How to Improve Your Law Firm Website

Like any other website, the best law firm website is catchy and captivating to its followers and not just another pit stop. However, the vast majority of law firm designs focus solely on the website’s actual structure rather than focusing on the big picture. This makes it hard for such websites to rank highly on search engines and get clients.

For any law firm, a complete marketing strategy involves looking beyond the surface of the website. It requires one to dig deeper into understanding the psychology of why people want a particular service and how people interact with your website.

If you have a law firm, such as the Henry Dailey Law firm, for example, these pointers will; give you an insight on how to improve your website better and offer your potential clients what they want.

Apply for the Right Awards

For any business, reputation speaks a lot. The same applies to a law firm, regardless of whether you are running it alone or have partners. Having trust with your potential client will develop a positive image of you before you ever get the chance to talk with them.

As a lawyer, different factors can make or break your reputation. This includes rankings and ratings in third-party directories, word of mouth, and most importantly, getting the right awards.

The good news is that various lists in the legal industry can always be handed to a lawyer, and, the more, the better. Once you post these awards on your website, you can rest assured that the average client will quickly note your prize and develop a trusting relationship with your firm.

Add a Blog to Your Website

Another great way of improving your website is to add a blog to it. Contrary to common belief, adding a blog to your website is relatively easy and will come with a host of benefits and deepen the time that people will spend on your website. The best thing about adding a blog is that it will position you as your website’s thought leader, but it will help your page rank positively on a search engine.

This way, you will have something to share on your social media accounts as you lure people to link to your website and allow your followers to share your content with others.Content is integral in marketing a website, and adding a blog to your law firm website will undoubtedly make it easy to reach out to more people.

Focus on Link Building

Link building is the process taken to increase the number of cloud links to a website. Quality backlinks that point back into your law firm website will, by far, increase the domain authority of your website. This is specifically more important when you want to rank highly on the search engine results. Keep in mind that the higher your page ranking, the higher your website’s chances will appear on the first search engine results page. While you can build a link, always remember that the quality of the link matters a lot.

Here are a few ideas for developing quality links for your law firm websites:

Editorial Links: These are News Certified Links that will match a journalist trying to find a credible source. If you’re selected to be a credible source, the journalists will often mention your name as well as your website in their editorial feature.

Directory Links: A directory link is a high-value link that gives actual directions to your website. It works by submitting your website to resources in exchange for other free links.


It’s essential to keep in mind that optimizing your law firm website means that you stand to get more views, enabling you to easily convert leads to clients. With the right approach, you will be able to create a formidable and effective law firm website.

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