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How To Enforce MAP Policies To Protect Your Brand

Having a MAP policy in place is important but ensuring MAP policy enforcement is more important. And no, MAP implementation is not equal to MAP enforcement. Here is how you can create and enforce MAP policy to protect your brand.

Carefully Craft MAP Policy

When crafting your MAP policy, you want to do so with care and give attention to detail. You should look at what is important to your business and how you can protect your brand. You want to clearly indicate what is acceptable and what is not. When you don’t put enough effort into creating a policy that is when you are at fault because you have not made it clear enough for resellers. An unclear MAP policy will leave you confused and your resellers confused too which can make monitoring difficult. You don’t want to leave any loopholes and so take your time when creating a policy because enforcement is effective only when the policy is detailed and covers everything.

Consistency Is Key

When you are implementing and enforcing, you want to be consistent. You should ensure that the MAP policy is enforced similarly across the various channels. The moment you have created a policy, you should let all your resellers know instantly. This communication is necessary to ensure they are aware as they are more likely to comply when they know about the existence of the policy. When enforcing, the rules should apply the same for every reseller and retailer. If inconsistencies occur in how you deal with policy enforcement and if other retailers notice then you will have problems.

Encourage Retailers To Comply

One of the MAP policy enforcement strategies is to encourage retailers so they comply with the policy you have created. This is best done through clear communication. You want to share why compliance with the policy is important for you and explain what it means for you if they comply with the policy. You want to communicate how the policy can be of benefit to resellers as it will yield higher profit margins. Then you want to explain why violation can be detrimental to you and the reseller. You can even go as far as to explain how you monitor compliance and the actions you will take if any violations occur.

Know How To Deal With Policy Violators

When you find MAP policy violators, you can take action step-by-step. When a retailer violates the policy for the first time you can give him a warning about repercussions if he repeats the mistake. You can ask why he violated the policy to better understand his point of view. If MAP violations occur again then you can restrict your supply to the particular seller. If he continues to do it again, then you need to take stringent action such as a reduction in assortment to the seller. You may find that an unauthorized seller has violated your policy. You should contact that seller, then ask where they received your products from and then make them aware of your policy.

Opt For MAP Monitoring Software

Manually tracking SKUs is an impossible and impractical task especially when you sell online at various marketplaces. Opting for a software solution that will robustly monitor and enforce your business’s MAP policy is important so you can concentrate on the rest of your business. You want to choose a software tool that effectively ensures complete compliance with your policy. Intelligence Node’s MAP monitoring solution is one of the best examples of solutions that you can opt for. It is a plug-n-play solution that checks for violations all day and night ensuring you know high-risk sellers and can take action accordingly.