want to try out the bestselling products from these brands yourself and see for yourself just how good they are.

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