How To Have Productive One-On-One Meetings

In many cases, some project owners or business managers are not willing to do one-on-one online meetings simply because they have difficulty with conversation, or they don’t have experience of structuring meetings. If this describes you a lot, there is nothing wrong with it. It is only that you need a better way to prepare, structure, and execute the meetings so that these can reach the desired result.

Managing meetings can be a daunting task since you must structure the meeting, invite the participants, decide the topic, make the necessary arrangements for the date and time, and so on. But your upcoming conference does not have to be difficult. Nowadays, there are many solutions that you can try to bring up the best results.  So, let’s get down to it.

Manage your meetings with productivity tools.

Structuring, preparing, and conducting the meetings can be challenging, especially if you are working with heavy loads of meetings in a period of time. One-on-ones can be intimidating since you are standing on your own. And it can be hard to manage the meeting and set appointments with the attendees. Not to mention that you have to remind them again and again about the upcoming meeting.

To make use of the meeting preparation, you could use Notiv AI notetaking to sync with your Google Meet recording.

Notiv can sync with Google Calendar to capture the schedules of your meetings. Notiv is basically a productivity and collaborative tool that can record, transcript, and share your meetings. When you add the meeting to your Google Calendar, Notiv will automatically list the information. You can easily schedule online and have the app automatically invite your clients. Contacting your clients one by one to remind them about a meeting can be pretty overwhelming. Here is where Notiv comes in. Once you add the meeting information to your Google Calendar (app which you’ve synced with Notiv), the Notiv app will automatically send the meeting invitation links to your meeting participants. Without lifting your finger, the Notiv app will also remind them about the meeting appointment days before the meeting. It can even help you with your daily digestion.

You can easily manage your meetings with Notiv’s AI-backed note-taking software. Consider visiting its official site to find out more about this amazing software.

Prioritize human interaction.

Although you have conducted the meeting through Google Meet, it does not mean that it must be distanced from one participant to another. You must set the context of human treatment. One-on-ones are opportunities for you and your team to seek room for improvement. The same thing goes for your client too. When things go south, you must be able to talk in a difficult situation. When things go awesome, you must appreciate them. Often times, many people miss these cues since they are too busy taking notes during the meeting.

It is also a cue for us to tell you that manual note taking indeed comes with loopholes. Taking it from conventional note-taking How much time do you need to jot down important points on a piece of paper? What is the chance that you will miss some important points during the meeting? Let Notiv’s note taker help you to capture all of the meetings so that you can focus on interacting with your fellow meeting participants.

What are the goals?

Before going into a one-on-one meeting, you will want to set a clear objective for it. What would the satisfied results be for the particular meeting? What kind of results would you like to expect from the meeting? What points would describe the meeting result? What is your objective for the upcoming meeting? If necessary, you can discuss this with your internal team members before proceeding to the next level.

 Create the plan.

In business processes, nothing works without a good plan. Some people are cool with the philosophy of not making a plan and letting the water flow. But to a certain extent? We’ve seen a lot of people fail to deliver results because they have too many ideas to brainstorm. In the end, they could not focus on the main goals because they didn’t have a plan. It sounds so simple, “have a plan”. But it can be a deciding factor between failure and success.

Keep in mind that a meeting is a collaborative effort. That means you can not work alone. Yes, indeed. You don’t have to plan the meeting alone. Instead, you could discuss it with your fellow partners first. Although you already have some ideas in your mind, you must keep listening. Ask them if they have any challenges they are facing. Ask your trustworthy guy to tell you about the challenges they are facing on a daily basis.

Start with checking in. Ask them about how they are feeling. This can be a simple phrase. But it works. Build trust by sharing how you feel first.

The action items

There are possibly other items or actions that occurred in the previous meeting. These action points must be converted into tasks to support your meeting team’s objective. You could also get an update on your team objectives. You will want to keep everyone on the same page so that you can proceed with the actions according to the agenda.

Don’t hesitate to discuss the challenges and problems that you and your team members might have. See if your team members have concerns by asking them about how they feel. Listen to their answer and look for a chance to work for it. In most cases, your words alone are not enough. You should commit to solve the problems together with the members of your team. If you need to review the meeting, you can rely on Notiv to do that.

Set a clear expectation of what the best result really looks like.

Creating action items

Normally, you will be able to decide the clear action items every time a meeting is done. When you create a series of action items, it also means that you’ve set clear objectives and timelines that can help you and your team to stay on track. Notiv note taking software can do that for you automatically.  It will present you with the action items and other result variables to help you track the meeting’s results afterwards. Consider going to the official Notiv page to find out more information about it.

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