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How to Add Ultimate Sales Boost to Your Website?

It takes a lot of effort to succeed in sales. You need to know your product down to the last detail and be your consumers’ best friend. You need to be creative and enthusiastic. And you need to have the tried-and-tested marketing instruments and settings on your hands to bring your ideas to life.

The sales process is complicated. Don’t make it more difficult than it already is. There is a variety of software tools available that help automate your sales campaigns and make your life easier.

Be it Ultimate Sales Boost if you’re running a store on Magento or a similar solution for Shopify, Shopware, or another eCommerce platform, such sales tools release you from doing manual tasks while personalizing your campaigns.

So if you feel like technology could improve your marketing and sales activities, this article shares tools that are designed to help you close even more deals.

Let’s dive right into it.

5 Best Sales-Boosting Tools

Let’s explore top sales instruments for boosting results, generating more revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and improving the productiveness of your sales and marketing teams.

Countdown Timers

A little urgency and scarcity can do good to your sales campaigns and impact your conversion rates positively.

With the help of countdown timers, you can show:

No person wishes to lose a good deal, and visualization of a sale ending can result in boosting sales and influence the number of cart abandonments. Fewer site visitors will feel doubtful about completing an order.

Besides, countdown timers are found effective in creating value and building customer interest by bringing more eyes to your campaigns. If you’ve come up with a truly valuable deal, it can become anticipated or even viral.

Social Proof

If you think that social proof is for big businesses only, it is not true. Social proof helps build interest in any product or service, no matter what size your business is.

“Mental heuristic, called social proof, is one of the most powerful psychological and social phenomenon, which helps reduce your customers’ perception of risk associated with a targeted activity,” says Ellie Yantsan, Chief Marketing Officer at Mageworx.

Simply put, many get influenced by other people’s actions, behavior, and opinion. So if numerous people are taking a look at something or purchasing the same items, the majority assumes that it is the right thing to do and that an object of their interest is worth their attention too.

While social proof popups are a working tool to convert window shoppers into buyers, a few marketers actually use them on product pages or within email campaigns.

Recent Sales Notifications

This tool allows you to notify site visitors about the activity of other buyers with the help of a handy popup or some HTML text.

Recent sales notifications help:

Most frequently, such notifications are displayed in real-time and show items that were recently purchased.

Displaying Product Popularity

This is another tool that influences customer activity positively. Often displayed as a popup or custom HTML text, it allows providing data on the product and showing page visitors how many people have viewed or purchased a product of interest within a set period of time.

This tool satisfies a person’s desire to be a part of the community and establish connectivity with those who purchased an item.

For example, today’s kids desperately feel the need to own the Huggy Wuggy and Kisi Misi toys. The display of how many shoppers have recently purchased such items on relevant pages would certainly play into your hands.

Progress Bar with Stock Status

Limited stock is another pain point for a shopper.

Remember queueing in front of an Apple Store to purchase a new iPhone early in advance?

Besides adding more convincing numbers to your product pages, such a progress element can help bump conversion rates and transform slow-moving and excess inventory into more sales.

Additionally, it adds to your customers’ loyalty as they can quickly overview the number of items in stock and avoid any unexpectedness at the checkout stage.


The complete list of the sales tools your site could benefit from is certainly not limited to the marketing shticks shared above.

The sales process is dynamic and changes continuously. So if you wish to get ahead of the competition, make sure to take advantage of every tool that is available to you. Apply these instruments timely and gently, and they will resonate positively with your customer base.

Do you find one of these tools compelling? Which tool would you recommend adding to this list?

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